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    That's it! "Mind-your-own-business or baby’s tears, Soleirolia soleirolii (syn. Helxine soleirolii) is a creeping perennial with tiny rounded leaves. Despite looking pretty in cracks in paving, it re-grows from the smallest stem sections and can soon get out of control. It is especially difficult to control in the lawn."
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    Hello Tony. The area consists of fly screens and a special filler which consists of marble lime, fine cement, synthetic resin and glass fibers and which corresponds in color to the marble gravel ground of our garden. The stones are from the marble and I just dropped them into the wet putty. The whole thing looks like the ground in our garden. Regards Thomas
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    Hello Tony, I noticed on Facebook that you're in the hospital. Get well soon! My viaduct is free lance. The radius of the bows is the circumference of the feeding bowl of my dog ...😂 Regards Thomas
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    Latest update on bridge progress, a bloke from the Brisbane library sent me some drawing with measurements on the Story Bridge I have my bridge based on,after seeing the measurements the tower was far too high, real bridges tower is 40 metres from road deck. I decided to cut my tower down to the right height and that changed the angle of the arche to not as steep, be easier to add steps, the center section now is longer by 4 feet will have to wait on more ply this week some time Surprising the new tower is pretty tall, put my HO scale bus in the bridge, still towered above the bus , the middle height is higher as well . Wont be doing much o the bridge this week, I might get a chance to cut back the second half no more until next week some time , going into hospital on Thursday to have a procedure on Friday and wont be going home till Monday after. I decided to lash out and buy 4 new saw horses, the legs fold up into the orange channel for easy storage, I pulled down the two stands I made from my son's computer table, the timber be used on the four bridge piers, main bridge piers will have paving bricks to weigh pier down so the bridge will stand up in it's own right, that is the plan. Hopefully finish the bridge off next week and then get stuck into the last stage of the layout. Tony from cool down under
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    Summer comes soonest in the South This week David H. brought ten very handsome locomotives from his large Southern collection to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine in Dorking. First up was a double headed ensemble of King Arthurs, with Sir Meliagrance piloting Pendragon: After running successfully for some time, we noticed that Sir Meliagrance had nevertheless sustained an earlier injury. Visible in this next photo is the dislodged off-side slidebar assembly. So he is now in the shops for care and attention. Number 30915 Schools class "Brighton" ran well, seen here running off the Northern Viaduct with a very light load. But she then shed a traction tyre, so also had to be removed from service for later attention. Deciding a beauty contest can be hard, but Dugald Drummond's T9s, nicknamed "Greyhounds", will always be strong contenders: The last photo shows an Adams Radial tank as the train engine with an M7 as pilot, passing Northdown Sidings:
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    While there's been no further visible progress on the layout I have managed to obtain photographic evidence enabling me to justify operating a Scottish themed model railway on a layout with a name suggesting a more Yorkshire location. A 'Scotrail' liveried class 158, minus the Scotrail branding, shortly after leaving Hellifield station. I've noticed this several times over recent weeks but never managed to grab a photo until this one. In fact I was lucky to get this because having noticed the unit working an earlier Carlisle to Leeds working, we worked out when it would possibly return towards Carlisle. Waiting at this bridge, along came the train but unfortunately it was a Northern Rail liveried 2-car unit and I lowered my camera only to discover that the Scotrail one was coupled on the rear! Quickly raising my camera I just managed to get this view of the rear car as it passed by. Anyway, that's my excuse for Scottish stock appearing on Worsley Dale.
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    Thomas, Your civil engineering skills are fantastic. All the new infrastructure looks great, and I'm really looking forward to seeing photos of the trains running on it soon. Please make sure you post lots of pictures after the grand opening ceremony takes place (which must be quite soon, I think). Well done, and keep up the good work.
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    Between heat and thunderstorm it continues. By the way, the "kink" at the end of the bridge has a curve radius of 9300mm, it is quite blatant how sharp it looks to the long distance.
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    That's Entertainment Today the DGR was delighted to welcome Hal and Joe to see the trains. As neither has reached their third birthday yet, it was an excuse to run some older, less delicate stock, so I dug out the battered Tri-ang BR green Class 37 no. D6830 and some Tri-ang Mk I coaches (very passable models for their day) - which seemed to keep the visitors happy. Afterwards, as everything was up and running, I decided to exercise the BR Standard 4MT and relax while watching it trundle past with a coal train. First the 37. Someone seems to have taken a bite out of its bodywork: Then the Class 4, here running onto Sycamore Curve: I noticed this year that the mind-your-own-business has managed to cross the line and is now growing on both sides of the track: Looks as if the fireman is taking a well-earned breather...
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    I'm seriously impressed with the new 66's for the price, actually thinking of getting a couple more! Currently trying to add lighting to mine meaning its in bits on my workbench with a load of its chasis hacked away - just hope i havent messed it up!
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    After a month spell, Camdale is back on track, got the main modules I needed out of the shed so I can work on the spiral, full swing now, got a dea line 12th of September, for the first train to run , will be my son's Thomas have the honors in memory of him passing away 11-9 -2017 . HIs Thomas is in getting a new replacement motor, the guy at the train show had a look and said the motor had seen better days, having a brass spike ceremony, will meet up with the Indian Pacific. I re-a lined the track and points on the corner spiral module, much better now, need to rewire the blocks as well, will pull the wiring of each block and start over again, all up is 7 blocks on this module The first pic after the layout is up and running I plan to move the double track over a couple of inches, the track to the left of the pic, so the terminus platforms can be 4 inches wide instead of 3 and a half. The suburban station will have four through track with two island platforms, have worked out how I can hold one train at a platform using the same block DC , will be doing that with the second suburban station. I am waiting on plans from Brisbane library of the Story Bridge my bridge is bases on, can't wait to see them get it right like the ship, won't be a river be a harbour Tony from down under keeping on moving ahead
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    WOW that is a nice bridge than mine is, I be a long way with my bridge, well done, can't wait to see a train run on the bridge. Tony from down under.
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    Bridge finished.
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    Dashed out before the big black clouds arrived and glued them in place. Their style was taken from these planters that are on Alnmouth station.
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