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  1. Griff's Oddities

    I'm glad it's not just me who's unable to resist a bargain - even when there's no other justification for the purchase. That little KOF pictured above is a strange one. I thought it was just a body in need of a chassis at first. What type of work would it be put to? I've learned through painful experience to be very careful when handling new models. It seems you can barely extract them from their boxes these days without some part or other breaking off and to be honest that's one of the reasons I've decided to reduce the number of items I've been purchasing. I've been watching a loco on ebay for the past week and I've no reason for doing so other than the fact that it's listed at a bargain price. I already have a similar one so why am I tempted? It can quickly get out of hand.
  2. Mick's Drivel

    I have every sympathy for all those who struggle to give up smoking. I know what it was like and it was many weeks of torture for me and more especially, for those around me. I'd had several failed attempts to stop prior to that so I understand how others feel. I would never lecture anyone who chooses to smoke but if you can make the effort to stop I would advise that you do because life is so much better without cigarettes. You will feel healthier, you'll smell better, your home and belongings and your friends/family will smell better too. In addition you'll be much better off financially. When I stopped smoking I was paying between £5-£6 per packet of 20 and on average I was smoking 30 cigarettes per day - so we'll call it £9 per day. 12 x 365 x £9.00 equals £39,420!! That's enough to make anyone stop and think. And how much are cigarettes these days? Not sure about the US Griff but over here there's an awful lot of tax on tobacco products. I was trying hard to justify spending money on a new car last year but then I worked out what I'd have spent on cigarettes and it was a no-brainer.
  3. Mick's Drivel

    No I don't really need any of them at all Griff, it's just the collecting bug in me. I'm just glad that I chose to do it with a class of locomotive that only numbered 35. My second favourite loco is the class 37 diesel of which in excess of 300 examples of the real loco's were actually constructed! My aim has been to collect one model of each actual A4 loco, which I know is a bit extreme when they're never going to play a major part on my layout, but should I ever have a change of heart they can simply be sold. I think back to 12 years ago when I was an habitual smoker and of all the money I used to spend each week on cigarettes, and what I've saved since then would have completed the class 37 collection several times over by now. A display shelf for the A4's would be great but they'll probably reside in their boxes, with perhaps some occasional outings until, like all the others, their fate is decided.
  4. Mick's Drivel

    There's actually 25 on that shelf Griff but they form only part of my A4 collection (now you see why there's been a need to have a clear-out). I could possibly have started one Q but I'm getting back to a more sensible level now.
  5. A stunning model but the above locomotive is now no longer part of my collection.
  6. Mick's Drivel

    Like I said Tony, it's nothing to get excited about but this is a section of my shelving for locomotives... In this photo there's A4's on the top shelf, various other steam class loco's next, then two shelves of diesels which still need arranging properly. Excuse the odds and ends which have nothing to do with model railways. Larger class collections such as 37s and 47s have their own shelves as do Heljan (including Prototype Diesels) and DMU's. At least now, no matter how they are arranged, they are easily accessible, which wasn't the case previously.
  7. Hornby GRESLEY A4 Collection

    Don't worry, I'm not going completely bonkers just yet, but I do have another photo to add to my Hornby A4 collection. Although 4468 MALLARD featured as part of the collection a short time ago, that particular model was actually the one from the Hornby GREAT GATHERING collection whereas the one shown below...... ...is the Hornby R2339 model which depicts the loco before the addition of the 'World Speed Record for Steam Traction' plaque. As mentioned in a previous post, the Mallard photographed here is actually sitting on my sound-fitted 4466 HERRING GULL chassis and as you may notice, is missing both its cab doors. This model is another that I could possibly renumber/rename as apart from the Great Gathering version I also have the Dapol Black Label version of Mallard. How many Mallard's does a man need?
  8. Have you had any ideas regarding the 'locking' aspect Thomas? I understand exactly what you mean because one of the springs in my outside points has failed and the central locking motor doesn't provide the necessary force to hold the point blades fully across. It's okay when travelling in the reverse direction but slightly worrying when the points are facing. I'm sure there's a simple solution out there.
  9. Maximilianshafen

    It's great to see so much progress Thomas. I hadn't realised you were at such an advanced stage but there again I've not been keeping up with things as I should have been doing so I do apologise to you and everyone else for that. It always makes me feel slightly inferior when I see layouts with multiple track layouts and there I am with just a single one! When you and Tony get fully operational there's going to be some interesting viewing in these parts.
  10. Hornby GRESLEY A4 Collection

    I knew there was something amiss with my figures but I've only just discovered what it is. I've added photographs above for 30 Hornby A4 locomotives but 4496 GOLDEN SHUTTLE and 60008 DWIGHT D EISENHOWER are one and the same locomotive, Golden Shuttle being renamed Dwight D Eisenhower in September 1945. So that means I only have examples of 29 different Gresley A4 locomotives and not 30 as previously claimed......or that's what I then assumed! Say 'hello' to 60031 GOLDEN PLOVER with her double chimney and corridor tender and depicted here in late BR Green. I was sure I'd already added this one, which is particularly strange as it is one of the two loco's that I have a duplicate example of, the other being 4462 GREAT SNIPE. I need to do some more research but I believe the duplicate 60031 would be a good choice to rename as 60028 WALTER K WIGHAM which carried the same type tender from 1952 onwards.
  11. Mick's Drivel

    Just taken a look on their ebay store 'geministoragesolutions' and the price of their 10 litre boxes are actually 49p cheaper than at Ryman's. I ordered 6 from Ryman's in order to take advantage of the free 'next day' postage (over £40) so it works out virtually the same in the end. In my case Tony, there's not a lot to look at. The storage system I mentioned is just a wooden shelving system on a metal framework upon which I'm now storing all my boxed loco's. It looks like a shop. Previously they were all randomly stored 15-20 at a time in various cardboard boxes. I have lots of cardboard for recycling this week. I have two proper display cases, one of them still flat-packed, that I intended displaying loco's and stock on but I'm running out of wall space and you can't really have them in the living areas can you?
  12. Hornby GRESLEY A4 Collection

    Now that I've got my remaining loco's stored together it's much easier to get hold of a particular loco so here's the final example from my Hornby A4 collection, the one that's been hidden away in a box for the past few years - it's 4466 HERRING GULL in LNER Blue livery. This is Hornby R2805XS depicting 4466 with a single chimney and non-corridor tender but it is seen here running on a standard Hornby 'Mallard' chassis. I had forgotten about swapping the body's over when I was still running the Selby Garden Railway so when I get the time I think I'll swap them back. The name HERRING GULL lasted only until January 1944 when 4466 was renamed SIR RALPH WEDGWOOD after the original Sir Ralph Wedgwood (loco 4469) was damaged beyond repair during an air raid on York Railway Station in April 1942. So that's 30 examples of Hornby A4's out of the 35 loco's that were actually built and I have two duplicates that could possibly be renamed. I wonder if I'll ever get to complete the whole collection? I was hoping for another missing link from Hornby during 2018 but they've chosen instead to release 4493 WOODCOCK in LNER Green and unfortunately I've already got that locomotive running with its BR number 60029 and in BR Green livery.
  13. Mick's Drivel

    Spent the whole day installing a shelving system and I now have all my remaining loco's in one place and grouped together by class. Much better! No more opening various boxes searching for a particular loco - I can now go straight to the one I want. After my recent stock clearout, that's another major step towards getting sorted and back to the garden railway. I've also purchased another set of 'Really Useful' boxes to store some more coach rakes so that I don't have to faff about taking them from their original boxes each time I want to use them. I ordered them from Ryman as I've done before and quite a bit cheaper than I could find them elsewhere. I use the 10 litre ones which, if I remember correctly, are suitable for up to 11 coaches with a bubblewrap layer between each coach - if it's any different when I get the chance to check I'll let you know.
  14. Mick's Drivel

    I've been using the usual auction site Iain but I must stress that it's been a 'clearout' rather than a 'sale'. I haven't been hoarding things all this time for nothing and I've resisted the temptation to let anything go just for the sake of it. If I can't get either what I think they're worth or at a suitable profit over what I originally paid then I'm more than happy to hold on to them. My indoor layout will go ahead and for that I'll be running all the things I remember from working on the railway between the 1980's and early 2000's, meaning BR Blue through to EWS maroon with the emphasis on freight traffic, especially coal. Outdoors will still be the preserved line with an assortment of stock but with the option to change to one with a Scottish theme so West Highland/Kyle line coaches and log trains etc. I've certainly not become disheartened Mark, I'm still really looking forward to running trains, it's just that I went way over the top buying all the latest models until I didn't know what to do with them all and I lost track of what I was actually trying to do. Now it's like a massive weight off my mind and I don't miss any of the ones I've disposed of - not even the ones I'd never used or ever opened. I thought I could have a layout where I could alternate stock and run modern image for a while and then change to steam era etc. I had enough models to be able to do so, but you lose sight of your original aims and it all becomes confused. Anyway, I'm just about back on track now - deckchair and glass of wine in waiting.
  15. Who will be watching?

    Yes I looked into that. It makes me so angry that something as simple as watching a programme on 'catch up' requires you to firstly register for an account and give out personal details that aren't at all necessary. I'm getting more and more reluctant to register accounts where they require your address and date of birth without any specific need for it. I know you could enter false information, certainly with regards your DOB, but why should you have to? I don't trust many of these companies to keep my personal details safe so the fewer that have them the better. I've enjoyed following Jenny's layout on RMW, especially since she extended to the outdoors.