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    Link to the first running or 2018: The station lighting, unfortunately, packed up working late last year and Ive not been able to resolve the issue. I think the electronics unit into which everything fed into and out of, got messed up and after I tinkered, it very definitely, wasnt going to work. However, should I want lights on, Ive found out that the lights will work perfectly ok, fed from the aux output on the Elite controller - not that i ever play trains in the dark And I have decided - I am determined that I am going to have a day or 2 sorting out the track bondings and have a frustration free Summer!
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    That's a lovely photo Tony - I'm pleased you posted it. I can certainly understand how you and your wife must be feeling, even though I've never felt the loss of someone quite so close to me. I lost my dad when I was only seven so I don't really remember anything about him although I do recall the day itself quite clearly. More recently we've endured the loss of my nephew and Pams son, both in their twenties, and yes, it's hard to accept that they're now both gone but its all the more painful when its someone you spend most of your days with. I know this might sound silly to some people but the greatest personal loss I've ever felt was this August Bank Holiday when we lost our little dog. He was a part of our family and we spent our whole days with him. We'd speak to him just as you would a child, take him with us almost every time we went out. He was our little boy who depended on us for his every need and we were devastated when we lost him. I know you can't possibly compare the loss of a son to the loss of a pet dog but that bond that develops between you is just as strong and the loss just as painfully felt. The photos and little mementos we have kept, and that you will obviously have, are still raw reminders of 14 very happy years we spent together but the enjoyment and happiness that he brought us during that time far outweighs the loss we currently feel. We have to be grateful for the time we have been allowed to share with them and know that our lives have been enriched through them. One thing these events teach you is that you can't plan for the future - you have to live for today, so go on that holiday and enjoy doing all the things you've been unable to do over the past years. Take something personal of your sons along with you so that you feel he's right there beside you. As an example, I have our dogs collar fastened to my rucksack and I feel he's tagging along with us on our walks - it works fine.
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    Latest instalment from Baker Wood Bunker. Hopefully, when I do the next video, there will be another standard gauge loco on show
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    Well, its been a while! Ive done nothing with BWB since April, until a couple of weeks ago, when being off with the dreaded flu virus, I got really bored so started planning my next moves. My fiance bought me some trees for the layout at Christmas, so it was about time I did something with them! So this is where we are at. This is the maintenance shed on the narrow gauge system The transfer shed The staff halt. The platform lamps have now been fixed! Trial fit of trees on the bunker mound And the latest video: All the best, Iain
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    Tony I just don't know what to say. It's bad enough losing one child but I had no idea that you and you wife had endured such tragedy and so much pain previously. I am so sorry to hear that. I was about to say "enjoy your holiday" because I really do hope you can, but it must be very difficult trying to find enjoyment in anything when you've had so much taken from you. How on earth you both must feel I really could never begin to understand. Thinking of you both.
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    One of the drawbacks with a garden railway I guess is the fact that they're static. We can't take them along to exhibitions or round to a mates house for a quick running session. We are also few in number on the forum but the more regular contributors and visitors are hundreds or even thousands of miles apart. We share our interest via paragraphs and photographs. It would be so much better if we were within easy travelling distance of each other where our modelling and construction skills and our collected stock could be shared. It's far too easy to become disinterested in something when it's something we do on our own.
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    Fed up with my back problem, and despite the best efforts of the NHS my nephew persuaded me to visit the lady he goes to for all his football injuries. "Warning she's a full on" he warned me. Expecting some gender neutral Russian shot putter l was very surprised to be greeted by a five foot nothing Thai lady. Slightly panicking my nephew was having a joke at my expense she sat me down went through my medical history and got me to do a couple of simple exercises. "Yes l can help you" she said in an accent straight out of a Benny Hill sketch. For the next half hour she twisted, bent, pummelled and even walked on my back. When she finished she sat me down again. Now to be honest l felt no better except my wallet felt lighter and my face must of shown it. She must have it all the time because her instructions were to go home, hot bath, and keep moving to get everything working properly again. Try not to drive if possiable as this will bring it back and don't push anything, lawn mower, shopping trolleys etc, as this will as well. By the time l got home there was no pain in my back and l was not bent over like an old man. OK l am still taking it easy but back to near normal, felt that better that l ventured down the Mid Hants for there Gala weekend. And yes l have been out driving and shopping and yes my back did hurt again. Going again this week, which she reckons will be enough, worth every penny.
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    I've been fettling loco's recently, stripping down motors, adding pickups to wheels and installing DCC chips. Working with my mate John we have turned several locos from the 1970s and 1980s into good runners again. I'd upgraded a couple of Lima Class 66 previously, including a whole motor replacement, but they still improved their running after a fettle. The improvement was big enough that to my surprise, the Freightliner 66 could pull my intermodal train. Knowing that the real thing passes my house around 6 o'clock each evening, I hatched a plan to film them both runnnig at the same time.
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    The train now arriving at platform 3 is Stephen's Rocket, we are sorry for the delay. If you see anything suspicious report it to a member of staff, if you find a member report it as suspicious. And my fav, the buffet car is now open, with mouth watering food at eye watering prices.
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    Back on the 21st May 2016 I posted details of some of the place names I had come up with for various areas of the layout. It's been so long since that time, and with there being no further progress during the following months, that I'd almost forgotten what I'd called them. I had to revisit that old post in order to publish comments to accompany photos I recently uploaded to the new Gallery. Anyway, I've had a slight change of heart regarding a couple of place names and so here's an updated list. Main Indoor Station - SHIELING BRIDGE (pronounced SHILLING) Small Viaduct - LOW SHOTT VIADUCT Area between Low Shott Viaduct and the tunnel - LOW SHOTT FLATT The Tunnel - WATCH HOUSE TUNNEL and the passing loop WATCH HOUSES LOOP The overbridge - TRUNDLES BRIDGE Area between Trundles Bridge and the large viaduct - STACKGARTH GILL Large Viaduct - STACK GILL VIADUCT River beneath the girder bridges - RIVER BUTTLE Area along bottom of garden - BUTTLEBANK Junction before terminus station - MOOR DYKE JUNCTION Terminus Station - CATTLE LEYS I don't think there's any more place names required so for now I'll leave it at this.
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    I've been cracking on with my winter project, my tramway. Before starting on the new board, I've had a big push to finish of the one I started last winter. It is a corner board with a bandstand on the inside, and allotments, pinic area and market stalls on the outside of the tracks. This is how it's looked through 2016. The first job was to add a building as a tea and coffee bar. The Metcalfe cricket pavilion fitted the job, and the space. I also put together the Metcalfe pub tables I'd bought last year. A couple of low relief tree finished off the back corner. I wanted a tarmac path around the band stand. I would have used Metcalfe card sheets, which the roadways are made of, but I had run out. Instead I used a cereal box and aerosol paint. I needed to do some careful cutting to get the path to fit the landscape as the bandstand sits atop a small rise. I am pleased with the result. I used acrylic window sealant in the flowerbeds. I was going to flock the grass between the bandstand and the tracks, until a mate pointed out that a grass mat would be better. I'd run out of grass mat so bought a new one. He was right, it went down a treat and really looks the part. I'd also got to work on the allotments working on the greenhouse, pigeon loft raised bed etc. With most of the elements for the allotments made it was time to plant everything in the scene. Lots more brown acrylic sealant was applied to create soil and hold things in place. Noch laser cut plants are used for the veg. The runner beans are Busch. Today I finished the allotments off and planted the flower beds. The flower beds were mainly made with pan scrubs and grated wax crayons (the purple bits were from Woodland scenics). The tulips are Noch, but I added a flake or two of wax crayon to improve the look. There are a few more jobs to do. I will add gates to the allotments. Buildings need to be glued down. The market stalls require items to sell. It needs to be peopled. The final job will be to add the overhead. This has to be done last because it really gets in the way of doing everything once it is installed.
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    Hi Mark, my towers are 3 inches square, am hopping to get away 3/8th round wood dowel ans only 4 cable stays, will chat to my engineer brother in law if I could get away with 4 cable stays, the model trains don't weigh much compared to the 1.1 trains of today and HO scale cars and trucks the cable stays just be there for show, if I added more. the real bridge the middle tower has 16 cables and other two probable more, might get a chance to cut the other two strips that make up the half of the main tower and I may cut my tower down six inches. The first pic is of the bridge I was going to build Oresund Bridge between Denmark an Sweden , you could of passed under that bridge and was going to cost a lot, the dowel especially , have worked out how to build the tower to 3 inches square and in two sections. I had a busy afternoon today finished my bus wire plug panel, worked out well. Tony from down under keeping on moving ahead
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    I found another German-speaking guy from Austria with H0 in the garden on YouTube: In the film he tells, among other things, that the layout at the time of recording, has existed for two years. And also works with snow: And another one in Saxony:
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    I once used to work on a radar where the 12 transmitters, were routed through the many waveguides into any of the 12 output horns. This was displayed on a wall in the control room, with 2800 little light green plaques ( smaller plaques than above) just like a signal box as above. Same shade of green!!. That control panel was I believe supplied by a railway supplies company. Pity I wasn't around when it was scrapped... I have thought of building a control panel like it, but it would probably be bigger than the layout.... My layout being built in the shed, will feed out to the garden railway, on top of viaduct walls. My back does not allow for low level work...
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    Hi All Well I have made a start on all those Ideas that you get during the winter nights. All main line points upgraded to express points. Branch line extention with the addition of a small villiage. The other thing I wanted to do, was one of those drivers eye view videos. Having purchased a tiny camera to blue tack to the front of one of my RC locos, all high teck stuff here. I recorded a test run today in the rain, that will be a bank holiday then. I edited the resulting video and watched the finished product. This is the first time I have seen the railway close up, you can see everything. I have now added about 200 more jobs to the to do list! I have put the video on youtube under Goddard Junction Railway. Im having a problem uploading pics to my posts at the moment but will keep trying.
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    Why limit yourself? Make sure to drink three glasses of cherry juice before you depart!
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    Making progress with the switches with help of my friend Manu.
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    There is a model village called "Beckonscot" and it's located in Beaconsfield Buckinghamshire UK Griff and has a Gauge 1 railway with most of the locos built by Bassett-Lowke UK in the 1930's. On the three videos it's high likely that the models featured are from Bassett-Lowke. All the Bassett-Lowke locos at "Beckonscot" have got new motors in them as the old ones wear out. They do around 350 scale miles every year between April and October and yes they even run in the rain. All trains are in fixed formations and a permanently wired so all wheels on the train pick up current from the rails. Here's a cab ride video of Beckonscot Griff
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    I think the 'future' of modelling will be with developments in 3D printing. It's gone past the idea of 'rapid prototyping' now, as the prints can be very fine indeed... My own printer i'm building is technically capable of printing to 0.2 of a millimeter. Once i've got it up and running, I'll put some items up that i print etc, and a thread for it as well. Brexit is being used as an excuse to raise prices in general, without good grounds to do so. This decision from Dapol, really highlights the problems for anyone in a product based environment, where it's simply unknown what is going to happen, following the enactment of Article 50. Companies won't take big risks, as that would upset shareholders, since we don't know what will be our 'place' once this I don't generally comment on political issues, but I cannot understand why anyone, looking at the FACTS (not the crap spouted by mainstream media) could decide we are better off out than in. For me, the uncertainty alone, in what is going to happen, was enough to prevent me voting out. It's been proven, factually, that the exit campaign was filled with lies, misinterpreted data, propaganda and a fair smattering of outright racism... I'm sure that many exiters don't realise that we will still be bound to EU rules, if we want to trade with them... so why are we expecting this massive amount of autonomy on leaving? Any products we buy from Europe will conform to EU Rules, anything we want to sell to Europe will have to conform, otherwise, it won't be able to be sold. but anyway, I digress.... don't want to throw the thread too far from the tracks.
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    Hi Trev, welcome to the forum you sure are well ahead of me and have trains running sooner as well, have you measured how long and wide the layout is. and is the layout a freelance layout. Be looking forward to more progress pics and later a video , I still have a little bit more to go before I can run a train, my layout is a module garden railway design. Why not more over to the Garden railway thread where we all are Tony from down under keeping on moving ahead
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    Tony I am so relieved that you've managed to upload some photos to the gallery - and not only that, you've also got them into your post! Now all you need to do (which is what you should have done first) is create an album in the 'Garden Railway Construction' category to keep them in. You'll then need to edit each photo and 'move' them to the album you created. That's why it's easier to do the album first. You can create as many albums as you like - you're not limited to one in each category. On the layout front it all looks to be coming along nicely. In fact it seems to be getting bigger and bigger with each posting. How much of it will not be under cover? - just thinking of sudden downpours and the like. Will it be easy enough to protect from the weather?
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    It's a bit chilly in York this morning.
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    Here's a couple of pics of the tool I use for cleaning the girder bridge and tunnel. Basically it's a piece of dowel attached to a piece of cable trunking holding half a Garryflex block.
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    Thanks Griff, I have gone the same way Mick has with his station platforms in a shed but my station platforms is under a pergola at the back of the house, looking at making the sections in such a way I can link them up in under the pergola so I can run trains if it is raining. Have always dreamed of modelling Sydney Central and the Tehachapi loop for ages, now I am. Here I have a couple of pics of the last module layout I built, 35 feet by 16 feet, on two levels, the big shift to garden railway was the leg issue of the module layout, all the legs had to be adjustable because of the floor now being level. Was taking too long In figuring out how to bolt them to the modules and setting the layout up on my own, made the mistake f having 7 foot modules too heavy. Bought the Peco double slip cross over today, get stuck in pulling up the three way point and moving it back to replace three single points, going to be good when finished will also drill the holes for the point motors or what ever I use to switch the points.

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