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    Return to Black Ghyll Here's a context shot to set the scene. No doubt the local residents always knew it was there, but probably didn't want to encourage inexperienced potholers who often get into difficulties, particularly when unanticipated rainfall swells the underground rivers...
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    Unfortunately covid 19 has meant there is a shortage of track like Peco Flexitrack and rail joiners. Set yourself a budget and dont go mad. Ebay is still a good place to look, there was always a good selection of used, good condition track before the problems started but prices have gone up. Check the photos though because some sellers are a bit naughty in there descriptions. Don't pay over the odds either £1.50 to £2.00 is a fare price for a used 3ft length , but postage may be expensive because of the size.
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    Due to a very stiff back (probably as a result of collecting the sand and cement) I've been unable to do a great deal more on the layout over the past day or two. Just typical isn't it? You spend time doing little because of a lack of materials and then when you get some you end up temporarily incapacitated through humping it around! What I have managed to do, albeit with a struggle, is cement another two rocks on end on the inside of the curve to create an 'entrance' or cutting onto this scenic 'Low Shott Flatt' section. Hopefully I should now be able to follow a train through the new cutting, right across Low Shott viaduct, and into the shed. Here's a view showing the entire curve up to the start of the viaduct, obscured only by the white flowers which will shortly be cleared as they die away. I've had to renew the wiring from the point, just out of shot in the lower photo, and resolder them to the bus wire as they had become loose through previously being lifted and replaced. I was hoping to be filming today but there's no way I can get down low with the camera just yet - maybe tomorrow?
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