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    Been a long time posting (again), but hope everyone had a good Christmas. We've had a new arrival...
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    Have finished the new center piece of the shell roof , turned out well, if I need to run wires through I can now, tossing If I replace the two ends or have a go at stripping the old paint off, a few layers to tackle, don't want to sand because of where the lights go In the second pic there is a grove line lining up with the walk way I will do the same, yes I will paint the loco in Union Pacific colours to match the DD40/A loco. Get back to the layout next weekend depending on the heat, be light duties finishing the spiral corner module , being a stinker of a summer, my plants are dying lack of rain and me not being here for two weeks , they get a hose this afternoon Tony from down under keeping on moving ahead
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    Please help me identify this Birb. it adopted me a couple months ago as a baby and now lives with me. It is an odd birb because it squeeks and chirps differently. After many attempts at trying to get it to fly, I have given up. Thank you. Her name is Squidlette.
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    It's been very quiet again on Worsley Dale but there's been a fair increase in rolling stock, many of which will be featured on the layout in the coming months. I've been reading up on the Scottish railway scene lately and devouring lots of photographs and although it was mentioned by someone when work initially began on Worsley Dale, I never really took to the idea of modelling the Caledonian Sleeper because I just thought of a long rake of coaches running from London to Edinburgh that would look totally out of place on my little single line railway. But I hadn't really seen the opportunity that it presented upon arrival in Edinburgh and its forward movements with varying numbers of coaches and array of motive power. The trouble with modelling the Caledonian Sleeper is that it can be very expensive. The MK3 sleeper coaches are in great demand and command a correspondingly high price while there are no commercially available models of the day coaches. In model form, much like in real life, the RLO and BUO day coaches must be converted from other MK2 coaches and while there are some examples occasionally listed on eBay the quality of workmanship isn't always that great. I was lucky to drop on a pair that I'm quite happy with. The correct day coaches are not absolutely necessary however as there is plenty of photographic evidence to show that even when the train was in First Scotrail Caledonian Sleeper livery (as on the accompanying photos here) there could often be seen standard MK2 coaches in InterCity Executive livery for example. I intend to recreate some of those images at some point and have obtained the correct coaches in order to do so. I'm not sure why but to me the class 67 looks like it was made for hauling the sleepers through the Highlands. Below is 67024 in EWS livery hauling three MK3 sleepers and the two day coaches over Low Shott viaduct. The class 67's are being replaced by class 73's for the Highland sleepers but not before 67004 (below) was repainted in Caledonian Sleeper livery. This is 67004 'CAIRN GORM', a Hornby model fitted with TTS sound. Double heading is not uncommon on the sleeper service and so as I had both locomotives out on a cold day down in Worsley Dale I decided to put them together for another photo with 67024 leading 67004. And after what, five years or so, just look at how Low Shott viaduct has weathered and withstood a number of harsh winters without any undue damage. I would really like to recreate the sleeper service with InterCity liveried sleepers but I've yet to see any offered anywhere and I dread to think of what the asking price would be. I might have to console myself by modelling the Scotrail HST's just announced as part of the Hornby 2019 range.
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    If you recall, back in October 2018 I managed to capture a few photographs of a female Sparrowhawk that had begun visiting the bird feeder in my garden. It had no intention of feasting on the goodies I was offering but rather hoping to land itself a meal of one of my smaller feathered visitors. Luckily for them they always managed to evade capture but their good fortune was bound to end at some point. As on previous occasions, I had to dash to grab a camera as soon as I saw the Sparrowhawk arrive but by the time I returned to take a photo it had already grabbed this little sparrow. Within a few seconds it was away carrying its prey with it. This time I'm told it was a male Sparrowhawk.
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    Winter Sunshine Seeing today's bright weather, the Fat Controller suggested Thomas should show off his new brake pipes and front coupling by posing for some photos with recently-arrived Annie and Clarabel. Even the troublesome trucks were happy to join in the fun.
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    Don't worry Griff, I'm not about to eradicate my feline intruder but it is extremely annoying when a cat from a good distance away is causing damage to something I've spent a great deal of time putting together. I've only added anti-climb spikes on top of the fence adjacent to the viaduct so if it uses common sense it will jump over a little further up the garden and not end up with sore feet.
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    Nice photos Mick. I must try to upload a photo taken the other day. I was in my armchair and something flashed by my shoulder and there was a crash at the front window. An unexpected visitor had come at high speed through the open back door, not realising that the view in front was in fact glass. I then found myself holding a stunned Sparrowhawk. My wife couldn't even get the lens cap off my camera, so the resulting photo is not as good as it should be. I am priviledged to have seen it fly off at the speed of sound when I let it go. Sorry that I am such a scruff.

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