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    Needed to do some repairs and spring cleaning on a few of my scenes today. 4 of my baseboards live outside, but under cover. The local cats like to walk and sit on them. Yesterday and today I repaired the damage and removed the cat hair form 3 of the boards. The 4th, a campsite, will need to be completely stripped and started form scratch. Anyway, after rebuilding all the fencing the building site looked the part in the afternoon sunshine.
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    I could probably do with a 'mini-me' stuck up there Roddy as when I look at what's left to do on the layout I regularly feel like I've got a mountain to climb! Well unfortunately I've had little time to do anything further since my last update other than to add a bit more padding to my 'mountain'. I'm not sure I'm entirely happy with it even now but it's getting there and approaching the point where I'm going to have to add some paint and texture. The accompanying photo below may look very similar to previous ones but there's been work to the very top of the mountain and to the area above the tunnel portal. Had the weather been a bit pleasanter over the past couple of days then I'm sure there would have been further progress but all I wanted to do was stay indoors where it was warm and dry. There's also the fact that my knees are playing up and I've been finding it very difficult to get down onto the floor in order to work and excruciatingly painful to get back up again.
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    Stick some low relief trees around your tunnel mouth. Trees are best for hiding what the landscape is, or should be doing. When I look out my window I can't see the road on an embankment climbing to bridge over the railway, I just see trees and sky.
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    A quick reminder to you all that most of my scenery is built on moveable baseboards which only come outside when I'm playing trains. So they aren't weatherproof. The grass on the slopes is just different shades of scatter material dropped on to a surface I'd covered with PVA. Modelling the current railway I realised that I could save myself a lot of trees if I they had all just been chopped down. There is a lot of line side clearance going on these days as they try and reduced the number of leaves getting on the line. A few cocktail sticks and some brown scatter created the right effect.
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    WOW that is a nice bridge than mine is, I be a long way with my bridge, well done, can't wait to see a train run on the bridge. Tony from down under.
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    That's it! "Mind-your-own-business or baby’s tears, Soleirolia soleirolii (syn. Helxine soleirolii) is a creeping perennial with tiny rounded leaves. Despite looking pretty in cracks in paving, it re-grows from the smallest stem sections and can soon get out of control. It is especially difficult to control in the lawn."
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    Dashed out before the big black clouds arrived and glued them in place. Their style was taken from these planters that are on Alnmouth station.
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    Flying Scotsman heading Mayflower over the Slochd Summit on 10 May 2019. Highest rail point in the UK. Look at the steam from full power! I have been over there a good few times as a kid behind double headed steam. I can hear the roar still!
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    At long last my double deck bridge is now joined together,, the gp on the rail deck will have to fill the gap but may try to get it closer together , bridge still needs a lot of work on to look like the bridge I have based my bridge on . The middle section on the road eck is now screwed in place, I would love to leave the bridge in one full piece, will try and pick it up tomorrow, if I can't will ask my wife to help me put the bridge on the floor, then be able to slide it out the way. Long time coming , I think I started a year back, and finely came up with this design, there be an arch on the other side of the tower as well , next is work out the piers, I am thinking of making them wide enough to fit a large brick in side, hopefully stop the bridge tipping over so it will stand up in its own right, there be a second pier three feet from the main pier. I am on a very big high, after next weekend I will start back on the layout, it is our federal election next Saturday, I be manning the polling booth at the school close by. Tony from cold down under.
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    You're not kidding - I couldn't stress that enough. For anyone contemplating starting out with an OO garden railway it's got to be the belt and braces approach otherwise it's pants round ankles I'm afraid. I can understand people using insulfrog points but in my opinion nothing beats electrofrog and really, once you've soldered a link between the rails the only additional wiring needed is to the frog and doing that is becoming easier than ever with a range of 'autofrog' type options. It's worth the additional effort but may not suit everyone.
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    From the album: Worsley Dale

    A photo showing the progress of my mountain backdrop behind Shieling Bridge station. Created using polystyrene pieces overlaid with tissue paper soaked in diluted PVA glue. The tissue is then extended along the backscene.
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    Hi Thomas,thanks , I have done some more work on the bridge finishing screwing in place the hangers which strengthened the arch, still some more framing to be added between the hangers. Once I finish the second half will build the piers so I can sit the towers onto the piers, will add some weight to the piers, might be able to close in a couple of bricks,then sit the ship on the floor. I like the pic of your bridge, was it printed using a 3/D printer, would love one to print winches for the ship , noticed you have a walk way with hand rails too, I will have on my bridge and on the arch too. Looking forward seeing,them some pics of your concrete arch bridge, like them as well, beam frame is quite big what is the span between piers. Tony from down under
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    Thanks for that Roddy. Much like many of the photos I've been looking at in my 'West Highland' books, there's very little green colour in the landscape. It's mostly browns and creams, especially the more elevated parts, with any greener colour towards the lower ground. Regarding continuing my 'mountain' round to the tunnel mouth there isn't sufficient space for adding much polystyrene packing but I can continue the tissue around the backscene board which is what I've been thinking of doing. It will add texture and should help bring the two sections together. (In fact I had considered sourcing some green tissue to use instead of the blue that I have available because apart from adding texture, overlapping layers also adds deeper shades. Green for the landscape and a lighter blue for the sky would almost negate the need for any painting of the backscene!) To the left of my 'mountain' I will continue pasting tissue paper directly to the backscene in an effort to extend in that direction. If I think about it carefully, I should be able to depict distant hills by layering the paper where necessary. We'll have to see how it goes.
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    Study photographs of the steep hills in the Lake District and other similar places. Is it possible to continue your mountain around to the tunnel mouth? I am colour blind and would make a hell of a mess trying to do your backscene, but remember that the further away you go, the lighter the colours appear, so by creating layers of wash indicating mountains or trees, they need to be darker to the foreground. This should start to give you some sort of perspective. Does this help in any way? I drove over Hardknott Pass in the Lake District a few years ago. Some of the facing hills are in shadow, just for your information.
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    I was keen to make more progress today and the best motivation is usually when you see something coming together so I decided to get rid of the polystyrene look by covering the 'mountain' in blue paper towels soaked in diluted PVA glue. Before I did that I carved back the polystyrene so there was less upper overhang and more of a gentle downward slope. I'm still not entirely happy with some of the larger crevices but I'll take a look at that again later - it's an easy enough task to fill any that I don't feel look right while the mountain is in it's bare state. Here's a couple of low down shots looking towards the station buildings from left and right with my newly created mountain as the backdrop. This is the view I want to be able to focus on. There's still the small matter of painting and finishing the mountain and I'm going to have to search for some ideas on how to do that. I also want to repaint the station buildings when I can get round to it - nothing too drastic but just to move away from the factory look.
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    I'm much happier working on the outdoor section Thomas as I don't have to worry about scenery outdoors because it takes care of itself. That's the attraction of running a garden layout.
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    I bit the dust and decided to add a tower and go cantilever design bridge, I still wanted to use the arches I cut out, turned them over to become a new bridge, hopefully will work this time. I will have redesign the approach to both ends of the bridge so the other half of the arch works in well. May end up lifting the main arch up a n inch will see what happens. I am basing the bridge on the Story Bridge in Brisbane my span may be a bit longer scale wise. the second arch wont be as long as the main arch, going by drawing I stumbled on be about 3 feet long , will work out well, pity the cantilever design is an old design I still need to build a frame that will sit over the bridge join bolting to the arch frame, yep I be able to nail the track down before I screw the road deck in place, will paint the rail deck first. Tony from down under, Easter over for another year
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    I was about to say 'mindblowing' but Tony's already used that so I'll just agree with Tony! There's me all proud as punch for making a start on my tunnel portals and here's you doing several at once! From the photos your layout appears much longer than I originally thought and so scale length trains at prototypical speeds will just be stunning I'm sure. Very impressive.
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    Totally agree with Andrew, just mind blowing, love your garden plants, and pure awesome indeed, can't wait either, now we are not moving can get stuck into Camdale. Happy Easter, keep the good work up and pics flowing. Tony from down under
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    Those are great photos, Thomas. You are doing very well, and are helped by having some nice weather for working outside. Now we can see the full length of your layout - and it looks impressive. I'm looking forward to seeing some high speed trains zooming down that long straight section - so keep up the good work! All the best.
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    Since the summer is back in Germany (it has today 28 ° C), I was busy again in the garden. The routing for the high-speed line is done to the other end of the property, a few meters of track and a bridge already finished. Unfortunately, the bridges bought at the fair in Dortmund have not arrived yet. For this I have finished one side of the "mountain in the corner" with construction foam, as soon as it is hard he is still processed with the knife.
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    Yesterday I converted two more points to the new motor system. The points are at both ends of a loop and are three meters apart. I've placed a central locking motor halfway between them and connected them with the brass tube and nickel wire. They work perfectly. Only thing is, it would have been cheaper by far to have used two motors! Enjoyed the job though. The next point that I will be converting has a colour light signal associated with it so I will be using one of the latching relays too. Centrally mounted motor. East points West points Motor with baseboard trim replaced TIP... To straighten the nickel silver wire I first cut a length to suit. Next anchor one end, fix the other end into the chuck of an electric drill, pull taut and the run the drill until the wire is straight. This process will stiffen the wire too.
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    The nickel silver wire has arrived but it doesn't seem much harder than the brass wire. It's ok for the job though, especially as I've found that B&Q sell 2mm brass tube in meter lengths. The nickel wire fits nicely into this and the advantage is that it doesn't need clipping down so much... perfect in fact. It's a good idea to smear the wire with silicone grease too. So with the solenoid, DPDT switch, power supply, angle cranks, nickel silver wire and brass tube the project is sorted. Just a quick touch of the switch and the two points and signal operate every time. I think I will be changing more of my points over to this system. Very happy with it!
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