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  1. You wouldn't think so by looking at the embankment but I've added in the region of at least 30 more trees of all shapes and sizes today, trying to fill in any large gaps. I'd really like to see it just a mass of foliage but there's only so much you can do at a time. Here's just a few of the ones I made up earlier today awaiting fitting on the embankment. I managed to fit some in around the bridge end of the layout, including a couple of taller ones But in the main they were placed towards the top part of the layout where the embankment is slightly more substantial. S
  2. Wow! Isn't that just amazing. It gives a completely different view of your layout which looks so much more expansive than it appears on photos and standard video. I'd love one of those but unfortunately, unless you can get them smaller, I can't see it fitting through the tunnels in my shed. The 4K quality footage is stunning. Better start Googling.....
  3. Here's the video of the weathered PFA containers. I'm quite pleased with how they've turned out and they certainly look more like the actual wagons than they did before. I need to add some Gypsum dust and it would be great to depict some of the overloaded containers where Gypsum was piled up from the bufferbeam to the top of the container - but that's perhaps not practical on a model railway. Maybe just some piles on the container tops with the doors unable to close!
  4. Yes I have Dave but I'm pretty happy with the results you can get from the Hornby model and I don't see what benefit I could possibly get from changing. There's also the fact that the Cavalex models are priced at £89 for sets of three wagons, so that's more or less £30 per wagon, or approx £1,000 per set! Ouch!! The amount of detail they are able to include these days makes them more display models rather than models for running on your layout. I think I'm better with something I can stick some coal into, spray some paint over, and generally hack about to meet my needs. I hope these
  5. Plenty of excuses there to run them in any way I choose - In fact there's almost a valid reason to get another pair double-headed! I've spent the best part of the day since lunchtime up in the attic and although it wasn't something I had planned to do today I've actually gone and weathered my rake of Cawoods PFA containers as well as all 42 containers on my Gypsum train. I've not done the wagons themselves yet or the interiors of the coal containers but getting the exteriors done makes a huge difference to their appearance on the layout. I've done the Cawoods in a similar way to how
  6. I'm not sure which is the best thread to post this on but seeing as I've been running on the attic layout I guess it's as good a place as any. That's the trouble with having more than one layout! I mentioned in the Worsley Dale thread that I'd now got two coal sector class 37's fitted with sound with the intention of double-heading them. They were intended for use on the garden railway as in the sector days it was pretty common by the look of it for Scottish traffic to be double headed using class 37's in all their respective liveries but they would be equally at home on the attic layout
  7. Here's the photo of my rather crude attempt at fitting the Kadee coupling. Actually it isn't too bad and more importantly it works really well. My filing down could do with cleaning up by the look of it but it's not that noticeable until you start enlarging photos. The only thing I did was to remove the cam coupling entirely and I did that with the coach dismantled. Not sure if you can get the coupling out without dismantling it but mine had come adrift when I pulled out the old tension lock and I was attempting to put it back in position before deciding it was probably better to replace the w
  8. Yes sure. When I go out to the shed I'll grab a photo of the one I've modified but basically I used a piece of plastic from the side of an unused speaker housing. You'll discover that there's only room to glue the plastic over the hole towards the bufferbeam and down each side - unless you begin carving away some of the underframe details which I didn't think necessary, hence the stout plastic. The bufferbeam end also has a small dimple which I left in place but shaped the plastic to fit around. I then used an NEM mounting block with the bottom filed flush by removing the 2 legs, gluing t
  9. I set out today with the intention of adding sound to another class 37 having recently received a replacement 21-pin decoder for one I had returned as faulty. I had a speaker ready to fit in the fuel tanks so it was just a case of deciding which loco to dismantle and then make a start. I thought a Transrail livery would make a change and having previously looked at which ones I thought had 21-pin sockets I took the chosen one out to the shed only to discover it had an 8-pin socket! So back into the house and my next choice was my other coal sector livery so I picked it up and made my way
  10. https://www.filcris.co.uk/category/garden/garden-railway-products
  11. So it looks like our summer is drawing to a close but not before I've been able to bring another Scotrail class 47/7 into the loco fleet. 47712 'Lady Diana Spencer', seen above making its way onto the loco depot at Shieling Bridge, is fitted with a Zimo 21-pin sound decoder and a Digitrains soundfile. I've added the included small 'stay alive' capacitor and fitted a double iphone speaker which is quite a tight fit beneath the roof of the loco. I do like the Zimo chips and the 'F2' braking function which adds a small sense of realism to the driving experience. This is another l
  12. With tomorrow forecast to be the final day of this brief Summer spell before Autumn takes a hold there's going to be fewer opportunities for running our garden railways in the coming weeks so here's yet another video from me as a reminder of the lovely weather we've enjoyed recently. Make the most of tomorrow everyone!
  13. Oh yes they're extremely generous with the size of the opening which is why I never used them on the garden layout. They were much better suited to the smaller radius curves up in the attic.
  14. I've now fitted corridor connectors to the coaches in my Scotrail liveried push-pull set and even though the gap between coaches is still overscale, even with the Hornby close couplings fitted, the connectors make it appear much less of an issue and I'm quite happy to leave them like this. It's a massive improvement over the factory coupled examples and at a cost of approximately 50p per coach! They run perfectly in both push and pull mode. Other than fitting the corridor connectors I've just had a day running a few trains round. 47461 'Charles Rennie Mackintosh' is fast becoming a
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