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    Thanks for that Thomas. It's by no means as impressive as Maximilianshafen but of course they are two completely different settings. I hadn't realised just how many video clips I had taken today and while a few of them were unsuitable I've put the remainder together in a video of just over 10 minutes duration.
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    Yesterday I began the process of filling the gaps with earth and stone. Months ago I rescued the stones form a friends driveway before she had it tarmaced. I didn't know if I had enough, which meant it was guess work as to how much earth I'd need to fill with first. We did about 72% of the filling. Getting the point where the final position of the trackbed blocks has yet be decided. This morning I placed some track down and, for fun, popped some coaches on. This turned out to be helpful, it shows me how long my passing loop will have to be, allowing for a loco on the front. Up shot is that I can'y make it any shorter. I'm still uncertain which point to use where. I have two right hand and two Y. I've started thinking through how I can create a connecting line to the Snicketway baseboards. I'm going to use some 18mm ply which should be ridged enough for the 70cm length it will span. For the radius I'm following the track that came with train set, which ensures that it won't be too tight. This afternoon I'm going to have to lower a couple of the ridge blocks by 18mm to allow for the linking track to be able to pass over them while the track stays on the level. Feels like real progress now. Should be sticking down roofing felt and laying track soon.
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    No. The felt needs securing properly. Track pins will not stop it from moving with extremes of temperature, or even lifting in a wind and ripping the track out with it.
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    I've spent the majority of the day filming again but this time instead of chasing trains round the garden, I've remained in the same place and everything today has been filmed over Low Shott viaduct. I've missed not having the steam train running so I've got the coaches back out on track and coupled up to Black 5 No.45010. I noticed Andrew had placed some crew in the cab of his Black 5 and it really makes a difference so I've done the same with mine. Here's a photo of 45010 running tender first across Low Shott viaduct: And then to show the difference the addition of a driver and fireman makes, here's a photo of 45010, still running tender first, having just crossed Low Shott viaduct. Thanks Andrew. Next I think I need some lamps on the front. Over the next few days I intend doing a lot less filming because there's still work to be done on the layout and it's best to do it while the weather is settled. I also need a break from videos because you can't enjoy a running session the same when you have a camera in your hand all the time. Sometimes you just need to sit back and enjoy it.
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    For my eyes it looks like an upgrade of the scenery! ๐Ÿ‘
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    By yesterday evening Trundles Bridge had been fixed in position and I'd cemented some pieces of aerated block ahead of it to extend the roadway outwards towards the inside of the layout. I really wasn't sure what I was going to do from that point and looking at the photograph I'd taken I wasn't even sure I would be leaving it like that. It didn't quite look like I was intending it to look..... Anyway this morning, with the sun shining brightly, I decided to continue by adding some large rocks on either side of the aerated block pieces and what was to be a small overbridge just appears to have grown into one big rock outcrop! Doesn't look too bad from this angle.... ...nor from the other side... ...but it doesn't half take up some room when viewed from above! There are some pretty large rocks in there. I'm not entirely sure about the longer view from this side because the rocks hide part of the bridge so I might need to lean over the tracks a little bit more. Now I need to renew the plants in the border as it looks a bit bare in places at the moment. Once I'd finished I had a brief running session in order to get some video of the places that have had rocks added over the past week or two but the sun has been a bit too bright for filming so it depends how the footage turns out. I'll have a look later and if there's anything worthwhile I'll upload a video later this evening.
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    Tried to avoid the procrastination (beard stroking) phase of development which was looming upon me. So far with my railways I've built baseboards and then laid the track independently. This has meant that I haven't had to have an exact track plan before building the baseboards. With this build I don't have the baseboard so I need to finalise my track plan beforehand. Yesterday I worked through that process; placing, levelling, adjusting and swapping around blocks to enable the track plan I am after. One consideration was to try to keep the track from being below the drip line off the Amblethorpe baseboard. This would have been easy if it was a constant width, but it varies form 40cm to 20cm to 30cm along its length. Locating points away from drips was more important. I still can't figure out how things will work at the house end of the line. A track needs to turn off to allow a connection with the Snicketway baseboards. This requires a 90ยบ turn in around 40cm, which is around 1st radius. This is OK for a narrow gauge, but I'll have to check that my stock is fine with that. Not that there is any set-track for On30. At the shed end the level trackbed creates a significant rise within the landscape. I cut the tops off the blocks at 45ยบ to create a very narrow track bed, a common feature on American railroads. Still work to be done on the trackbed before I can fill the gaps and create the landscape.
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    Just for you Mick, the mgr's come out to play, along with the sleeper set.
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    English translation to follow ๐Ÿ™‚ Sorry not a techie
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    I'm glad you enjoyed it Andrew. I'm still trying to find the best viewpoints for filming and unfortunately some of the ones I'd hoped would be suitable are proving very difficult to access. And I know it's conducive to running trains outdoors but that blooming sun doesn't half hinder efforts to capture the action when it's shining straight into the camera or onto the LCD viewing screen. I've done a bit more filming today, testing out new angles but without a great deal of success. Finding a suitable spot to settle the camera is the hardest task and although I used my tripod on occasions, it's just too tall even when at it lowest setting for anything this side of the viaduct. I've ordered a cheap tripod that has a lowest setting of 16 inches so I'll let you know how I get on with that. I've actually been using plastic buckets of varying heights with an old folded sheet on top this afternoon. I still find myself going back to the same spots for taking videos and while I'd hoped that the new bridge would be a great new location, getting the camera down low enough is barely possible because of the box hedging that faces towards it. I can hand-hold the camera above the track but as yet I haven't found a way to get a camera support in there and I'm getting fed up of holding my arms steady whilst trying not to breathe, until the train has passed by. I need to have a look at 26024 later as it has started stuttering which isn't all that surprising after the number of miles it must have done. I've had it out again today, first with the track cleaner and later with a mixed freight but towards the end I had to remove it as it just didn't want to go any further, even after a good old wheel clean. There's still a few wagon types that I would like for the layout - bogie bolsters for ingots being one of them - but I really don't want to get too much more stock because it's already proving difficult to juggle them all around. I don't like having to take things off the layout in order to put something else on but with a limited number of storage roads that's now a necessity. The OTA loaded log train is perhaps my favourite freight train, seen below with 37401, so I try to keep that one out but the remaining freight just have to take a rest sometimes. Likewise with coaching stock, the steam hauled West Highland excursion stock is currently off the layout as is the similarly coloured 'far north' Hebridean stock, not to mention a number of various types of Caledonian Sleeper coaches. I think I've yet to run the blue/grey versions along with the ETHEL so I need to get myself sorted, grab some blue/grey coaches to go with them and give it an outing soon.
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    Terrific video, Mick. Looks superb. And I liked the way the puttering of the diesel dropped off as it disappeared into the tunnel/shed.
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    The bridge and approach road look amazing. I watch your latest YouTube on my TV before I read this post about construction. I spotted all the work you had done and even commented to my wife how impressed I was. Great work.
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    So last weekend, with a couple of days off work and with a bulk delivery of wood having arrived, I set about rebuilding the main station area. This section was the first bit built 5 years ago and was done in a "bit of a rush" with 9mm external ply on a 2x2 frame. However, part of the frame was secured to the concrete fence posts and the screws basically failed. On top of this I never covered the area with felt, I just treated it with preserver. As it was under the tree not only did it get very wet but occasionally had branches land on it. As a result the boards were literally falling apart and the track geometry was a little bit "dodgy"! So the "new build saw the same method I've used on the rest of the layout with enhancements. The foundations are now concrete blocks. This forms part of a frame for decking planks which are topped by 12mm external ply which has been treated and covered in felt. The 4 through platforms have now been relaid and joined by a 5th in lieu of one of the sidings. This gives and extra through line or more importantly a platform to enable a shuttle to Pentney Town to operate whilst leaving 2 through lines in both directions. The sidings have yet to be laid (Waiting on fishplates) and I am currently bonding out the joints using copped strip which will run under the platforms where possible. The 1st platform has also been built using cable trunking (Thanks to Chris of Amblethorpe fame for the idea). This is being topped by plasticard for the platform surface. The big question now is, do the platforms get made permanent and just get covered over by the tarpaulin that protects the station or do I make the removable so I can take them in . Any suggestions greatly appreciated. Noel
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    Invasion of the Giant Spiders!
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