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    I've taken so many photographs of birds recently that trying to choose a selection to include here is no easy task but the Blue Tit was proving quite an enjoyable challenge. Here's another selection of photos featuring a Blue Tit taken 2-3 weeks after the previous ones. Normally they don't hang around long enough to be able to take a series of photos but when they're searching the tree foliage for caterpillars you get a decent opportunity. I particularly liked the photo below which appears to show the little bird having a great time swinging to and fro. There are more Blue Tit photos to come!
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    Very similar to the previous attachments but this one was taken three days later when I noticed the Sparrowhawk for a second time. It looked directly at me but remained there for a good few seconds. Once again it scattered the sparrows but left empty handed. My first photo on Monday was taken at 16:05 and the first one on Thursday was at 16:13 so it's pretty consistent.
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