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    It's hardly the loch and distant mountains I had in mind but we've made progress at the station building end of Cattle Leys terminus. It seemed the logical place to have an expanse of water and it adds a nice backdrop to the station. Excuse the masking tape along the top of the rock wall. Rather than paint in the land across the water I've added it using the paper tissue I used to cover the rocks as it gives it some texture. I don't want to spend too much time on the backscene so I'll be continuing the theme along to the tunnel so that I can then move on to finishing off the ballasting and, should the rain ever decide to stop, running some trains.
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    Needed to do some repairs and spring cleaning on a few of my scenes today. 4 of my baseboards live outside, but under cover. The local cats like to walk and sit on them. Yesterday and today I repaired the damage and removed the cat hair form 3 of the boards. The 4th, a campsite, will need to be completely stripped and started form scratch. Anyway, after rebuilding all the fencing the building site looked the part in the afternoon sunshine.
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    At long last the days are cooler in the very low 30's now,, two days of summer left, over the last weekend and Monday I made a lot of progress on one half of the main span of the bridge , finishing the frame work of the road deck and cut some supports to clamp the the deck to the rail deck sides. I only cut the supports using the jigsaw, couldn't get a good cut, will cut some new ones with the power saw setting up the circular saw jig with so I can cut each piece the same length very important, will have to use a bigger clamp so I can screw the support post to the underneath road deck bracket, with I did that way cutting those brackets the same length. I thing I will have to check the arch hangers, might be too long and will have to remark the arch template on the pergola floor. Having a rest today, joined a new train club yesterday, only 30 minutes away in Brisbane western suburbs, be helping them solder in place those fiber glass brass strips, they are building a layout to put in the Brisbane Train show in May. The bridge looks twisted because the saw horses are not level , fingers crossed both half's will line up ok, should do . Tomorrow will made a start on the last sage construction of the layout starting form the car port, I think I will just cut legs to the right height every 3 feet and screw in a hinge to fond the leg a lot quicker. The bridge will look stunning when finished, some time start on building the arch, once I have finished the bridge and road deck be permanently screwed in place painted with track down, will ask my wife if I can put the two main spans in the spare bedroom. Tony from nice down under
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    Well you're certainly proving all the doubters wrong and showing that OO/HO in the garden can be very successful and worthwhile. Just wait until you can show them a fully operational layout next year! I think the forum provides the required inspiration and motivation to make a start in OO/HO outdoors. It shows what is possible and provides advice on things that are best avoided. Each individual member introduces their own ideas and you've added some novel methods yourself which should aid others who dare to follow in our footsteps! I think you win the prize for the most expansive OO/HO garden railway featured here so far and it's been very interesting following along. Looking forward to the recommencement of construction in 2019.
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    Hi Mick, many thanks yeah she sure is going to be stunning when finished, now the bow is done be a lot easier the next three sections be square to the water line. That is the whole idea the ship being the main feature of the layout on top of the bridge. I would love to extend more out into the garden , should run the level line out from the modules to see reach to be level with the garden, nice to dream would extend to the fence and have track around the the shrub next to the garden shed, a lot of track needed, win the lotto what is needed. I intend to model a RO, Ro port , the cranes they use are different to a container port, some of the Europeans ports are worth modelling like Hanko Finland. Has started working on the next bulkhead didn't line up, have to start again on remarking, cutting and gluing together, tomorrow night ship project night. Finely a pic of the proud builder holding the he finished ships bow. Tony from down under.
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    Latest instalment from Baker Wood Bunker. Hopefully, when I do the next video, there will be another standard gauge loco on show
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    I had a short stay in hospital last week and recovering for a couple of days I decided to go back to the old design design where the bridge was at the back of the layout and station module complex at the front but in a foot so th extension wont be sticking outside the pergola , will have to get a couple of tarps to cover the modules if it rains . First two pics is of the new spiral module, the spiral be based on the Tehachapi loop in California, I be calling the it the garden loop similar to the first loop nhe third pic is the car port corner module which joins up to the forth pic being the approach module fifth pic is the big changes to the point and cross over, using curved points , lucky last pic is the where the new corner spiral model be sitting. . Going to be a set back, should only take a couple of days to relevel the modules and rewire them , I be switching the control panel connector panel over to the other side as well take a couple of days . Be starting work on the bridge cutting the sides of the piers tomorrow all goes well and depending on how strong the westerly winds b if I get a chance to do anything, sadly no work shop , we are are copping it as well, temps to drop down to 20 Sunday, Monday the coldest day . Tony from down under keeping on moving ahead.
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    Mick The lack of distance is the issue, as you point out. Maybe, the loch needs to just be glimpsed through gaps in the trees / rocks? A 2-D back-scene is always going to look a bit weird at shallow viewing angles.
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    I don't care - after how long it's taken me to get to this stage I'll make sure I can justify absolutely anything! ๐Ÿ˜‰ I went back out to the shed this evening just to stick down some hanging basket liner in the hope that it will be dry come the morning. I've done the top and bottom of the retaining wall, around the tunnel area and down along the edge of the baseboard where I've added the rocks. If I can get all that trimmed back tomorrow then I can complete the ballasting.
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    It's been really warm here too - certainly the highest temperature I've recorded since I set up my weather station in 2012, but not quite so intense as you've had it over there. You can be forgiven for taking shelter. The catenary looks very good. I admire your patience.
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    Have started work on sorting out the bus feeder wires today, finding out I only needed half the plugs, got carried away, so the blocks start at on the station module the double plug blocks 1&2, 6,7,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20 . Blocks 3,4,56,,8,9 wired direct to the main panel in pic three, pic four have taken the wires out and just hanging down , there is about 8 blocks and the cables are coded, will make it easier to store the module on it's side, will finish the wiring off tomorrow. Tony from cold down under keeping on moving ahead.
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    Another of my 'Scottish' loco's that I don't think has been seen on Worsley Dale before is 68006 'DARING', a Dapol model with factory fitted sound - though not by any means the best I've ever heard. In its striking livery and at a discounted price it was hard to resist and so I'm waiting now for some similarly liveried coaches for it to haul which will be a better match than todays offering! And next time I'll have the lighting switched on too. Here's 68006 running light engine along Buttlebank towards Moor Dyke Junction. And later in the day 68006 is seen again crossing Low Shott viaduct after departing Shieling Bridge. And something probably not seen too often, 68006 passing Stackgarth Gill with three 'ESSO' branded TTA wagons in tow. I just wanted to see it hauling something!
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    I'm seriously impressed with the new 66's for the price, actually thinking of getting a couple more! Currently trying to add lighting to mine meaning its in bits on my workbench with a load of its chasis hacked away - just hope i havent messed it up!
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    At long last my double deck bridge is now joined together,, the gp on the rail deck will have to fill the gap but may try to get it closer together , bridge still needs a lot of work on to look like the bridge I have based my bridge on . The middle section on the road eck is now screwed in place, I would love to leave the bridge in one full piece, will try and pick it up tomorrow, if I can't will ask my wife to help me put the bridge on the floor, then be able to slide it out the way. Long time coming , I think I started a year back, and finely came up with this design, there be an arch on the other side of the tower as well , next is work out the piers, I am thinking of making them wide enough to fit a large brick in side, hopefully stop the bridge tipping over so it will stand up in its own right, there be a second pier three feet from the main pier. I am on a very big high, after next weekend I will start back on the layout, it is our federal election next Saturday, I be manning the polling booth at the school close by. Tony from cold down under.
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    You're not kidding - I couldn't stress that enough. For anyone contemplating starting out with an OO garden railway it's got to be the belt and braces approach otherwise it's pants round ankles I'm afraid. I can understand people using insulfrog points but in my opinion nothing beats electrofrog and really, once you've soldered a link between the rails the only additional wiring needed is to the frog and doing that is becoming easier than ever with a range of 'autofrog' type options. It's worth the additional effort but may not suit everyone.
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    Thanks for that Roddy. Much like many of the photos I've been looking at in my 'West Highland' books, there's very little green colour in the landscape. It's mostly browns and creams, especially the more elevated parts, with any greener colour towards the lower ground. Regarding continuing my 'mountain' round to the tunnel mouth there isn't sufficient space for adding much polystyrene packing but I can continue the tissue around the backscene board which is what I've been thinking of doing. It will add texture and should help bring the two sections together. (In fact I had considered sourcing some green tissue to use instead of the blue that I have available because apart from adding texture, overlapping layers also adds deeper shades. Green for the landscape and a lighter blue for the sky would almost negate the need for any painting of the backscene!) To the left of my 'mountain' I will continue pasting tissue paper directly to the backscene in an effort to extend in that direction. If I think about it carefully, I should be able to depict distant hills by layering the paper where necessary. We'll have to see how it goes.
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    Wiring up is very easy. Heres an image form the DS 52 manual which shows the way to do it. Its the lower, 2 wire motor that you need to copy. Basically you don't use the common outputs (2 and 7). Sorry I can't help with a UK supplier. For the last few years I've bought them when even I've seen them an a stall at an exhibition, so I've always had a spare or two when came to install a new point. Although I've now run out so I'm looking for one or two for myself.
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    Sorry Mick, but I must disagree with you. You do have many interests, just as I do, and that does mean that we flit from one to another and eventually back again, with nothing being achieved or finished in between times. Occasionally, we do get the bug and the weather all together and a sudden burst of proper progress is made. I abandoned my garden railway in favour of a portable tram layout. That is unfinished with not even completed trackwork. I have my Mazda MX5 which I look after. I have two partly dismantled stationary engines from the 1940's, and I have now bought a 26 year old campervan. Let's not forget the camera, and book reading, and metal detecting. Are we really any different? Probably both Gemini too. But we enjoy what we do, despite getting fed up with ourselves sometimes. Finally, don't forget that we are getting older, and that slows us down. It is not important to reach the end product, but it is important to enjoy the building and the progress. That's what you are doing, and it shows in your craftsmanship! Just carry on with what you are doing, buy all those new wagons if you want to. Arrange some sidings in your shed even if you have to split the rake into two to get them in. Tony has the prototype with his Indian Pacific in Sydney. Most of all, enjoy what you are doing. So that's you told!
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    Hi Mick , thanks yeah the bridge has coma a long way to actually building it and coming together nicely, I am not sure if the arch is too high or not, based it on the Sydney Harbor bridge, with is higher to scale of 4 feet. I may have to replace the hangers down the track finding the best timber to do the job on a budget, the hangers are fence paling,thinking of ply worried of the timber bowing. Have some great ideas for the top of the arch, great jump of for hang gliding , es can get model hang glides in HO scale will be having steps on the arch with handrails of course, be a good view for bridge climbers, ha ,ha.๐Ÿ˜ƒ Summer has not left us we are copping 39 degrees Monday and 37 for the next couple of days, I have joined a new train club in the Brisbane western suburbs, 20 minutes from home far better than over an hours drive. Let me know Mick that the arch height is ok I know the cable stay towers are quite tall even higher. Buying more ply midweek and the other arches be cut in full piece, be quicker construction, with the bus the road deck be level with the bottom of the arch be 12 mm's higher. No work on Camdale till it is cooler, cool change coming in Friday and storms from Wednesday, will have to pack up the bridge , don't want it to get wet., bring it into the spare bedroom. Tony from down under.
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    That's a nice set of photos Mick. Have you looked at the PRA wagons that Kernow Model Centre are producing? They are very appropriate for a Scottish freight train, running from Cornwall to Corpach paper mill. Temptation has gotten the better of me too - completely out of my timeframe, I've ordered a set of the Trans Pennine Mk5's, with a view to getting a Dapol 68 in the same livery. Like a lot of people, I really like these locos and in the future, I'm looking forward to using a lot of my free travel, going backwards and forwards over the Pennines! We should organise a Trans-Pennine day out!!
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    Believe it or not I look at my single line layout as a long-term project too and even though I have indoor stations, it's the outside single track line that is of most interest and the most important aspect to me. I'm not really into shunting wagons around or creating indoor scenery. I'm not really ashamed of my simple basic layout but at my continued lack of progress on it when you appear to be steaming ahead! As for the EDIT function, I believe there's a period of time during which a member can edit their own posts before that option becomes unavailable. It's something like a day or so if I remember correctly. Do you get the option of editing a new post immediately after posting?
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    Winter Sunshine Seeing today's bright weather, the Fat Controller suggested Thomas should show off his new brake pipes and front coupling by posing for some photos with recently-arrived Annie and Clarabel. Even the troublesome trucks were happy to join in the fun.
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    I"ve come across KW Trams a few times, he's a nice chap. One of his kits and motors is up next on the workbench schedule.
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    Have being busy testing the track on each module and working my way down and straightening up track and points, the first pic is what the track was and last two after straightening them up much better,. I bit the dust and took out past he diamond cross over onto the second module and swapped points, the point to the left in pic 2291 is a powered Roco point, I have a flat Atlas point motor I will put on the point on the second track and join them both up to switch together. The idea of those two points like that is when the Indian Pacific train is coming in on the outer track, other trains can get past, like the real thing at Sydney Central station . Got some real hot days coming up, will ask my wife if I can being the module into the Barth room and res-older the feeders wires and check each block . Tony from down under keeping on moving ahead
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    Don't worry Griff, I'm not about to eradicate my feline intruder but it is extremely annoying when a cat from a good distance away is causing damage to something I've spent a great deal of time putting together. I've only added anti-climb spikes on top of the fence adjacent to the viaduct so if it uses common sense it will jump over a little further up the garden and not end up with sore feet.
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    I added more details onto it. Cab shades and a temporary exhaust stack. I think it's time to start using the old Squadron putty to fill holes and then sand it all smooth. The shade rose a bit as it dried. I had to bend it back down and it is fine now. Looks like I am nearly done with this practice loco. Since it is HO gauge, it too can run on the garden railway some day in the future.
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    No garden railway that draws inspiration from the structures and scenery of Scotland's West Highland line would be complete without reference to Sir Robert McAlpine. His pioneering use of concrete during the construction of the Fort William to Mallaig extension of the West Highland Line earned him the nickname 'Concrete Bob' and it is these two famous names that are depicted on the latest locomotive to join the Worsley Dale fleet. Produced exclusively for Rails of Sheffield, Bachmann 32-384Y depicts class 37/4 37425 'Sir Robert McAlpine / Concrete Bob' in BR Construction Sector livery. I'm not sure what 'Concrete Bob' would have thought about my methods of construction for the viaducts on Worsley Dale but due to his use of concrete I don't feel quite so bad for digging up a perfectly good lawn and encircling it in a foundation of concrete upon which to build my own representation of a scenic West Highland railway.
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    With all these airmiles I do, I have amassed a fair few points. Air New Zealand have just started doing gift cards to be spent in Mitre 10. This is our equivalent of B+Q Mega in the UK. This is a new addition to their sky shop and I love it! 100 dollar card for 104 airports. I have over 2000 airports! Most of our kitchen blenders and other stuff comes from spending airports. Not any more. I now have a new dremel and a coil of 2.5mm three core wire for the main bus. All courtesy of bum on seat time. Suddenly air travel does not seem so bad. Just got to keep with the Star Alliance airlines to get the points.
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    The Robin was spending a lot of time round our caravan and I took lots of uninspiring photo's of it until one morning it happened to perch on top of a low shrub that had been pruned over winter and was just starting to sprout new growth. The little Robin looked straight towards me while I rattled off multiple shots not knowing exactly what I'd taken until I later viewed them. I was delighted to find this amusing shot among them. Perhaps more through luck than judgement but you have to be there and do something to get them I suppose. I'm not sure what he's shouting but maybe he was just fed up of me following him around with the camera all the time! This was the type of image that I wanted to capture.
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    Before I get on to today's photographs I should perhaps report that 37025 is now running reliably well after yesterday's overhaul. I don't suppose I can just expect everything to keep performing without some kind of maintenance so it may be time for a regular routine of some sort. 37025 in its new weathered guise has been in action today but so too has 26024 and she too is now wearing a new coat of mucky brown. Propelling the track cleaner isn't the most glamorous task so further photos will have to wait but here's a quick glimpse. So on to 37025 and I really do like this engine, more so now that it runs so well. I've taken in the region of 40 photos of it today but don't worry, I'm not going to add every one here but I would like to share the following six photo's of it in the new weathered livery as I feel it adds a great sense of realism. Running along Stackgarth Gill towards the viaduct with loaded OTA wagons destined for afar. Running onto Stack Gill viaduct. Emerging from Watch House tunnel. Another view of 37025 passing beneath Watch House tunnel with loaded OTA wagons. 37025 'Inverness TMD' captured from the side of Watch House tunnel heading towards Stackgarth Gill. 37025 stands in the platform at Shieling Bridge waiting for the right of way. I'll add additional photos to my gallery though they are much the same as the ones featured here.
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    Well despite my recent efforts, 37025 has continued to stutter over the short section of newly relaid track on top of Stack Gill viaduct as reported on 5th July. The fact that it's just this particular loco makes it even more frustrating but I'm certainly not going to put the loco to one side. I've not looked into it but I'm wondering if it's something to do with the actual design of the models underframe or bogies as I have a multitude of Bachmann 37s none of which have yet exhibited any trouble negotiating that section of track. Perhaps 37025 is an earlier version which has since been modified? What's even more remarkable is the fact that I have a section of track at ground level which really does need some attention - so much so that the track now stands proud of the base with a large gap beneath and yet 37025 has no problem with that at all. Anyway, in another effort to resolve the problem I actually dug out all the freshly laid ballast, which wasn't too difficult as it was only secured with Klear floor polish and not varnish, and again tested the level along the rail tops. There was a very slight dip or undulation but not something I would normally have been unduly worried about. Manually running a short wagon across it was barely noticeable but I had another attempt at levelling it off, testing with 37025 until it managed to clear the section without problem. I've now replaced the ballast and secured it with Klear until I'm confident it can be permanently secured with exterior varnish. Leaving 37025 to one side for the evening I set Black 5 44875 in motion hauling a rake of 6 West Highland Mk1s. I'm not sure how many circuits of the layout it managed while we had a BBQ but it must have been considerable and I never had to touch it once. It was almost dark by the time it came in for the night. Next thing I'll be wanting lights in the coaches! If only all loco's were as trouble free as some of the others.
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    The Central Wales Line Here are some photos from summer in the 1950s. First, a Black 5 heads a Shrewsbury to Swansea (Victoria) train: Compare the well-established vegetation in this shot with that in the video taken five years earlier (with the same rake of coaches): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aos1UxK8-sU Then the Swansea train is seen passing Foxdale Manor... Elsewhere on the Central Wales Line we find the Black 5 with ECS on Sycamore Curve in the headshunt while a southbound freight rattles past behind a Standard Class 4: And then the goods train heads off across Foxdale Bank... ...before the photographer catches it again, this time on the Northern Viaduct:
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    I have now set up two modules , will have to the top of the stands down to stop them moving when lifting the module up onto the stand other than that has worked out well in the ens, so easy to level up using the screw driver drill. Well under way now in shifting the track to make way for cutting the square hole at the end of the approach module, before that happens will test run the coaches is only about 15mm clearance between the post and track. The first pic where the two coaches are the track on ts own to the right of the right with the track straightens up I will be putting on two points for a smooth run from the track in the edge of the module right side of the pic so the train doesn't have to go through the three way point.and shunting as well. Forth pic the module stand ready for the second module to go on last pic the reason I am switching the station to the back of the house for , the ship scene, m ship will look good in the same spot. Working on the morning before it gets too hot, Sunday I moved the points and cross over in pic 2, the other way would of being a headache in soldering the feeder wires to the bus wires and would of being a small block, no need for that block now.plus the siding is longer as well, lots to do, don't know if i get any trains running by May give it a go, if not aiming for June on my birthday, great birthday present to see the first train running around the layout, can't wait. Tony from down under keeping on moving ahead.
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    I found another German-speaking guy from Austria with H0 in the garden on YouTube: In the film he tells, among other things, that the layout at the time of recording, has existed for two years. And also works with snow: And another one in Saxony:
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    I once used to work on a radar where the 12 transmitters, were routed through the many waveguides into any of the 12 output horns. This was displayed on a wall in the control room, with 2800 little light green plaques ( smaller plaques than above) just like a signal box as above. Same shade of green!!. That control panel was I believe supplied by a railway supplies company. Pity I wasn't around when it was scrapped... I have thought of building a control panel like it, but it would probably be bigger than the layout.... My layout being built in the shed, will feed out to the garden railway, on top of viaduct walls. My back does not allow for low level work...
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    In A fortnights time I have 400+miles to drive on the Saturday, and 400+ miles to drive on the Sunday, anyone got a crane to get me out of the car after?
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    Vcitory! You are now a garden railway enthusiast because you have a layout under way. I agree, those long points look great and will likely work well too.
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    Happy Easter Jon, pure awesome the afternoon run video clips of your big boys and cab forward steamies, I am on the con to by Athearn's UP FEF 4-8-4, 844 steamie make a nice Christmas present indeed. My layout is coming along slowly working on the front spiral corner module yesterday and today. while waiting for the grass to dry out, I have 36vot battery tools and the mower doesn't like wet grass. Tony
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    Hi Bill good to see you back that is the problem here with what kind of timber you use the heat and humidity plays havoc and with marine ply being twice the price and being on a budget I just went for normal ply and decided the layout be a module system and not permeant like yours, why it is taking me longer to build aiming for the big day end of June. for the first test loco. Working on the bus wiring on the station modules takes time one person doing it all, no idea till I set up all the modules how long it will take, not much effort to set up the station modules, working on the last station module bus wiring plug panel, slides up inside the module frame out the way. Tony from down under keeping on moving ahead.
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    Not only for european trains, my Amtrak Acela or HHP-8 or AEM-7 or my Shinkansen trains from Japon or my Chinese CRH-3 train will also look more prototypical with catenary over the tracks they ride. Since I want to have a train on my Layout from every country I have visited, there are or will be also electric locomotives of the following origin: Brazil, North Korea, Israel, Morocco, Russia, Turkey, Thailand. Regarding Thailand I have a question to all British here: Is there a model of the Siemens Desiro Class 360/2 in 00? But in the case of a railway in the garden, the viewer is usually much more distant from the scenery than indoor. What he still sees from 1,5m away are the catenary poles. The wires when they have approximately prototypical dimensions, will not be seen by anyone... ... therefore I will make the wires in many areas only very simplified.
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    I think the 'future' of modelling will be with developments in 3D printing. It's gone past the idea of 'rapid prototyping' now, as the prints can be very fine indeed... My own printer i'm building is technically capable of printing to 0.2 of a millimeter. Once i've got it up and running, I'll put some items up that i print etc, and a thread for it as well. Brexit is being used as an excuse to raise prices in general, without good grounds to do so. This decision from Dapol, really highlights the problems for anyone in a product based environment, where it's simply unknown what is going to happen, following the enactment of Article 50. Companies won't take big risks, as that would upset shareholders, since we don't know what will be our 'place' once this I don't generally comment on political issues, but I cannot understand why anyone, looking at the FACTS (not the crap spouted by mainstream media) could decide we are better off out than in. For me, the uncertainty alone, in what is going to happen, was enough to prevent me voting out. It's been proven, factually, that the exit campaign was filled with lies, misinterpreted data, propaganda and a fair smattering of outright racism... I'm sure that many exiters don't realise that we will still be bound to EU rules, if we want to trade with them... so why are we expecting this massive amount of autonomy on leaving? Any products we buy from Europe will conform to EU Rules, anything we want to sell to Europe will have to conform, otherwise, it won't be able to be sold. but anyway, I digress.... don't want to throw the thread too far from the tracks.
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    Welcome to the site, that looks like you've got a good area to work with. How are you going to stop the soil around the rubarb getting washed down onto the tracks? What have you got in terms of layout in the garage?
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    Here's a couple of recent additions to Kirkfield MPD. The Duchess was purchased second hand as LMS 6230 Duchess of Buccleuch. I renumbered, renamed and changed the LMS lettering to a BR emblem, added a few details and it is now 46251 City of Nottingham. The 9f is a Hornby Railroad item which I have converted to a rebuilt Crosti boilered version using a Golden Arrow Models kit. Both locos have had the weathering treatment using mainly airbrush but also powders.
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    Hi Roy, totally agree with you, my priority is just to get up and running and have my trains going round the garden.
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