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    Well, its been a while! Ive done nothing with BWB since April, until a couple of weeks ago, when being off with the dreaded flu virus, I got really bored so started planning my next moves. My fiance bought me some trees for the layout at Christmas, so it was about time I did something with them! So this is where we are at. This is the maintenance shed on the narrow gauge system The transfer shed The staff halt. The platform lamps have now been fixed! Trial fit of trees on the bunker mound And the latest video: All the best, Iain
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    The entrance to the parking yard is nearing completion. It is fully equipped with Fleischmann high speed crossovers with movable frog.This allows me to ride with American standard wheels as well as with wheels of European standard without having problems with the frog. In the exit, however, Peco Code 100 insulfrog turnouts are used. These should simply drive up by the outgoing trains so that I do not need a turnout drive for these switches.
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    I have every sympathy for all those who struggle to give up smoking. I know what it was like and it was many weeks of torture for me and more especially, for those around me. I'd had several failed attempts to stop prior to that so I understand how others feel. I would never lecture anyone who chooses to smoke but if you can make the effort to stop I would advise that you do because life is so much better without cigarettes. You will feel healthier, you'll smell better, your home and belongings and your friends/family will smell better too. In addition you'll be much better off financially. When I stopped smoking I was paying between £5-£6 per packet of 20 and on average I was smoking 30 cigarettes per day - so we'll call it £9 per day. 12 x 365 x £9.00 equals £39,420!! That's enough to make anyone stop and think. And how much are cigarettes these days? Not sure about the US Griff but over here there's an awful lot of tax on tobacco products. I was trying hard to justify spending money on a new car last year but then I worked out what I'd have spent on cigarettes and it was a no-brainer.
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    No I don't really need any of them at all Griff, it's just the collecting bug in me. I'm just glad that I chose to do it with a class of locomotive that only numbered 35. My second favourite loco is the class 37 diesel of which in excess of 300 examples of the real loco's were actually constructed! My aim has been to collect one model of each actual A4 loco, which I know is a bit extreme when they're never going to play a major part on my layout, but should I ever have a change of heart they can simply be sold. I think back to 12 years ago when I was an habitual smoker and of all the money I used to spend each week on cigarettes, and what I've saved since then would have completed the class 37 collection several times over by now. A display shelf for the A4's would be great but they'll probably reside in their boxes, with perhaps some occasional outings until, like all the others, their fate is decided.
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    Like I said Tony, it's nothing to get excited about but this is a section of my shelving for locomotives... In this photo there's A4's on the top shelf, various other steam class loco's next, then two shelves of diesels which still need arranging properly. Excuse the odds and ends which have nothing to do with model railways. Larger class collections such as 37s and 47s have their own shelves as do Heljan (including Prototype Diesels) and DMU's. At least now, no matter how they are arranged, they are easily accessible, which wasn't the case previously.
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    I have now set up two modules , will have to the top of the stands down to stop them moving when lifting the module up onto the stand other than that has worked out well in the ens, so easy to level up using the screw driver drill. Well under way now in shifting the track to make way for cutting the square hole at the end of the approach module, before that happens will test run the coaches is only about 15mm clearance between the post and track. The first pic where the two coaches are the track on ts own to the right of the right with the track straightens up I will be putting on two points for a smooth run from the track in the edge of the module right side of the pic so the train doesn't have to go through the three way point.and shunting as well. Forth pic the module stand ready for the second module to go on last pic the reason I am switching the station to the back of the house for , the ship scene, m ship will look good in the same spot. Working on the morning before it gets too hot, Sunday I moved the points and cross over in pic 2, the other way would of being a headache in soldering the feeder wires to the bus wires and would of being a small block, no need for that block now.plus the siding is longer as well, lots to do, don't know if i get any trains running by May give it a go, if not aiming for June on my birthday, great birthday present to see the first train running around the layout, can't wait. Tony from down under keeping on moving ahead.