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    I have finely started planning my station building, she is 3 feet wide by 30 inches deep, at the stage is 94mm's high be another 23mm's on that, I worked the width of the middle long windows to the width to scale of double sliding doors. Haven't drawn the side windows in yest thinking adding a lower set of windows like the Denver Station , my station is based on the New Orleans Union Station the station that would fit into the area for my building, heaven't drawn the side plan either, to get this far took a couple of nights. Be a while before I start construction on my station, not sure what to build it out of may be MDF board 3 mm thick. The lucky last pics I decided to replace the Electrofrog point with the motor with an insulfrog point, will use the other point some where on the layout , where it is not so hard to pack away, all the modules are now ready to go, won't test run a loco till the control panel is hooked up . I improved the track from the three way to the express point by straightening the track up , looks good. Don't worry about the track being so close to the edge, I have planned for a 6 inch strip of ply with a single track siding for the auto carrier wagon doc at the end of platform one Tony from down under keeping on moving ahead.
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    I managed to do some light stuff on Camdale, improving the track and points on the corner spiral module, much better, I actually the track down by starting curve in closer to the edge on of the module, I be leaving the piece of track in that is close to the end of the module pic. Tomorrow I will make a start on shifting the bus wires, drill the new holes for the feeder wires and solder the feeder wires in place, be ready to go, the track to the right is the suburban track extension in stage two and one passing loop for freight trains either way. Start that after I finish laying the track for the terminus platforms five tracks needed. Tony from very hot down under
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