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    Link to the first running or 2018: The station lighting, unfortunately, packed up working late last year and Ive not been able to resolve the issue. I think the electronics unit into which everything fed into and out of, got messed up and after I tinkered, it very definitely, wasnt going to work. However, should I want lights on, Ive found out that the lights will work perfectly ok, fed from the aux output on the Elite controller - not that i ever play trains in the dark And I have decided - I am determined that I am going to have a day or 2 sorting out the track bondings and have a frustration free Summer!
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    That's a lovely photo Tony - I'm pleased you posted it. I can certainly understand how you and your wife must be feeling, even though I've never felt the loss of someone quite so close to me. I lost my dad when I was only seven so I don't really remember anything about him although I do recall the day itself quite clearly. More recently we've endured the loss of my nephew and Pams son, both in their twenties, and yes, it's hard to accept that they're now both gone but its all the more painful when its someone you spend most of your days with. I know this might sound silly to some people but the greatest personal loss I've ever felt was this August Bank Holiday when we lost our little dog. He was a part of our family and we spent our whole days with him. We'd speak to him just as you would a child, take him with us almost every time we went out. He was our little boy who depended on us for his every need and we were devastated when we lost him. I know you can't possibly compare the loss of a son to the loss of a pet dog but that bond that develops between you is just as strong and the loss just as painfully felt. The photos and little mementos we have kept, and that you will obviously have, are still raw reminders of 14 very happy years we spent together but the enjoyment and happiness that he brought us during that time far outweighs the loss we currently feel. We have to be grateful for the time we have been allowed to share with them and know that our lives have been enriched through them. One thing these events teach you is that you can't plan for the future - you have to live for today, so go on that holiday and enjoy doing all the things you've been unable to do over the past years. Take something personal of your sons along with you so that you feel he's right there beside you. As an example, I have our dogs collar fastened to my rucksack and I feel he's tagging along with us on our walks - it works fine.
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    That's it! "Mind-your-own-business or baby’s tears, Soleirolia soleirolii (syn. Helxine soleirolii) is a creeping perennial with tiny rounded leaves. Despite looking pretty in cracks in paving, it re-grows from the smallest stem sections and can soon get out of control. It is especially difficult to control in the lawn."
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    Needed to do some repairs and spring cleaning on a few of my scenes today. 4 of my baseboards live outside, but under cover. The local cats like to walk and sit on them. Yesterday and today I repaired the damage and removed the cat hair form 3 of the boards. The 4th, a campsite, will need to be completely stripped and started form scratch. Anyway, after rebuilding all the fencing the building site looked the part in the afternoon sunshine.
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    I could probably do with a 'mini-me' stuck up there Roddy as when I look at what's left to do on the layout I regularly feel like I've got a mountain to climb! Well unfortunately I've had little time to do anything further since my last update other than to add a bit more padding to my 'mountain'. I'm not sure I'm entirely happy with it even now but it's getting there and approaching the point where I'm going to have to add some paint and texture. The accompanying photo below may look very similar to previous ones but there's been work to the very top of the mountain and to the area above the tunnel portal. Had the weather been a bit pleasanter over the past couple of days then I'm sure there would have been further progress but all I wanted to do was stay indoors where it was warm and dry. There's also the fact that my knees are playing up and I've been finding it very difficult to get down onto the floor in order to work and excruciatingly painful to get back up again.
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    Stick some low relief trees around your tunnel mouth. Trees are best for hiding what the landscape is, or should be doing. When I look out my window I can't see the road on an embankment climbing to bridge over the railway, I just see trees and sky.
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    A quick reminder to you all that most of my scenery is built on moveable baseboards which only come outside when I'm playing trains. So they aren't weatherproof. The grass on the slopes is just different shades of scatter material dropped on to a surface I'd covered with PVA. Modelling the current railway I realised that I could save myself a lot of trees if I they had all just been chopped down. There is a lot of line side clearance going on these days as they try and reduced the number of leaves getting on the line. A few cocktail sticks and some brown scatter created the right effect.
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    I had every intention of going into the shed today to make some progress with the indoor scenery but it was such a lovely day that I decided instead to clean the track and see if I could get some trains running. It had after all been some time since any last ran. Once I'd been round with the track rubber and cleaned the rail tops I cut back some overgrown lineside vegetation and then set about cleaning up a mass of bird droppings, mainly along Stack Gill viaduct as it's where the birds like to perch. I had to use an old toothbrush to dislodge the droppings from amongst the sleepers and ballast before hoovering it all away. I then sent out trusty old 26024 with the track cleaner and IPA solution and it circled the layout without any problem. With the track nice and clean I ran a class 158 2-car DMU and then decided it was time for some blue/grey mark 1 coaches behind a large logo class 37. I chose 37401 'Mary Queen of Scots' as it's never been out before. The MK1's were just the first few I could lay my hands on and not a set I will likely use in the future but blue/grey MK1 coaches behind large logo class 37s just look so good. Here's the class 158 DMU crossing the river Buttle which remains dry at this time but will hopefully show some sign of water in due course. 37401 Mary Queen of Scots is seen crossing the span between Buttlebank and Stack Gill viaduct with its rake of MK1 coaches. This span section requires some central supports to cure the slight bow in the middle which is noticeable to me. The trackbed here is comprised of 2 layers of 18mm exterior grade plywood so it's pretty substantial. After crossing the span, 37401 makes its way along Stack Gill viaduct. I really like the look of the arches in this view but still feel that the parapet walls are a bit too high. I'd like to be able to see just a bit more of the train. And lastly one of my favourite sections of the layout for obtaining realistic lineside views. There's very little distraction in the background and you'd hardly notice that the tunnel portal was in fact stuck onto the side of a path. The old pieces of timber, miniature foliage, rocks, and the plethora of cabling just looks so right. It would be a shame to alter any of this but very soon I'm going to have to relay this area. 37401 and MK1 coaches again passing through Watch House tunnel. In addition to the photos I've also taken a few videos which I'll try to add later. Tomorrow I really must try to do some work on the indoor scenery.
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    Painting the girder bridges is something I should have done a long time ago, before they were permanently installed. I sprayed them with the grey primer before putting them in position on the viaduct so that was relatively straight forward but brush painting? - yes, it does take some time. It makes it less of a chore when you can see it looks better so in a few days or so I'll do the other half. It might even protect them from the effects of the sun too and stop them becoming too brittle so that'll be a bonus. It's strange how doing small tasks like that, and the short length of track ballasting at the entrance to the shed, makes it all seem like a railway again. I've looked at the entrance to the shed with it's bare track numerous times, in fact almost every time I walk down the garden path, and yet now it looks complete, finished almost. All for the sake of a few minutes work with a bit of granite ballast, some varnish and a few drops of white spirit.
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    Shamed into doing something I decided to spend an hour in the shed this afternoon and one of the main things that needed doing at this time is the backscene and tunnel entrances. I've had some thin boards stored in the attic and shed for a while now that were kept specifically for the backscene but I always had this feeling that 'something else' needed doing first before I could fix them in place. I'm not even sure what that 'something else' was but it had brought my progress to a halt. The terminus station had already had the backscene boards fixed in position some time ago so without pondering the situation any further I got out the stapler and fastened them to the rear walls of the main station too. They'll be painted or something and finished in due course. Below is the left hand end which leads out onto Low Shott viaduct. I've had additional work to do here in order to get the tunnel portal to fit correctly and make provision for the shutter to slide up and down in order to close the entrance hole. How I'm going to blend the backscene in I have no idea just yet. There is very little room on the end wall to do any scenics around the entrance tunnel or behind the loco shed when it is replaced on the concrete apron. The right hand end (below) is similar with the tunnel portal at a slight skew in order to align with the curvature of the track. Still lots of wires and cables to hide away as you can see and there's also the little matter of some tongue and groove boarding to finish at floor level. I'm currently thinking of a raised rocky/wooded area behind the station - I'm not interested in portraying a town scene or anything like that as I don't have the patience. It just needs a backdrop leaving the focus completely on the trains. One of the main reasons for 'sorting out' the shed last year was of course to add insulation and help keep it cleaner but also in order to add some shelves for storage space rather than dropping everything on the shed floor. Like everything else it's been waiting to be done but I've made a start by using some old wardrobe sides cut down to fit on the lower shelf brackets so I do have at least one full shelf for now along with two short ones. You'l have to excuse the mess... I feel much better for having done something today even if it's only a meagre effort. Looking at the photos here makes it look not such as big a task as I'd got to thinking and it's certainly an improvement on how it all looked 12 months ago. With all the buildings replaced in their permanent positions it should look okay.
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    Doesn't alter the fact that I never seem to get anything done Roddy! Yes, it certainly sounds like we've got a number of mutual interests although my van is static and my car is an SLK. Good work with the star sign of which I'm absolutely typical. Do you also breed mealworms? Sorry, that's something else I've got myself into as a way of attracting wildlife as it's cheaper than purchasing them. The wagons are already ordered so better get somewhere ready to run them. For the benefit of the forum I'll put in some extra effort.
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    Had a bit of a disaster on Saturday. while moving one of the barrels of Colwick roof I dropped it. It broke into two large pieces and lots of small ones. There was swearing involved. 10 years of modelling has taught me that anything is fixable. Fortunately I had spares of everything that broke into small pieces and after a suitable length of time, once I had calmed down, I set about putting it back together again. I left it over night to let the glues fully harden and added some extra strengthening where required on Sunday morning. Time was pressing because Colwick was part of a show I had organised on Sunday. It gave me a tale to tell the visitors.
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    At long last the days are cooler in the very low 30's now,, two days of summer left, over the last weekend and Monday I made a lot of progress on one half of the main span of the bridge , finishing the frame work of the road deck and cut some supports to clamp the the deck to the rail deck sides. I only cut the supports using the jigsaw, couldn't get a good cut, will cut some new ones with the power saw setting up the circular saw jig with so I can cut each piece the same length very important, will have to use a bigger clamp so I can screw the support post to the underneath road deck bracket, with I did that way cutting those brackets the same length. I thing I will have to check the arch hangers, might be too long and will have to remark the arch template on the pergola floor. Having a rest today, joined a new train club yesterday, only 30 minutes away in Brisbane western suburbs, be helping them solder in place those fiber glass brass strips, they are building a layout to put in the Brisbane Train show in May. The bridge looks twisted because the saw horses are not level , fingers crossed both half's will line up ok, should do . Tomorrow will made a start on the last sage construction of the layout starting form the car port, I think I will just cut legs to the right height every 3 feet and screw in a hinge to fond the leg a lot quicker. The bridge will look stunning when finished, some time start on building the arch, once I have finished the bridge and road deck be permanently screwed in place painted with track down, will ask my wife if I can put the two main spans in the spare bedroom. Tony from nice down under
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    I spent yesterday adding LED lights to Colwick station. The first job was to add red lights at the buffer stops. Sorry its a bit dark. The baseboard was upside down at this point. The next job was to add lights above the platforms. I bought some indoor tree lights that have solid core enamelled wire which worked out at about 6p per LED. They are wired in parallel. This means it is very easy to cut individual LEDs off the run with two 10cm wires connected. I rewired them into series and bent the wires to the profile of my station wall. I then came across a problem which took some time to get my head around. Once I had a series of 8 wired up they no longer light up. I tested all the solder joins and they were good. Eventually the penny dropped when I notice that I could light a run of 4 but not 5. Light Emitting Diodes still have the properties of a regular diode. They only pass current in one direct and have voltage drop across them. Diodes were literally my first lecture in my electronics degree. It turns out that with these LEDs the voltage drop is around 3v. My test 12volt supply would power 4 in series but not 5. I'm using my DCC track power at 16 volts so I can stretch to 5 in series. This made wiring more complex. I needed to feed from the middle as well as the ends. My platform construction technique came to my rescue. I use electric cable conduit as the base. This allowed me to pull the top of my platforms off and run the cable though the conduit. I still need to hide a couple of the riser wires, but all the wiring at high level will be exposed as it so often is on the prototype. The light fittings are screw caps which I've trimmed and glued to the wall. I need to repeat this for the other external wall. Then work out a similar system for a run along the middle of the station.
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    Been a long time posting (again), but hope everyone had a good Christmas. We've had a new arrival...
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    Hi Mick, yeah the transformer cradle going to look good when built , did you note in front of the transformers the two receivers for the the remotes, I will have a choice of two radios or one radio control of two slide control throttles, screwed to the the cradle, I have finely finished wiring the control panel and ready to connect to the transformers. The mass of wires blow you away, I have them all coded , go back to post 616 Feb.28 of the control panel half connected to the module , I will replace all those white wire ties with U nails, going to Bunning today to buy them. Yes I will be having scenery, pic one with the ship in it is where I got the idea to model that ship passing in under the bridge which will be a lot wader channel more like a river ,be the main focal point of the layout, bridge main span is 14 feet. I have come up with an top stile arch like the Sydney Harbor bridge but more model stile, has to be in two half's, 27 full length. Out in the garden be a tunnel on the corner section after the bridge and other in the car port where there be a small railway town with branch line and of course the station complex,I plan to have a road lower than the the station level will have a tram spot and bus stop, tram will be a separate circuit. I plan to have the layout up and running on a new date, May 2019 to celebrate 5 years being in the forum to when the first train will run on the Whole layout, giving me more time to complete the layout,one more module to finish the wiring on , full steam ahead on the last stage of the layout. Also be the last station module to get the holes drilled out bigger to replace the bolts with 12 mm dowel, this afternoons job so I can put the two modules a part, be able to run a loco the full length of the station complex and three other modules, powered by the control panel. The days aren't too bad, will make the most of the nice days before it starts to heat up where I can't work under the pergola, more work on the ship, have finished yet another mile stone on the ship project finishing the side of the hull of the first section of the ship. Got the other side to do and finish the superstructure and cut the upper deck, can't glue in place till the main deck is finished, keep an eye out on the ship post Tony from down under keeping on moving ahead
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    Well here's a view that hasn't been seen for some time - Shieling Bridge station almost completely devoid of rolling stock and infrastructure! I've done a bit of weatherproofing on the outside of the shed and just had a general tidy round inside so thought I'd grab a photo of the empty station. It shows just how much work I still have to do but at least now it's a much more comfortable environment in which to do it. By the time I'm back up and running there's unlikely to be many opportunities to run anything round the garden but at least if it's cold or wet outside, I should be able to make myself comfy in the shed and get on with finishing the stations. I've not yet got round to altering the far left hand siding which scrapes against the cladding and I've still to repair the damage to my colour light signal, which currently lies on the platform, after it's unfortunate trip up the vacuum cleaner nozzle. But looking at the overall state of play, there was a time when I would have given anything to have been in this position
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    Well you're certainly proving all the doubters wrong and showing that OO/HO in the garden can be very successful and worthwhile. Just wait until you can show them a fully operational layout next year! I think the forum provides the required inspiration and motivation to make a start in OO/HO outdoors. It shows what is possible and provides advice on things that are best avoided. Each individual member introduces their own ideas and you've added some novel methods yourself which should aid others who dare to follow in our footsteps! I think you win the prize for the most expansive OO/HO garden railway featured here so far and it's been very interesting following along. Looking forward to the recommencement of construction in 2019.
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    The Fat Controller's Birthday It being the 6th anniversary of the opening of the DGR, the Fat Controller was delighted to welcome Thomas as a new arrival to the railway, to celebrate the arrival of our grandson a couple of weeks ago. When he first arrived, Thomas was rather a lonely engine, having no-one to play with: He tried talking to the Throstlebeck signalman, but that wasn't much fun: At last he met a couple of friendly coaches and persuaded them to come out for a run: They had a lot of fun puffing across Foxdale Bank: And then Thomas found another two coaches to join them. "Look at me now!" he shouted as they charged across the Northern Viaduct:
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    Do you mean the class 55 'Deltic' as below?
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    Hi Mick, many thanks yeah she sure is going to be stunning when finished, now the bow is done be a lot easier the next three sections be square to the water line. That is the whole idea the ship being the main feature of the layout on top of the bridge. I would love to extend more out into the garden , should run the level line out from the modules to see reach to be level with the garden, nice to dream would extend to the fence and have track around the the shrub next to the garden shed, a lot of track needed, win the lotto what is needed. I intend to model a RO, Ro port , the cranes they use are different to a container port, some of the Europeans ports are worth modelling like Hanko Finland. Has started working on the next bulkhead didn't line up, have to start again on remarking, cutting and gluing together, tomorrow night ship project night. Finely a pic of the proud builder holding the he finished ships bow. Tony from down under.
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    Breaking news, the bow of my ship is finely finished at long last after three attempts later, I am a happy camper she turned out ok in the end after making a few mistakes on the way be as close as I can get of the real bow. Now I can more onto the next bulkhead, has will have the upper deck on it and top deck, a bit of cutting out still with the hull till the end of the first section then for there on be a square shape from top deck to water line. I am glad there isn't a 4th deck to worry about now and didn't really need to add on 10 mm's , too lake now, won't notice it , the bulkhead from the main deck bulkhead has the stair cases to the upper decks be closed in is what the 4th deck is. On a big high, am glad to see that finished. Tony from down under
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    Nice photos Mick. I must try to upload a photo taken the other day. I was in my armchair and something flashed by my shoulder and there was a crash at the front window. An unexpected visitor had come at high speed through the open back door, not realising that the view in front was in fact glass. I then found myself holding a stunned Sparrowhawk. My wife couldn't even get the lens cap off my camera, so the resulting photo is not as good as it should be. I am priviledged to have seen it fly off at the speed of sound when I let it go. Sorry that I am such a scruff.
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    I don't have the time (or inclination to be honest) to begin compiling videos right now but I've uploaded three short clips taken today of 37025 running with the log train. I'll try better next time.
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    Thank you for your comments. I've always tried to distance the layout from a typical model railway. I don't look back on my railway career with any great fondness but I do remember the appearance of much of the railway I experienced. It was dirty, decayed, overgrown with vegetation and littered with all kinds of rubbish. In fact the tunnel portal really could do with discarded shopping trollies, bicycle frames and an old bed mattress tossed over onto the tracks below in order to make it truly realistic. Something for later perhaps? Well today was going to be a DMU running day. Utilising my two spare 8-pin chips and with 2 DMU's already DCC fitted I thought a quartet of units would make a change from the usual loco hauled stuff. The trouble is the 8-pin chips I have are 'direct' fitting, meaning they have no wires making them slightly larger than the 8-pins with wire harnesses and they wouldn't fit the void in the motor blocks where the DCC sockets are located. And after all the time it took me to get those pesky bodies off! I gave up with the idea of using the 8-pins and decided instead to get out another two freight steam locos, both of which require 21-pin chips. These two, a Robinson 04 and a class 7F, date back to my Selby Garden Railway and I couldn't remember whether or not I had fitted them before. As it turned out the Robinson 04 had been previously fitted but the 7F had not although I did have one spare so in it went. The 04 ran perfectly while the 7F runs with what appears to be a square rear driving wheel - in fact there's almost no need for a sound chip because it sounds like a 'chuff chuff' when it's in motion as it is. It's in need of attention - yes, another one to add to a growing list! The heat outdoors was becoming unbearable and so as a last resort I placed a class 108 DMU on track that was DCC fitted about 9 years ago for the Selby railway. I well remember my frustrations in trying to dismantle it at the time! So here's a few photos of the class 108 DMU in action this afternoon. A similar view to the photos added yesterday as the three car class 108 DMU enters Watch House tunnel. I omitted to mention all the wiring in my captions yesterday but I think they are part of the scene too, even if a little over scale. The DMU exits Watch House tunnel and heads towards the 'missing sleepers' which is where the plywood base appears to have failed. Through Trundles Bridge we go, having safely negotiated the enforced speed restriction. And here we're on the run along Stackgarth Gill towards Stack Gill viaduct. The power car is almost at the point where the plywood base meets aerated block base and so its from this point that works will begin later. Finally we see the DMU part way over Stack Gill viaduct and onto the girder bridges crossing the river Buttle. Currently just a dry bed, I would really like to add some form of water below the bridges. Something else to include on the to do list.
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    It's taken me far longer than anticipated but I have just managed to spend a couple of days on the layout. I can't remember how long it's been since it was last powered up but you can imagine how relieved I was to discover that the months of neglect hadn't taken too heavy a toll. However, the first job that required my attention was a short section of parapet wall on Stack Gill viaduct which had succumbed at the hands of a young child. Luckily it was just the parapet wall but my garden was never designed or built as child friendly. I'd been putting it off for several weeks (the tulips hadn't yet flowered in the above photo) but the nice weather finally persuaded me that it was time to sort it out and while I was at it I reattached the sections of log roll that had come adrift along the base of the viaduct using some of that acclaimed 'Gorilla' adhesive. So with the parapet wall duly repaired the route was finally clear and it was time to bring out the trains. Now it's been six years since Worsley Dale was started, although the final section from Stack Gill viaduct along the bottom of the garden to the shed is more recent, but there were still a number of track joins that I hadn't bonded and they were playing up so before going any further it was out with the soldering iron. Now with a fully bonded circle of track surely we can get something running? I'd been looking forward to seeing the Scottish coaches out together so chose a suitable loco to get things started in the form of 37025 'Inverness TMD'. This is fitted with a 'Legomanbiffo' class 37/0 sound chip and really sounds the part. In fact I couldn't put it down and found myself using hardly anything else all day. I'll add a few photos from a selection just added to my photo gallery. 37025 INVERNESS TMD rounds Low Shott Flatts hauling a rake of six green and cream West Highland Line MK1 coaches on its approach to Shieling Bridge station. A little further on and 37025 is seen crossing Low Shott viaduct as it slows to enter Shieling Bridge station. Crossing Low Shott viaduct in the opposite direction, having just departed Shieling Bridge station, 37025 is seen here hauling a rake of 6 Kyle line coaches 37025 on its approach to Stack Gill viaduct. 37025 appearing somewhat insignificant as it nears the end of the imposing Stack Gill viaduct. You'll notice that only the main part of the layout has been used over the past two days and that I wasn't running into Cattle Leys terminus or using the passing loop. The reason was that I just wanted to get something running and not spend the whole time trying to get things fully operational. It all looks great in the sunshine but there is going to be a need for some repair work on Worsley Dale in the very near future. The section between the two viaducts is causing me some problems with track alignment although I'm not sure whether it's the plywood base or simply the roofing felt that's rippled. I really would like to replace the plywood base with something solid and weatherproof. It could be done a little at a time if I need to keep things running. I'll keep you posted.
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    I've been repainting stock, building wagons, constructing buildings and falling on my On30 feet this winter. This loco and coaches came in a "novelty" livery. That has been removed and repainted black and olive green, DCC has also gone in. Moving up scale to 1:48 (staying at 16.5mm gauge) I decided to look into wargaming models. There is some really good stuff at what they call 28mm, which is the hight of the figures. Later cut MDF at reasonable prices that make very impressive models. A quick couple of coats with aerosol primer and a little black paint on the windows and this station is straight out of a western movie! In the foreground is a lumber wagon, that started life in 1980 as a Hornby Freightliner flat. So far I've only bought one wagon, the tanker, mainly to give me a model to copy. The 4 wheel wagon is a 30 year old Hornby wagon with the body removed and replaced with a larger scratch built open frame. Kadee couplers were also added. The 8 wheel gondoliers started life as an American HO box car. Again the body was removed and a new one created from Correx, Plasticard strips and coffee stirrers. Being american it came with Kadee couplers so there was very little cost over the £5 I paid for the secondhand wagon. Last week, doing my weekly shop in Lidl I came across some novelty bird feeders. They were in the shape of houses, which looked impressively close to 1:50. Finescale they were not, but they did have an American model village vibe about them. I bought 3 at £7.99 each. When I got them home I removed a few features that weren't required, mainly the hook you would hang it from, and they really looked the part. I went back to lidl and bought another 5, so I have 2 of each design. I want my On30 railway to be a lot less serious than my other modelling projects and these literally cheep and cheerful "models" are certainly less serious. I've made a start on "improving" them by repainting one into light blue, but appearing from adding a chimney or two I won't be doing much to them. They may inspire further constructions in this style.
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    Latest instalment from Baker Wood Bunker. Hopefully, when I do the next video, there will be another standard gauge loco on show
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    Well, its been a while! Ive done nothing with BWB since April, until a couple of weeks ago, when being off with the dreaded flu virus, I got really bored so started planning my next moves. My fiance bought me some trees for the layout at Christmas, so it was about time I did something with them! So this is where we are at. This is the maintenance shed on the narrow gauge system The transfer shed The staff halt. The platform lamps have now been fixed! Trial fit of trees on the bunker mound And the latest video: All the best, Iain
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    Tony I just don't know what to say. It's bad enough losing one child but I had no idea that you and you wife had endured such tragedy and so much pain previously. I am so sorry to hear that. I was about to say "enjoy your holiday" because I really do hope you can, but it must be very difficult trying to find enjoyment in anything when you've had so much taken from you. How on earth you both must feel I really could never begin to understand. Thinking of you both.
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    One of the drawbacks with a garden railway I guess is the fact that they're static. We can't take them along to exhibitions or round to a mates house for a quick running session. We are also few in number on the forum but the more regular contributors and visitors are hundreds or even thousands of miles apart. We share our interest via paragraphs and photographs. It would be so much better if we were within easy travelling distance of each other where our modelling and construction skills and our collected stock could be shared. It's far too easy to become disinterested in something when it's something we do on our own.
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    Fed up with my back problem, and despite the best efforts of the NHS my nephew persuaded me to visit the lady he goes to for all his football injuries. "Warning she's a full on" he warned me. Expecting some gender neutral Russian shot putter l was very surprised to be greeted by a five foot nothing Thai lady. Slightly panicking my nephew was having a joke at my expense she sat me down went through my medical history and got me to do a couple of simple exercises. "Yes l can help you" she said in an accent straight out of a Benny Hill sketch. For the next half hour she twisted, bent, pummelled and even walked on my back. When she finished she sat me down again. Now to be honest l felt no better except my wallet felt lighter and my face must of shown it. She must have it all the time because her instructions were to go home, hot bath, and keep moving to get everything working properly again. Try not to drive if possiable as this will bring it back and don't push anything, lawn mower, shopping trolleys etc, as this will as well. By the time l got home there was no pain in my back and l was not bent over like an old man. OK l am still taking it easy but back to near normal, felt that better that l ventured down the Mid Hants for there Gala weekend. And yes l have been out driving and shopping and yes my back did hurt again. Going again this week, which she reckons will be enough, worth every penny.
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    I've been fettling loco's recently, stripping down motors, adding pickups to wheels and installing DCC chips. Working with my mate John we have turned several locos from the 1970s and 1980s into good runners again. I'd upgraded a couple of Lima Class 66 previously, including a whole motor replacement, but they still improved their running after a fettle. The improvement was big enough that to my surprise, the Freightliner 66 could pull my intermodal train. Knowing that the real thing passes my house around 6 o'clock each evening, I hatched a plan to film them both runnnig at the same time.
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    The train now arriving at platform 3 is Stephen's Rocket, we are sorry for the delay. If you see anything suspicious report it to a member of staff, if you find a member report it as suspicious. And my fav, the buffet car is now open, with mouth watering food at eye watering prices.
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    Back on the 21st May 2016 I posted details of some of the place names I had come up with for various areas of the layout. It's been so long since that time, and with there being no further progress during the following months, that I'd almost forgotten what I'd called them. I had to revisit that old post in order to publish comments to accompany photos I recently uploaded to the new Gallery. Anyway, I've had a slight change of heart regarding a couple of place names and so here's an updated list. Main Indoor Station - SHIELING BRIDGE (pronounced SHILLING) Small Viaduct - LOW SHOTT VIADUCT Area between Low Shott Viaduct and the tunnel - LOW SHOTT FLATT The Tunnel - WATCH HOUSE TUNNEL and the passing loop WATCH HOUSES LOOP The overbridge - TRUNDLES BRIDGE Area between Trundles Bridge and the large viaduct - STACKGARTH GILL Large Viaduct - STACK GILL VIADUCT River beneath the girder bridges - RIVER BUTTLE Area along bottom of garden - BUTTLEBANK Junction before terminus station - MOOR DYKE JUNCTION Terminus Station - CATTLE LEYS I don't think there's any more place names required so for now I'll leave it at this.
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    I don't have any motivation to exhibit. But with the tramway I have something "that will generate a lot of interest among the viewing public." The practicalities of going on the exhibition circuit are beyond me because I don't drive... I should be able to talk a mate or two into assisting me if I do book for the occasional show. A friend and I have big plans to build a modern image layout of Morecambe and Heysham and to exhibit it. But he is suffering from a chronic illness so all we can do at the moment is plan. The main idea behind taking some of Amblethorpe to the Coffee Shop is to get my station on show, with a few DMUs moving in and out. If we keep it simple the only extra boards required would be for a station throat. I'm meeting my mate John at lunchtime in the shop, I'll see if he's got any any enthusiasm to get it on with it.
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    I've been cracking on with my winter project, my tramway. Before starting on the new board, I've had a big push to finish of the one I started last winter. It is a corner board with a bandstand on the inside, and allotments, pinic area and market stalls on the outside of the tracks. This is how it's looked through 2016. The first job was to add a building as a tea and coffee bar. The Metcalfe cricket pavilion fitted the job, and the space. I also put together the Metcalfe pub tables I'd bought last year. A couple of low relief tree finished off the back corner. I wanted a tarmac path around the band stand. I would have used Metcalfe card sheets, which the roadways are made of, but I had run out. Instead I used a cereal box and aerosol paint. I needed to do some careful cutting to get the path to fit the landscape as the bandstand sits atop a small rise. I am pleased with the result. I used acrylic window sealant in the flowerbeds. I was going to flock the grass between the bandstand and the tracks, until a mate pointed out that a grass mat would be better. I'd run out of grass mat so bought a new one. He was right, it went down a treat and really looks the part. I'd also got to work on the allotments working on the greenhouse, pigeon loft raised bed etc. With most of the elements for the allotments made it was time to plant everything in the scene. Lots more brown acrylic sealant was applied to create soil and hold things in place. Noch laser cut plants are used for the veg. The runner beans are Busch. Today I finished the allotments off and planted the flower beds. The flower beds were mainly made with pan scrubs and grated wax crayons (the purple bits were from Woodland scenics). The tulips are Noch, but I added a flake or two of wax crayon to improve the look. There are a few more jobs to do. I will add gates to the allotments. Buildings need to be glued down. The market stalls require items to sell. It needs to be peopled. The final job will be to add the overhead. This has to be done last because it really gets in the way of doing everything once it is installed.
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    I finely got a great pic with my digital SLR camera of a female Rosella the male flew in yesterday didn't have the camera ready, the second pic is of the same family as the Lorikeet parrot. Called the Scaly breasted Lorikeet . More pics to come. Tony from down under
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    Have being busy testing the track on each module and working my way down and straightening up track and points, the first pic is what the track was and last two after straightening them up much better,. I bit the dust and took out past he diamond cross over onto the second module and swapped points, the point to the left in pic 2291 is a powered Roco point, I have a flat Atlas point motor I will put on the point on the second track and join them both up to switch together. The idea of those two points like that is when the Indian Pacific train is coming in on the outer track, other trains can get past, like the real thing at Sydney Central station . Got some real hot days coming up, will ask my wife if I can being the module into the Barth room and res-older the feeders wires and check each block . Tony from down under keeping on moving ahead
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    I added more details onto it. Cab shades and a temporary exhaust stack. I think it's time to start using the old Squadron putty to fill holes and then sand it all smooth. The shade rose a bit as it dried. I had to bend it back down and it is fine now. Looks like I am nearly done with this practice loco. Since it is HO gauge, it too can run on the garden railway some day in the future.
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    It was never my intention to take any videos today because there's still so much work that I need to do, but I'm completely out of ideas and inspiration for adding tunnel portals to the exits from the shed. When you feel like that I think it's best to leave it for another day so why not clean the rails and try out the new point levers. Here are a couple of short clips of 26024 hauling the log wagons around
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    So, after the frustration has passed and the summer has come back to Germany, I start in the next corner of the garden with the further construction. The curve sections of all tracks will run in tunnels, since the curves are relatively narrow and also because they are practically behind and under the bush in the garden corner. The top two red tracks on the map belong to the high-speed line, which is about 100mm higher than the conventional main line, which represents the two lower violet tracks on the plan. The upper violet track and the two lower red tracks branch off to the left (not on the plan) from the high-speed line and are in a downgrade to connect to the other main lines below the plan.
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    It's very rare that we get anything other than Sparrows, Dunnocks and Blackbirds in our garden at home and while I enjoy trying to take photos of them it's also nice to be able to photograph something different. At our caravan we regularly see Great Tits, Blue Tits, Coal Tits, Goldfinches and Chaffinches along with the more typical urban garden birds and so in an effort to get photos of them we began putting out food to tempt them closer. It wasn't anything grand as you'll notice in the photos, just a tray formed out of aluminium foil secured to the decking handrail with some cotton thread. In it we placed some live mealworms that we'd purchased online and it wasn't long before we had our first visit from a Blue Tit. Still learning, I had my camera set up on a tripod inside the caravan shooting through a double-glazed window so the photos were never going to be of high quality but I'd rarely seen a Blue Tit close up before and certainly never taken a photo of one so any type of result would be an achievement. In addition it was dull and rainy, hardly the type of conditions for great photos but the following three images were typical of the many I took on that occasion. I don't really want to add too many photos as I would like to get to the point where I add only the most recently taken ones but I think it's part of the story to describe how my interest started and grew and how hopefully my efforts improved along the way so I'll try to keep it as brief as possible.
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    Truly inspirational. This is a 00 garden railway that looks like it has a purpose and is going somewhere.
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    A couple of new locos have joined the Summer Hampton Railway fleet. Both are fitted with Legomanbiffo sound chips, the first time I have used these. I must say, Im impressed with the product and the fact it can be fitted with a speaker that actually fits in a loco, complete with the sound box, is a big positive!
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    Hi Deano and Mark, many thanks for the kind words, yes I will take you up on the offer in helping taking over my sons face book page, be sad to lose all the articles he wrote about different things , especially to do with gaming, one more night left of the holiday, will leave that till after we get back home Friday where we have more time. I have being busy sorting out his Spitify deleting a lot of stuff I wouldn't listen to and adding new playlist of my own and keeping playlist I like to play of his, some are very good to listen to . That pic is his pic on his face book page going under Chris I have done some more work on the ships front Bow and cut the raised deck weather cover, I go by two different set of plans, the second set I did some calculations on the measurement Monday night and pretty well on track , when I get back to the Bow section I be cutting out the sides of the Bow , won't be an easy task as there are port windows where the crew throw the rope to the workers on the dock, not sure what the dock workers are called.. That be great, Glass house mountains still a long way from Ipswich , we could stay overnight close to where your rellies are, yeah some of my family are like that, they mainly talk on face book and want me to as well, will after the weekend. Keep tuned to my ship thread, be back into the construction next week, want to get back to working on the layout, once the back northern corner module is built will be starting on the spiral , modeled on Southern Pacific's Williams loop, now owned by Union Pacific, on the Feather Rive Route California Here is a video clip will blow you away, I wouldn't have enough freight cars to make up the size of the trains on the video, about 40 wagons and all wagons will have to be running well and good coulpers , I will try that, be awesome to see 28 passenger cars tackle the spiral be an awesome site indeed.Be a sad day when I run the first train my son didn't get to see same with my Uncle he passed away in August last year, two family loss in two months, he gave me all his trains good size collection, got 15 locos some need some TLC . Quiet day today, going down the front to take some more pics of surfers Paradise and Sea World across broad water, trying out a different setting in the camera, going back for tea tonight and take night pics The cyclone is playing havoc with the beaches, they were all closed yesterday same today, could't go on the front walk of Burleigh Mountain yesterday gate was locked,. Tony from Gold Coast down under keeping on moving ahead.
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    Hi Mark, wow water level, a pity you didn't take a pic of actually using the water level , I was going to buy a laser level, ended up just buying a string line and line level , be looking forward to seeing pic progress pics of the first post being concreted in pace. I saw you do a lot of bike touring does your wife cone as well, New Zealand is the perfect for that, one day we will come for a holiday, probably to fly to New Zealand than going to the Snowy mountains. You said Captain on you web page, wow that is your rank then, saw a pic of you uniform , one time there I was thinking of joining the Navy reserve Brisbane the base is at Bulimba Brisbane river to far to travel, ended up joining the army reserve back in the mid 70's Have fun on your bike tour, we are going on a weeks holiday Friday week down the Gold Coast . Tony from down under keeping on moving ahead.
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    As it can operate on DC and DCC l would have thought it would cope with more than 9 volts but dont quote me on that ! What l can say is that although l haven't converted mine to DCC yet it is apparently very fiddly to do. A friend of mine advised me not to do it myself as "you dont have the patience to do it", hard but true!
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    Hi Roy, totally agree with you, my priority is just to get up and running and have my trains going round the garden.
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