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    Further to my previous post and just as a reminder for @jimbob that if you choose to implement sprung points on your layout you may need to add additional weight to some of your lightest wagons. I found that coaches were fine but small 2-axle wagons really do need some additional weight otherwise they tend to ride up onto the point blades rather than pushing them across. Just the tonic! Today I rediscovered just what it is that I love about the garden railway - it's the high quality sound from a really top notch model locomotive. It's been a few years now since I purchased my first SLW (Suttons Locomotive Works) class 24 and I remember being enthralled with the sound quality and driveability that these little loco's offer. Since purchase they've more or less remained in their boxes apart from one or two brief running/photo sessions but today has been the first time that all four models have made an appearance on track at the same time and it's just been a really wonderful experience. They've performed faultlessly and sound superb. Most of the time I've simply run them round light engine but 24081 had a Kadee fitted previously and so I was able to couple it up to a rake of blue/grey Mk1s and send it on its way. It's great fun accelerating, coasting, and then manually 'braking' the train to a stand. Here's a few photos of 24081 And here's another two SLW class 24 loco's on Shieling Bridge shed. D5098 in BR Green with small yellow warning panel can be seen in front of D5000
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    Although I don't always have the correct loco's and associated rolling stock I do enjoy trying to recreate some of the scenes I've stumbled across either in online videos or through photos in various books and magazines. The double-headed class 24's running earlier in the week were an example of that although the actual loco's should have been class 26's, but never mind. Anyway, moving on in time and another scene that caught my imagination was of double-headed class 37's from 1999/2000 with both loco's in EWS livery and again, I've got two suitable class 37/4 loco's, one of which actually featured in the video, and so I've decided that the next time I have the layout operating I will be getting these speed matched and coupled together. Here they are posing earlier today on Low Shott viaduct having been fitted with chips and some added detailing. I'll have to see how they perform because 37419 is a pretty old model now and only has pickups and drive to 2 axles on either bogie. I see I even managed to grab the photo while 419 wasn't sitting properly on track! Another loco that's being prepared ready for use is 37415 in InterCity Mainline livery which it received in 1990 before transferring away from Scotland. It wouldn't have been seen working in Scotland like this, rather more at home around the Blackpool area I think, but again I'm not looking for 100% authenticity. I just want something that looks right without needing to go down the renumbering route. Maybe in time I'll feel differently but for now I'm happy to leave them as they are.
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    It depends what the actual radii you are using are. If you are using setrack radius curves then best to use setrack track centres. Also depends on rolling stock. 0-6-0s and 4 wheel wagons will probably pass at streamline centres even at setrack radii. The Hornby 800 / Azuma / IET set might be unlikely to pass another 800 set at Streamline spacing below 1200mm radius.
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    One of my friends has found your YouTube channel and shared it with our "Modelling Mates" WhatsApp group. A summary of the responses is... Wow! Keep up the good work @mick
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    Not sure if I posted before. I am really enjoying this build.
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    A little later than planned but here finally is a video with action over the past 2 days mainly featuring the SLW class 24 quartet in yesterday's bright sunshine.
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    Found this video of a really great H0 garden layout based on US motifs. Probably from the Czech Republic, but it really gave me new ideas. Have a look, it's worth it.
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