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    Huricanes in the Northern Hemisphere, otherwise known as Anti Cyclones because they go the opposite way round to the Cyclones in the Southern Hemisphere.
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    Just received an email asking me to vote for a couple of nominated products by DCC Concepts in the Hornby Magazine 2018 Model Railway Awards. I do quite like DCC Concepts products, at least the few I have experience of, but they certainly wouldn't win my vote for speed of customer service. It was 4th September when I received my CDU2 power supply for the point levers minus a power cord (or any other accessory/leaflet come to think of it). Several days later I was sent one direct from DCC Concepts by Second Class post. Then I discovered one of the Cobalt S levers didn't work so that had to be returned at my own expense and it's been a couple of weeks now and although I've been told a replacement has been sent out it still hasn't arrived. Apparently there's been a delay due to the number of people returning to the hobby after the summer break (what? - only to find their DCC Concepts products no longer work?) and service is taking longer than usual. Doesn't really make you want to spare a few minutes of your time to go cast your vote does it?
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    The Thomas Society for bridge construction at work...
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    Breaking news, the bow of my ship is finely finished at long last after three attempts later, I am a happy camper she turned out ok in the end after making a few mistakes on the way be as close as I can get of the real bow. Now I can more onto the next bulkhead, has will have the upper deck on it and top deck, a bit of cutting out still with the hull till the end of the first section then for there on be a square shape from top deck to water line. I am glad there isn't a 4th deck to worry about now and didn't really need to add on 10 mm's , too lake now, won't notice it , the bulkhead from the main deck bulkhead has the stair cases to the upper decks be closed in is what the 4th deck is. On a big high, am glad to see that finished. Tony from down under

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