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    Link to the first running or 2018: The station lighting, unfortunately, packed up working late last year and Ive not been able to resolve the issue. I think the electronics unit into which everything fed into and out of, got messed up and after I tinkered, it very definitely, wasnt going to work. However, should I want lights on, Ive found out that the lights will work perfectly ok, fed from the aux output on the Elite controller - not that i ever play trains in the dark And I have decided - I am determined that I am going to have a day or 2 sorting out the track bondings and have a frustration free Summer!
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    At long last the days are cooler in the very low 30's now,, two days of summer left, over the last weekend and Monday I made a lot of progress on one half of the main span of the bridge , finishing the frame work of the road deck and cut some supports to clamp the the deck to the rail deck sides. I only cut the supports using the jigsaw, couldn't get a good cut, will cut some new ones with the power saw setting up the circular saw jig with so I can cut each piece the same length very important, will have to use a bigger clamp so I can screw the support post to the underneath road deck bracket, with I did that way cutting those brackets the same length. I thing I will have to check the arch hangers, might be too long and will have to remark the arch template on the pergola floor. Having a rest today, joined a new train club yesterday, only 30 minutes away in Brisbane western suburbs, be helping them solder in place those fiber glass brass strips, they are building a layout to put in the Brisbane Train show in May. The bridge looks twisted because the saw horses are not level , fingers crossed both half's will line up ok, should do . Tomorrow will made a start on the last sage construction of the layout starting form the car port, I think I will just cut legs to the right height every 3 feet and screw in a hinge to fond the leg a lot quicker. The bridge will look stunning when finished, some time start on building the arch, once I have finished the bridge and road deck be permanently screwed in place painted with track down, will ask my wife if I can put the two main spans in the spare bedroom. Tony from nice down under
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    I spent yesterday adding LED lights to Colwick station. The first job was to add red lights at the buffer stops. Sorry its a bit dark. The baseboard was upside down at this point. The next job was to add lights above the platforms. I bought some indoor tree lights that have solid core enamelled wire which worked out at about 6p per LED. They are wired in parallel. This means it is very easy to cut individual LEDs off the run with two 10cm wires connected. I rewired them into series and bent the wires to the profile of my station wall. I then came across a problem which took some time to get my head around. Once I had a series of 8 wired up they no longer light up. I tested all the solder joins and they were good. Eventually the penny dropped when I notice that I could light a run of 4 but not 5. Light Emitting Diodes still have the properties of a regular diode. They only pass current in one direct and have voltage drop across them. Diodes were literally my first lecture in my electronics degree. It turns out that with these LEDs the voltage drop is around 3v. My test 12volt supply would power 4 in series but not 5. I'm using my DCC track power at 16 volts so I can stretch to 5 in series. This made wiring more complex. I needed to feed from the middle as well as the ends. My platform construction technique came to my rescue. I use electric cable conduit as the base. This allowed me to pull the top of my platforms off and run the cable though the conduit. I still need to hide a couple of the riser wires, but all the wiring at high level will be exposed as it so often is on the prototype. The light fittings are screw caps which I've trimmed and glued to the wall. I need to repeat this for the other external wall. Then work out a similar system for a run along the middle of the station.
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    Been a long time posting (again), but hope everyone had a good Christmas. We've had a new arrival...
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    Hi Mick, yeah the transformer cradle going to look good when built , did you note in front of the transformers the two receivers for the the remotes, I will have a choice of two radios or one radio control of two slide control throttles, screwed to the the cradle, I have finely finished wiring the control panel and ready to connect to the transformers. The mass of wires blow you away, I have them all coded , go back to post 616 Feb.28 of the control panel half connected to the module , I will replace all those white wire ties with U nails, going to Bunning today to buy them. Yes I will be having scenery, pic one with the ship in it is where I got the idea to model that ship passing in under the bridge which will be a lot wader channel more like a river ,be the main focal point of the layout, bridge main span is 14 feet. I have come up with an top stile arch like the Sydney Harbor bridge but more model stile, has to be in two half's, 27 full length. Out in the garden be a tunnel on the corner section after the bridge and other in the car port where there be a small railway town with branch line and of course the station complex,I plan to have a road lower than the the station level will have a tram spot and bus stop, tram will be a separate circuit. I plan to have the layout up and running on a new date, May 2019 to celebrate 5 years being in the forum to when the first train will run on the Whole layout, giving me more time to complete the layout,one more module to finish the wiring on , full steam ahead on the last stage of the layout. Also be the last station module to get the holes drilled out bigger to replace the bolts with 12 mm dowel, this afternoons job so I can put the two modules a part, be able to run a loco the full length of the station complex and three other modules, powered by the control panel. The days aren't too bad, will make the most of the nice days before it starts to heat up where I can't work under the pergola, more work on the ship, have finished yet another mile stone on the ship project finishing the side of the hull of the first section of the ship. Got the other side to do and finish the superstructure and cut the upper deck, can't glue in place till the main deck is finished, keep an eye out on the ship post Tony from down under keeping on moving ahead
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    Well here's a view that hasn't been seen for some time - Shieling Bridge station almost completely devoid of rolling stock and infrastructure! I've done a bit of weatherproofing on the outside of the shed and just had a general tidy round inside so thought I'd grab a photo of the empty station. It shows just how much work I still have to do but at least now it's a much more comfortable environment in which to do it. By the time I'm back up and running there's unlikely to be many opportunities to run anything round the garden but at least if it's cold or wet outside, I should be able to make myself comfy in the shed and get on with finishing the stations. I've not yet got round to altering the far left hand siding which scrapes against the cladding and I've still to repair the damage to my colour light signal, which currently lies on the platform, after it's unfortunate trip up the vacuum cleaner nozzle. But looking at the overall state of play, there was a time when I would have given anything to have been in this position
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    Well you're certainly proving all the doubters wrong and showing that OO/HO in the garden can be very successful and worthwhile. Just wait until you can show them a fully operational layout next year! I think the forum provides the required inspiration and motivation to make a start in OO/HO outdoors. It shows what is possible and provides advice on things that are best avoided. Each individual member introduces their own ideas and you've added some novel methods yourself which should aid others who dare to follow in our footsteps! I think you win the prize for the most expansive OO/HO garden railway featured here so far and it's been very interesting following along. Looking forward to the recommencement of construction in 2019.
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    The Fat Controller's Birthday It being the 6th anniversary of the opening of the DGR, the Fat Controller was delighted to welcome Thomas as a new arrival to the railway, to celebrate the arrival of our grandson a couple of weeks ago. When he first arrived, Thomas was rather a lonely engine, having no-one to play with: He tried talking to the Throstlebeck signalman, but that wasn't much fun: At last he met a couple of friendly coaches and persuaded them to come out for a run: They had a lot of fun puffing across Foxdale Bank: And then Thomas found another two coaches to join them. "Look at me now!" he shouted as they charged across the Northern Viaduct:
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    Do you mean the class 55 'Deltic' as below?
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    Hi Mick, many thanks yeah she sure is going to be stunning when finished, now the bow is done be a lot easier the next three sections be square to the water line. That is the whole idea the ship being the main feature of the layout on top of the bridge. I would love to extend more out into the garden , should run the level line out from the modules to see reach to be level with the garden, nice to dream would extend to the fence and have track around the the shrub next to the garden shed, a lot of track needed, win the lotto what is needed. I intend to model a RO, Ro port , the cranes they use are different to a container port, some of the Europeans ports are worth modelling like Hanko Finland. Has started working on the next bulkhead didn't line up, have to start again on remarking, cutting and gluing together, tomorrow night ship project night. Finely a pic of the proud builder holding the he finished ships bow. Tony from down under.
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    Breaking news, the bow of my ship is finely finished at long last after three attempts later, I am a happy camper she turned out ok in the end after making a few mistakes on the way be as close as I can get of the real bow. Now I can more onto the next bulkhead, has will have the upper deck on it and top deck, a bit of cutting out still with the hull till the end of the first section then for there on be a square shape from top deck to water line. I am glad there isn't a 4th deck to worry about now and didn't really need to add on 10 mm's , too lake now, won't notice it , the bulkhead from the main deck bulkhead has the stair cases to the upper decks be closed in is what the 4th deck is. On a big high, am glad to see that finished. Tony from down under
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    Nice photos Mick. I must try to upload a photo taken the other day. I was in my armchair and something flashed by my shoulder and there was a crash at the front window. An unexpected visitor had come at high speed through the open back door, not realising that the view in front was in fact glass. I then found myself holding a stunned Sparrowhawk. My wife couldn't even get the lens cap off my camera, so the resulting photo is not as good as it should be. I am priviledged to have seen it fly off at the speed of sound when I let it go. Sorry that I am such a scruff.
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    I don't have the time (or inclination to be honest) to begin compiling videos right now but I've uploaded three short clips taken today of 37025 running with the log train. I'll try better next time.
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    Thank you for your comments. I've always tried to distance the layout from a typical model railway. I don't look back on my railway career with any great fondness but I do remember the appearance of much of the railway I experienced. It was dirty, decayed, overgrown with vegetation and littered with all kinds of rubbish. In fact the tunnel portal really could do with discarded shopping trollies, bicycle frames and an old bed mattress tossed over onto the tracks below in order to make it truly realistic. Something for later perhaps? Well today was going to be a DMU running day. Utilising my two spare 8-pin chips and with 2 DMU's already DCC fitted I thought a quartet of units would make a change from the usual loco hauled stuff. The trouble is the 8-pin chips I have are 'direct' fitting, meaning they have no wires making them slightly larger than the 8-pins with wire harnesses and they wouldn't fit the void in the motor blocks where the DCC sockets are located. And after all the time it took me to get those pesky bodies off! I gave up with the idea of using the 8-pins and decided instead to get out another two freight steam locos, both of which require 21-pin chips. These two, a Robinson 04 and a class 7F, date back to my Selby Garden Railway and I couldn't remember whether or not I had fitted them before. As it turned out the Robinson 04 had been previously fitted but the 7F had not although I did have one spare so in it went. The 04 ran perfectly while the 7F runs with what appears to be a square rear driving wheel - in fact there's almost no need for a sound chip because it sounds like a 'chuff chuff' when it's in motion as it is. It's in need of attention - yes, another one to add to a growing list! The heat outdoors was becoming unbearable and so as a last resort I placed a class 108 DMU on track that was DCC fitted about 9 years ago for the Selby railway. I well remember my frustrations in trying to dismantle it at the time! So here's a few photos of the class 108 DMU in action this afternoon. A similar view to the photos added yesterday as the three car class 108 DMU enters Watch House tunnel. I omitted to mention all the wiring in my captions yesterday but I think they are part of the scene too, even if a little over scale. The DMU exits Watch House tunnel and heads towards the 'missing sleepers' which is where the plywood base appears to have failed. Through Trundles Bridge we go, having safely negotiated the enforced speed restriction. And here we're on the run along Stackgarth Gill towards Stack Gill viaduct. The power car is almost at the point where the plywood base meets aerated block base and so its from this point that works will begin later. Finally we see the DMU part way over Stack Gill viaduct and onto the girder bridges crossing the river Buttle. Currently just a dry bed, I would really like to add some form of water below the bridges. Something else to include on the to do list.
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    It's taken me far longer than anticipated but I have just managed to spend a couple of days on the layout. I can't remember how long it's been since it was last powered up but you can imagine how relieved I was to discover that the months of neglect hadn't taken too heavy a toll. However, the first job that required my attention was a short section of parapet wall on Stack Gill viaduct which had succumbed at the hands of a young child. Luckily it was just the parapet wall but my garden was never designed or built as child friendly. I'd been putting it off for several weeks (the tulips hadn't yet flowered in the above photo) but the nice weather finally persuaded me that it was time to sort it out and while I was at it I reattached the sections of log roll that had come adrift along the base of the viaduct using some of that acclaimed 'Gorilla' adhesive. So with the parapet wall duly repaired the route was finally clear and it was time to bring out the trains. Now it's been six years since Worsley Dale was started, although the final section from Stack Gill viaduct along the bottom of the garden to the shed is more recent, but there were still a number of track joins that I hadn't bonded and they were playing up so before going any further it was out with the soldering iron. Now with a fully bonded circle of track surely we can get something running? I'd been looking forward to seeing the Scottish coaches out together so chose a suitable loco to get things started in the form of 37025 'Inverness TMD'. This is fitted with a 'Legomanbiffo' class 37/0 sound chip and really sounds the part. In fact I couldn't put it down and found myself using hardly anything else all day. I'll add a few photos from a selection just added to my photo gallery. 37025 INVERNESS TMD rounds Low Shott Flatts hauling a rake of six green and cream West Highland Line MK1 coaches on its approach to Shieling Bridge station. A little further on and 37025 is seen crossing Low Shott viaduct as it slows to enter Shieling Bridge station. Crossing Low Shott viaduct in the opposite direction, having just departed Shieling Bridge station, 37025 is seen here hauling a rake of 6 Kyle line coaches 37025 on its approach to Stack Gill viaduct. 37025 appearing somewhat insignificant as it nears the end of the imposing Stack Gill viaduct. You'll notice that only the main part of the layout has been used over the past two days and that I wasn't running into Cattle Leys terminus or using the passing loop. The reason was that I just wanted to get something running and not spend the whole time trying to get things fully operational. It all looks great in the sunshine but there is going to be a need for some repair work on Worsley Dale in the very near future. The section between the two viaducts is causing me some problems with track alignment although I'm not sure whether it's the plywood base or simply the roofing felt that's rippled. I really would like to replace the plywood base with something solid and weatherproof. It could be done a little at a time if I need to keep things running. I'll keep you posted.
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    I've been repainting stock, building wagons, constructing buildings and falling on my On30 feet this winter. This loco and coaches came in a "novelty" livery. That has been removed and repainted black and olive green, DCC has also gone in. Moving up scale to 1:48 (staying at 16.5mm gauge) I decided to look into wargaming models. There is some really good stuff at what they call 28mm, which is the hight of the figures. Later cut MDF at reasonable prices that make very impressive models. A quick couple of coats with aerosol primer and a little black paint on the windows and this station is straight out of a western movie! In the foreground is a lumber wagon, that started life in 1980 as a Hornby Freightliner flat. So far I've only bought one wagon, the tanker, mainly to give me a model to copy. The 4 wheel wagon is a 30 year old Hornby wagon with the body removed and replaced with a larger scratch built open frame. Kadee couplers were also added. The 8 wheel gondoliers started life as an American HO box car. Again the body was removed and a new one created from Correx, Plasticard strips and coffee stirrers. Being american it came with Kadee couplers so there was very little cost over the £5 I paid for the secondhand wagon. Last week, doing my weekly shop in Lidl I came across some novelty bird feeders. They were in the shape of houses, which looked impressively close to 1:50. Finescale they were not, but they did have an American model village vibe about them. I bought 3 at £7.99 each. When I got them home I removed a few features that weren't required, mainly the hook you would hang it from, and they really looked the part. I went back to lidl and bought another 5, so I have 2 of each design. I want my On30 railway to be a lot less serious than my other modelling projects and these literally cheep and cheerful "models" are certainly less serious. I've made a start on "improving" them by repainting one into light blue, but appearing from adding a chimney or two I won't be doing much to them. They may inspire further constructions in this style.
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    I have finely finished one arch side of one half of the bridge , took me three days, with a few issues along the way, the other three arches that will make up the bridge will be a lot easier using that arch as a template, tomorrow I will screw in place the arch and hangers to the road deck. Hopefully the arch wont bow out of shape, where the hangers are screwed onto the arch I be screwing another plate which will join up on the other side arch, strengthening the bridge. Tomorrow I will set up the circular saw jig to cut the support posts so they be all cut the same length, will cut the post for the other half as well, 24 all up, they line up with the hangers, every 12 inches. We be back to hot weather again the weekend ,Sunday being 36 degrees, there ill be those hot days in Autumn, 33 degrees today, lawn mowing duty this afternoon when it is cooler. The ships second section progress is coming along nicely, after watching Doctor Who season 11 second desc will be working on the ramp access from the top deck, will strengthen up the bulkheads on the top and upper deck. Buying some more off cut ply today for the second arch, hopefully enough to build the transformer cradle. Tony from warm down under
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    Reconstruction of my station started today. The platform surfaces have stuck well, so the furniture could return. Here's a shot of the columns going back in. Yesterday I built a small baseboard to hold the station building. I decided to build up the ground level around the station building so it is closer to the platform level. I've removed the flight of stairs in from the front of the station and the building will now sit in the well in the baseboard. Construction was from off cuts of correx, so it is very lightweight. This is handy because the station baseboard is heavy enough already. I glued paper on the correx and sprayed with grey and black primer to get an asphalt colour. Hopefully I'll get the roof back on tomorrow and see how it looks with all the modifications in place.
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    Believe it or not I look at my single line layout as a long-term project too and even though I have indoor stations, it's the outside single track line that is of most interest and the most important aspect to me. I'm not really into shunting wagons around or creating indoor scenery. I'm not really ashamed of my simple basic layout but at my continued lack of progress on it when you appear to be steaming ahead! As for the EDIT function, I believe there's a period of time during which a member can edit their own posts before that option becomes unavailable. It's something like a day or so if I remember correctly. Do you get the option of editing a new post immediately after posting?
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    Used to hang wet washing out in Moscow at minus silly temperatures. Within 20 minutes it was solid. Bring it in and stand it in the corner. When it thawed, it was dry. Wife started moving furniture one day and rolled the carpets up. Out into the snow and laid them out. Shovelled snow onto the carpets and brushed it in with a stiff brush. Then hung the carpets over a fence and beat the snow out, before taking them back indoors again. I have never seen such clean and fresh smelling carpets as that day. She did it here in England a few years ago. Into the front garden. Neighbours all thought she had lost the plot.
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    Yup, I forget you guys use that crazy new fangled excelsior system. 20 degree Fahrenheit = -6.6666667 degree Celsius just a tad chilly.
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    Just because Napoleon wanted everything in units of 100? No. Bring back Imperial and give the kids some proper mathematics to think about.
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    Have finished the new center piece of the shell roof , turned out well, if I need to run wires through I can now, tossing If I replace the two ends or have a go at stripping the old paint off, a few layers to tackle, don't want to sand because of where the lights go In the second pic there is a grove line lining up with the walk way I will do the same, yes I will paint the loco in Union Pacific colours to match the DD40/A loco. Get back to the layout next weekend depending on the heat, be light duties finishing the spiral corner module , being a stinker of a summer, my plants are dying lack of rain and me not being here for two weeks , they get a hose this afternoon Tony from down under keeping on moving ahead
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    Please help me identify this Birb. it adopted me a couple months ago as a baby and now lives with me. It is an odd birb because it squeeks and chirps differently. After many attempts at trying to get it to fly, I have given up. Thank you. Her name is Squidlette.
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    Christmas not far away, the last construction state is well under away at very long last, I started on the spiral leveling with the special jig ,, every 3 feet goes up 3/4 of an inch,I replaced the wider curved for 3 inch wide curved decking till I have to use the wider decking, play to cut 3 inch wide 4mm ply for the sides on all the curved decking. The first pic is the finished spiral corner module and second module looking down to the start of the spiral , third and fourth the spiral is the end of the layout at 54 feet , the metal shelf bracket I will also be using on the car port side wall . Pics five and 6 the finished Large S bend from the bridge to the car port , in pic 006 at the corner steel car port port the short gray piece bridging the gap between the two 6 foot radius curved decks I will be cutting it to 3 inches for a single track rail bridge and 4 lane HWY under neath coming off the double deck bridge. I have some great ideas , in pic 5 the lighter curve I plan to run off that onto my vertical staging yard using a slide draw set up to set on points , to get the vertical yard I be using an ironing board perfect for what I want to achieve, will start off with a couple of tracks , depend on how long the ironing board is how long the stating yard be. Today I will screw on the extended length to the first gray large curve deck and cut the brackets for the other curve sections, might get a chance to set up the car port corner module depends on the weather pretty muggy out side so might get an early morning storm. Can't do much, Monday and Tuesday, be Wednesday , start heating up again, 39 degrees on Friday and be humid, will have to wait till a cool day but can working on the curved sections, painting and laying track , I am using Andrew's idea in using the rails as bus wires and joining each rail on the joins, save on wire. All goes well trains running May next year , can't wait , the stool on wheels the pic in the last post I be buying on Monday, perfect for sitting at the control panel controlling trains. Tony from hot down under keeping on moving ahead
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    Have being busy testing the track on each module and working my way down and straightening up track and points, the first pic is what the track was and last two after straightening them up much better,. I bit the dust and took out past he diamond cross over onto the second module and swapped points, the point to the left in pic 2291 is a powered Roco point, I have a flat Atlas point motor I will put on the point on the second track and join them both up to switch together. The idea of those two points like that is when the Indian Pacific train is coming in on the outer track, other trains can get past, like the real thing at Sydney Central station . Got some real hot days coming up, will ask my wife if I can being the module into the Barth room and res-older the feeders wires and check each block . Tony from down under keeping on moving ahead
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    I have being busy re a lining the track and swapping points around on both corner modules improving them for better running . The first pic is what the points were before changing pics 2 and 3 the changed points and track, now the next job is re solder the feeder wires the feeder wire some I will have re strip the bus wire s and solder new feeder feeder, can't wait to drive the Indian Pacific into where the first loco gets uncoulped . I have made the block long enough to fit 28 passenger cars, pic 2 where the diamond cross is I have added two points so other trains can pass the Indian Pacific till it has being shunted into the terminus platforms, lucky last the first loco running on modules one and two of the station complex. I have being checking each block on the module when they are connected up, this module will be a headache to check each block but be worth it. No more work on the layout for the next few days going to be stinking hot outside, up over high 30's Tony from down under keeping on moving ahead
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    Don't worry Griff, I'm not about to eradicate my feline intruder but it is extremely annoying when a cat from a good distance away is causing damage to something I've spent a great deal of time putting together. I've only added anti-climb spikes on top of the fence adjacent to the viaduct so if it uses common sense it will jump over a little further up the garden and not end up with sore feet.
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    Saturday I got out the last station module and leveled it up to the second station module ready to drill the bigger holes for the 12mm dowel an drilled the holes and the holes for the bus wires , I ran out of paper for printing the labels. Sunday afternoon I got the control panel out and the transformers and remote receivers to sit them on the first level of the two level step ladder, there it is now I have worked out the measurements for the transformer cradle, 22 inches by 13 inches, all up 4 transformers, the two transformers are both 6amp for main line , the front gray one be the power for the LED's and the white one for the local throttle, whit is sitting on the aluminium transformer , will be screwed to the cradle. Going to a friends hose tomorrow as he has a better crimper to what I have, what to make sure the spade connectors are crimped on well that connects to the module. Tony from down under keeping on moving ahead
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    I've taken so many photographs of birds recently that trying to choose a selection to include here is no easy task but the Blue Tit was proving quite an enjoyable challenge. Here's another selection of photos featuring a Blue Tit taken 2-3 weeks after the previous ones. Normally they don't hang around long enough to be able to take a series of photos but when they're searching the tree foliage for caterpillars you get a decent opportunity. I particularly liked the photo below which appears to show the little bird having a great time swinging to and fro. There are more Blue Tit photos to come!
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    I began this thread in order to post my most recently taken photos but started by trying to bring things up to date through a selection of photos taken previously. I still have a number of older photos to add but the ones included here were taken only yesterday. I was sitting at the dining table using the laptop when I noticed a bird outside near the feeders and it wasn't the usual sparrow or blackbird. It darted into the shrubs. Now normally I have a camera to hand but as I had recently arrived home I had to rush into another room, get out my camera bag and get hold of a camera. I removed the lens cap and switched the camera on but there was nothing to be seen - it seemed I'd missed my chance. The vertical blinds were drawn back on the windows so I didn't dare get too close to the window itself but I could see there was still something in the shrubs. I waited and then suddenly this popped out.... I use the dish to feed live mealworms but it wasn't interested in them - only in the sparrows that had been feeding there moments earlier. I quickly took the above photo expecting it to disappear at any moment but then had the chance to zoom in a bit for the following photos although they were taken through double glazed window glass at a distance of 10-12 feet. Now although I enjoy taking bird photos I'm not always certain of their identity but I believe this is a Sparrowhawk, similar to the one Roddy posted a photo of earlier. If anyone can confirm its identity I would be grateful. It left empty handed on this occasion but it's been lurking around before so I expect it will pay another visit sometime soon. Keep that camera handy!
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    This morning you can slowly guess how it will be!
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    Just received an email asking me to vote for a couple of nominated products by DCC Concepts in the Hornby Magazine 2018 Model Railway Awards. I do quite like DCC Concepts products, at least the few I have experience of, but they certainly wouldn't win my vote for speed of customer service. It was 4th September when I received my CDU2 power supply for the point levers minus a power cord (or any other accessory/leaflet come to think of it). Several days later I was sent one direct from DCC Concepts by Second Class post. Then I discovered one of the Cobalt S levers didn't work so that had to be returned at my own expense and it's been a couple of weeks now and although I've been told a replacement has been sent out it still hasn't arrived. Apparently there's been a delay due to the number of people returning to the hobby after the summer break (what? - only to find their DCC Concepts products no longer work?) and service is taking longer than usual. Doesn't really make you want to spare a few minutes of your time to go cast your vote does it?
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    Thank you for your comments Thomas. I totally agree, providing it works (which is our main priority) and doesn't look too bad, then we can say we're on the right track. Anyway, no glossing over the rough edges today here's my latest bit of handiwork. Six lever switches secured in place, wire harnesses attached and passed through drilled holes in lever shelf base. Another offcut of wardrobe door hand cut and screwed to timber supports which will be used for collecting all the wiring and connectors together so they are easily accessible. The levers should be painted in their respective colours depending on what their purpose is but maybe later. All mine are going to perform similar tasks and I'm hardly going to forget what that is. There's also detailing parts to add to the frames but again, lets try get something working first. One thing I might do is add some form of protection at the sides of the levers. They're fine when in the normal position but when reversed (pulled forward) they are liable to damage if I'm not careful moving things about or even moving about myself. I don't envisage ever needing any additional levers for the terminus boards so this should be all I need. There's no room for any more track at this side of the shed and I don't want any unnecessary complications. The levers come with small PCB's to which the ends of the wire harness is meant to be soldered but I haven't decided whether or not to use them yet as my soldering skills are not good and the holes on the PCBs are small and close together. I have some choc block connectors just in case.
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    Nice lot of pics Mark, yeah I like the permanent loading dock for the auto wagons,America has adjustable ramps to access three levels on their triple and double auto rack wagons, I have 5 of them, one of my projects be modelling the US double wagons sharing one bogie, the roof is a lot harder to model than the Swedish Auto wagon, will have to check them out. That Electric loco is a Swiss 460 class electric loco, nice loco would like a couple and like the double deck train again some research need there.It wasn't a safety course , were there a lot of other captains there as well. Do you captain different cruise ships, was talking to my sister yesterday and she asked me that question. Back into finishing off the last of the wiring on the approach module today, three blocks and only sort wiring, next module is the important module, it connects to the control panel. Tony from sunny down under
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    So, after the frustration has passed and the summer has come back to Germany, I start in the next corner of the garden with the further construction. The curve sections of all tracks will run in tunnels, since the curves are relatively narrow and also because they are practically behind and under the bush in the garden corner. The top two red tracks on the map belong to the high-speed line, which is about 100mm higher than the conventional main line, which represents the two lower violet tracks on the plan. The upper violet track and the two lower red tracks branch off to the left (not on the plan) from the high-speed line and are in a downgrade to connect to the other main lines below the plan.
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    Had a busy weekend in the electrical department , Saturday I wired u two more bus wire harnesses and soldered the feeder wires in place, all hell broke lose, had a short in one other blocks, was too late in the afternoon to find it, left it till Sunday. At first couldn't find it,cut wires and pulled out the the electrofrog and half the track to discover the the fault, wires touching at the other end of the module , everything went back in, the only change is I pulled out the switches for switching off half the track to uncouple the lead loco and changing with plugs. First pic the lead loco passes the stop line I pull the plug uncouple off to another block plug back up and drive with the second loco half of the Indian Pacific, second pic is the shortest block on the layout, where the plugs are will cut power to past the straight point to the siding, the only way I can work out the short block. Couldn't wire it to the middle track upsetting that block , I did find that Hornby have an isolating switch will buy them later, got other stuff to buy first . Lucky last I came up with an idea to get the light up out the way, so the train boxes finely came in handy , was on the corner of the work bench when bumping it when measuring and cutting with the long ruler, will make it a lot easier next week when I start adding the wires with the plugs on the control pane, lots of them Be finely gld to see the end of the module wiring and get stuck into the final push into joining up the rest of the smaller decking and bridge Tony from down under keeping on moving ahead.
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    The shed is now blessed with two working LED striplights and I can't believe it's taken me this long to install something that's so necessary for working out there. I've never been able to work in the shed with the door closed before because it's just so dark when you shut out the light and the winter's nights have always been a no go. I have no excuse anymore. The sidings extension in the terminus area is taking longer than anticipated but that's mainly through having the problem with my knee, but I have moved forward a little more and installed another point and a section of headshunt. The point outside the shed and the one leading to the headshunt will be wired as a pair that throw together. All that's left to do is install the point on the exterior of the shed, widen the entrance hole to allow the additional track through, and join up the track with the point visible in the above photo. Once the trackwork is complete I will divert my attention to the backscene and then the ballasting. I had taken it for granted that the method of working for the OTA log wagons into the terminus sidings would be that they would run round in the platform before drawing out and reversing into the sidings. Well yesterday I moved the OTA's across from Shieling Bridge and discovered that there's only just sufficient room between the points for the 12 wagons - and I mean just! Not to worry, I've experienced situations like that for real so it's nothing to be concerned about.
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    Early morning Tony, pure awesome, you are going great guns, looks like you will be running before me, the German 103 Electric sure looks stunning indeed especially with those coaches, the windows on our trains are not as wide as yours . I am looking forward to see what you have planned for the scenery around that bridge, have had a set back for a couple of days lap top trouble, had an update from Microsoft and knocked out the USB ports, though we had to put in a new mother board. After ringing ASUS they wanted my wife to do a factory reset, wife wasn't keen and still wouldn't of worked, she decided to a search on the hardware , found the problem the USB port was switched off, bingo every thing working, today back to the layout track work have changed track to fit the Indian Pacific and not hold up the main line. Tony from cool down under, not much of winter left.
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    All of my class 37' are Bachmann, but your picture of 37403 shows the one big positive, imho, that the ViTrains loco has over the Bachmann model - around the cab windows. The Bachmann window apertures look too small, compared to the ViTrains version. The multiple working cable connectors needs a splash of orange, on 37403. Have you every tried removing weathering with a gentle rub with a fibreglass pencil? - it sometimes can soften the impression. Keep going Mick - your posts are great reading ☺️
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    So as mentioned in my last post, I've made a start weathering 37025. Doing little by little (and often backtracking over what I'd previously done) I'm just trying to get the sense of a working locomotive but one that's not too scruffy as it has also to act as a passenger loco too. I've seen the sorry state that some class 37's were allowed to get into but looking at photographs of the West Highland line it seems they were pretty well looked after so I'm looking for that happy medium. It's a bit early in the day and the sunshine is at the wrong angle for photos on Low Shott viaduct but hopefully you'll get the idea. These first two are very similar but I noticed the shed door was open so closed it for the second. From the opposite side (below) you can see more of the roof weathering which will be added to later, especially around the exhaust ports but again, little by little. I know some people would be aghast at painting enamel weathering over a 'limited edition' loco but it's a model layout and I want it to look as realistic as possible. Anyway, the price of a standard range loco these days is in excess of what a Limited Edition one was just a few years ago and in my eyes the weathered version just looks so much better.
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    Love the scene from watch house tunnel. The tunnel portal looks amazing. Great work Mick. Cheers mark
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    Well despite my recent efforts, 37025 has continued to stutter over the short section of newly relaid track on top of Stack Gill viaduct as reported on 5th July. The fact that it's just this particular loco makes it even more frustrating but I'm certainly not going to put the loco to one side. I've not looked into it but I'm wondering if it's something to do with the actual design of the models underframe or bogies as I have a multitude of Bachmann 37s none of which have yet exhibited any trouble negotiating that section of track. Perhaps 37025 is an earlier version which has since been modified? What's even more remarkable is the fact that I have a section of track at ground level which really does need some attention - so much so that the track now stands proud of the base with a large gap beneath and yet 37025 has no problem with that at all. Anyway, in another effort to resolve the problem I actually dug out all the freshly laid ballast, which wasn't too difficult as it was only secured with Klear floor polish and not varnish, and again tested the level along the rail tops. There was a very slight dip or undulation but not something I would normally have been unduly worried about. Manually running a short wagon across it was barely noticeable but I had another attempt at levelling it off, testing with 37025 until it managed to clear the section without problem. I've now replaced the ballast and secured it with Klear until I'm confident it can be permanently secured with exterior varnish. Leaving 37025 to one side for the evening I set Black 5 44875 in motion hauling a rake of 6 West Highland Mk1s. I'm not sure how many circuits of the layout it managed while we had a BBQ but it must have been considerable and I never had to touch it once. It was almost dark by the time it came in for the night. Next thing I'll be wanting lights in the coaches! If only all loco's were as trouble free as some of the others.
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    Ship update, have finely glued in the the side panels with the cut out windows between the knuckle line and raised deck, gluing in the final layer of card , pretty happy with the way the build is turning out , I could of gone a bit higher with the windows, it will do looks ok . Will work on the other side this week, it was very hard to glue in place, got fast drying wood glue does help, I put glue on both sides making it easier to line up, get back to the anchor recess will re cut that panel moving the anchor recess long more , needs to line up with the small window. Still have to mark out and cut the weather cover and sides after finishing the bow section sides, can't wait, being at it for some time now. Tony from down under
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    I encountered problems when I eventually got mine up and running too Iain but I just accept it as part of the whole OO outdoor experience. I know it can become frustrating but the real railways have problems with buckled and broken rails too. Each obstacle we overcome is one less to be concerned about and if I'm honest, in my case they're all down to the way I've constructed everything. My elevated boards appear fine at the moment but certain sections close to the ground are in need of attention. I'm going to replace the plywood and use a masonry track bed when the time comes - probably using aerated block sections as they withstand the weather very well. I have a number of O gauge loco's but I'm content with the smaller stuff for now. Perhaps if I were starting over again from scratch, a move of house or something, then I'd have a good think about changing to the larger scale. Enjoyed watching the 'EE day' video and a lot of people would be surprised to discover how successful OO can be outdoors. You've made a great job of it.
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    The new bridge has being redrawn to full scale and construction of the arch is under way, it should work the same way, when I join the two halves together will make up a centre pier so the two halfs can sit on while I bolt them together top and bottom and take out the pier, that e a while off. I have already started work on the arch, looking at the two section I have cut out I think I will cut off where the bottom of the section is sticking out 6 inches , will cut back to an inch , might look better when the bridge is sitting on it's pier.. Off to Cambale post as I finished the back of the house back door corner module. Tony from down under keeping on moving ahead.
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