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    Oh, it is an odd scale that has no name. It's 1/55, or 28mm. I think you guys do 5,5. It is not common in the USA. The real issue is that On30 is not actually 3 foot gauge. You can use HO scale track and mechs to make either 35mm, or 28mm, for 2' or 3' gauge. There was no plan for the loco. I made some loose ideas with photos, but I just eyballed everything. It may not fit any scale at all now. Same for the gondola. It measures out to 26 feet or so in 55n3. The Gilpin tram caboose was 2' gauge. I am making it and using it with 3' gauge. I am also planning some Gilpin ore cars built to 35mm scale. No one will notice the difference.
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    You can call me Grill. I will not be offended. I may not realize you are talking to me though. I have a train now. I worked on the loco a bit, but most of my time I spent on this gondola rehab. Lying underneath the wood veneer is a Tyco Gondola. I also have a caboose, which will provide the base for a wood model of a Gilpin Tramway caboose. And a tank car which will become a water tank car, with the addition of a bit of wood veneer. The big question now, is how to rehab that garden railway that's been sitting, or build some kind of portable roundy roundy layout. My future plans are to get an old Tyco, or Mantua, 4-4-0 and convert it to use on the 55n3 set up. I love 1890's locos.
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