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    At long last the days are cooler in the very low 30's now,, two days of summer left, over the last weekend and Monday I made a lot of progress on one half of the main span of the bridge , finishing the frame work of the road deck and cut some supports to clamp the the deck to the rail deck sides. I only cut the supports using the jigsaw, couldn't get a good cut, will cut some new ones with the power saw setting up the circular saw jig with so I can cut each piece the same length very important, will have to use a bigger clamp so I can screw the support post to the underneath road deck bracket, with I did that way cutting those brackets the same length. I thing I will have to check the arch hangers, might be too long and will have to remark the arch template on the pergola floor. Having a rest today, joined a new train club yesterday, only 30 minutes away in Brisbane western suburbs, be helping them solder in place those fiber glass brass strips, they are building a layout to put in the Brisbane Train show in May. The bridge looks twisted because the saw horses are not level , fingers crossed both half's will line up ok, should do . Tomorrow will made a start on the last sage construction of the layout starting form the car port, I think I will just cut legs to the right height every 3 feet and screw in a hinge to fond the leg a lot quicker. The bridge will look stunning when finished, some time start on building the arch, once I have finished the bridge and road deck be permanently screwed in place painted with track down, will ask my wife if I can put the two main spans in the spare bedroom. Tony from nice down under
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    I spent yesterday adding LED lights to Colwick station. The first job was to add red lights at the buffer stops. Sorry its a bit dark. The baseboard was upside down at this point. The next job was to add lights above the platforms. I bought some indoor tree lights that have solid core enamelled wire which worked out at about 6p per LED. They are wired in parallel. This means it is very easy to cut individual LEDs off the run with two 10cm wires connected. I rewired them into series and bent the wires to the profile of my station wall. I then came across a problem which took some time to get my head around. Once I had a series of 8 wired up they no longer light up. I tested all the solder joins and they were good. Eventually the penny dropped when I notice that I could light a run of 4 but not 5. Light Emitting Diodes still have the properties of a regular diode. They only pass current in one direct and have voltage drop across them. Diodes were literally my first lecture in my electronics degree. It turns out that with these LEDs the voltage drop is around 3v. My test 12volt supply would power 4 in series but not 5. I'm using my DCC track power at 16 volts so I can stretch to 5 in series. This made wiring more complex. I needed to feed from the middle as well as the ends. My platform construction technique came to my rescue. I use electric cable conduit as the base. This allowed me to pull the top of my platforms off and run the cable though the conduit. I still need to hide a couple of the riser wires, but all the wiring at high level will be exposed as it so often is on the prototype. The light fittings are screw caps which I've trimmed and glued to the wall. I need to repeat this for the other external wall. Then work out a similar system for a run along the middle of the station.
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    Hi Mick , thanks yeah the bridge has coma a long way to actually building it and coming together nicely, I am not sure if the arch is too high or not, based it on the Sydney Harbor bridge, with is higher to scale of 4 feet. I may have to replace the hangers down the track finding the best timber to do the job on a budget, the hangers are fence paling,thinking of ply worried of the timber bowing. Have some great ideas for the top of the arch, great jump of for hang gliding , es can get model hang glides in HO scale will be having steps on the arch with handrails of course, be a good view for bridge climbers, ha ,ha.πŸ˜ƒ Summer has not left us we are copping 39 degrees Monday and 37 for the next couple of days, I have joined a new train club in the Brisbane western suburbs, 20 minutes from home far better than over an hours drive. Let me know Mick that the arch height is ok I know the cable stay towers are quite tall even higher. Buying more ply midweek and the other arches be cut in full piece, be quicker construction, with the bus the road deck be level with the bottom of the arch be 12 mm's higher. No work on Camdale till it is cooler, cool change coming in Friday and storms from Wednesday, will have to pack up the bridge , don't want it to get wet., bring it into the spare bedroom. Tony from down under.
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    I have finely finished one arch side of one half of the bridge , took me three days, with a few issues along the way, the other three arches that will make up the bridge will be a lot easier using that arch as a template, tomorrow I will screw in place the arch and hangers to the road deck. Hopefully the arch wont bow out of shape, where the hangers are screwed onto the arch I be screwing another plate which will join up on the other side arch, strengthening the bridge. Tomorrow I will set up the circular saw jig to cut the support posts so they be all cut the same length, will cut the post for the other half as well, 24 all up, they line up with the hangers, every 12 inches. We be back to hot weather again the weekend ,Sunday being 36 degrees, there ill be those hot days in Autumn, 33 degrees today, lawn mowing duty this afternoon when it is cooler. The ships second section progress is coming along nicely, after watching Doctor Who season 11 second desc will be working on the ramp access from the top deck, will strengthen up the bulkheads on the top and upper deck. Buying some more off cut ply today for the second arch, hopefully enough to build the transformer cradle. Tony from warm down under
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    Reconstruction of my station started today. The platform surfaces have stuck well, so the furniture could return. Here's a shot of the columns going back in. Yesterday I built a small baseboard to hold the station building. I decided to build up the ground level around the station building so it is closer to the platform level. I've removed the flight of stairs in from the front of the station and the building will now sit in the well in the baseboard. Construction was from off cuts of correx, so it is very lightweight. This is handy because the station baseboard is heavy enough already. I glued paper on the correx and sprayed with grey and black primer to get an asphalt colour. Hopefully I'll get the roof back on tomorrow and see how it looks with all the modifications in place.
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    Have finely started construction of the bridge arch, am half way there, takes time, now I can understand why it took so long to build a bridge, my hands and rams become the heavy lift cranes, ha, ha 😊. I had a lot of trouble trying to hold the bottom pieces in place when screwing the the layer, first pic I used a off cut piece of ply, the last tow pics used 5 mm ply to hold the bottom arch piece in place, will need to have longer screws for the next piece of the arch. Will use the first arch as a template, no need to bend down and get a sore back, the arch hangers I cut were spot on, have to get a move on, storms predicted for three days next week. Back to hot weather next Wednesday 35 degrees, will start dropping back . Tony from nice down under
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    Adding smoke effects to a model railway A first attempt is shown in this video: https://youtu.be/meFiPPiyLRk Plenty of scope for improving on these faltering first steps - as well as for getting the hang of my new video editing software.
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    That's a nice set of photos Mick. Have you looked at the PRA wagons that Kernow Model Centre are producing? They are very appropriate for a Scottish freight train, running from Cornwall to Corpach paper mill. Temptation has gotten the better of me too - completely out of my timeframe, I've ordered a set of the Trans Pennine Mk5's, with a view to getting a Dapol 68 in the same livery. Like a lot of people, I really like these locos and in the future, I'm looking forward to using a lot of my free travel, going backwards and forwards over the Pennines! We should organise a Trans-Pennine day out!!
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    Temptation has already got the better of me Chris and isn't restricted to just the push-pull sets! In fact I doubt there has ever been a better time to model the Scottish railway scene with so many items available and new models planned. I had hoped to restrict my modelling to the 1980s-1990s era but the temptation to include a picture of the modern scene is just overwhelming, especially with the recent announcement of the MK5 Caledonian Sleeper coaches from Accurascale. And then there's Hornby's new HST sets in Scotrail livery, Dapol's lovely class 68, Bachmann and Hornby MK2F's and so on and so on.... Anyway, back to earth and one of the things I've been looking at is adding some additional freight traffic as other than the log train I have nothing else that really depicts the Scottish scene. I have some suitable wagons already in my collection but not in the liveries I want so here's what I can come up with so far. There's no requirement for a large number of freight wagons but I would like to try include liveries that could have been seen running together at some point. Short mixed freights should be quite easy to put together but although I have a number of other VBA, VGA and OBA wagons they're all in EWS livery. I suppose what I need to do is decide what kind of industries might exist along the line. It doesn't have to adhere to any particular prototype location. If I can see an excuse to run some HEA coal hoppers then I can include a few of those too. I guess that's all part of the fun in that I can include whatever I deem is required. I need to have a think about it and come up with a story.
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    Mick, even if your railway is β€œonly” single track it sits so naturally in your garden and I hope one day to have something approaching it in quality. With so much of it at or near ground level it is inevitable that it will always be a work in progress.
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    Still working on the station, but took the opportunity that the early spring weather presented and had a little running session this afternoon. A once-over the tracks with the garyflex block and trains were looping round Amblethorpe. I had the usual detrainments in the usual locations. Things will need tweaking around the lift out sections, but they always do. Forecast is good for the next couple of days so I plan to have things moving again. I may even take photos.
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    The above photo seems to make the bay platform and siding appear shorter than they actually are so I've just taken a photo of a 2-car DMU standing at the buffers on the storage road for comparison. There's sufficient room for a 3-car alongside the platform so that's fine. Here's some photos of a few other DMU's that are now part of the Worsley Dale roster. Bachmann class 158 2-car DMU in National Express Scotrail livery. This livery is from the period March 1997 to October 2004. Bachmann class 150 DMU, again in National Express Scotrail livery. This is a Realtrack class 156 DMU in First Scotrail 'Barbie' livery. The 'First Group' franchise existed between October 2004 and March 2015. This model is sound fitted. Finally a Bachmann class 170 Turbostar 3-car DMU in First Scotrail livery. Like the Bachmann class 158 pictured above, this model is unfortunately not DCC ready so needs a DCC chip hard wiring in order for it to work on Worsley Dale. Plenty of work for me to be getting on with.
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    Believe it or not I look at my single line layout as a long-term project too and even though I have indoor stations, it's the outside single track line that is of most interest and the most important aspect to me. I'm not really into shunting wagons around or creating indoor scenery. I'm not really ashamed of my simple basic layout but at my continued lack of progress on it when you appear to be steaming ahead! As for the EDIT function, I believe there's a period of time during which a member can edit their own posts before that option becomes unavailable. It's something like a day or so if I remember correctly. Do you get the option of editing a new post immediately after posting?
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    In readiness for a possible house move and construction of my 3rd garden railway, Ive started collecting a few O gauge wagons πŸ˜‰ - dont worry, there will still be a OO gauge line as well. Ive had a few of the wagons out for a bit of weathering. Here are the results. The first, is a kit built, 6 wheel milk tanker. Bought off EBay (bargain for Β£20!!) I removed the private owner name and added some distressing and weathering. This is a Skytrex 12t plywood van. It has been renumbered / new transfers and weathered. Since the photo was taken, Ive added some chalk scribblings - empty dates, destinations etc and replaced the missing vacuum brake pipes. A Dapol 16t mineral wagon. Has been lightly weathered, as this style of body was added to underframes in the early 1970's, so it wont be completely rusted out by 1975/76. Ive weathered the interior too and added a bit of coal dust, as it may be run empty.
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    Just wanted to edit my post but somehow I find the editing function no longer. Instead of "cultivation" it should of course be called "annex" above. This is what you get when you write a text in English using some German words and have them translated automatically.πŸ˜…πŸ˜œπŸ€£
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    Thanks Roddy. Improvements continue, these do not currently include plans for grime or poo! Having lifted the water bottles off the platform the tiles appear to be very well adhered to the the trunking. I need to pop to the shops to buy some more Evostick to complete the job.
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    I finely got a great pic with my digital SLR camera of a female Rosella the male flew in yesterday didn't have the camera ready, the second pic is of the same family as the Lorikeet parrot. Called the Scaly breasted Lorikeet . More pics to come. Tony from down under
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    Hello! Since the attachment of the higher levels to the concrete walls proved to be very tedious, I have now covered these walls with 20 mm wood panels. In March, it will continue, because tomorrow I will fly for three weeks to Thailand and Cambodia. Best Regards Thomas
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    It's easy to forget that this project is meant to be a garden railway. I must put some effort in this year to get this outside and have a run of track down through the flowerbed to the shed.
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    I don't have any motivation to exhibit. But with the tramway I have something "that will generate a lot of interest among the viewing public." The practicalities of going on the exhibition circuit are beyond me because I don't drive... I should be able to talk a mate or two into assisting me if I do book for the occasional show. A friend and I have big plans to build a modern image layout of Morecambe and Heysham and to exhibit it. But he is suffering from a chronic illness so all we can do at the moment is plan. The main idea behind taking some of Amblethorpe to the Coffee Shop is to get my station on show, with a few DMUs moving in and out. If we keep it simple the only extra boards required would be for a station throat. I'm meeting my mate John at lunchtime in the shop, I'll see if he's got any any enthusiasm to get it on with it.
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