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  • DB Class 216
  • Cl 66, DGR
  • weedkiller duty, DGR
  • weedkiller duty, DGR
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  • 20210716_123444.jpg
  • 20210716_123431a.jpg
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  • 20210716_143536.jpg
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  • Bluebell Railway steam fair
  • "Clan Line" in the Surrey Hills
  • B4 at Weymouth
  • B4 at Weymouth
  • B4 at Weymouth
  • B4 at Weymouth
  • Separated tyre on Hornby West Country
  • Ottery St Mary
  • Bittern on Tyne-Tees Pullman
  • Bittern on Tyne-Tees Pullman
  • Bittern on Tyne-Tees Pullman
  • Bittern on Tyne-Tees Pullman
  • Bittern on the ECML
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  • Dorking Limeworks Coffee Pot
  • Dorking Limeworks Coffee Pot
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    • Hi Mate, Many thanks for the advise. I'll do some investigating when I have some time. Cheers,  Marcus
    • Athearn are a reliable brand. It sounds like your points may be too small a radius.
      I would try to open it up and see if you can re-gauge the wheels you speak of.
      Ideally an NMRA gauge is your best friend, but I've found turning the loco upside down and sliding a piece of set track, or identical kind of point over the wheels will show you what is going on.
      No fun having a new loco fail on the layout. 
    • Hi Mate, thanks for the feedback. This is an SD751. I'll take a good look at the bogies/wheel axles when I have some time. It seems like one of the middle wheel axles doesn't have any lateral movement. It could be a lemon loco, or just a design fault. Having been used to European locos (Trix, Brawa, Roco etc.) and Bachmann Branchline UK stock which are mostly great runners,  I was expecting something better out of the box. Maybe 3 axle bogies aren't really suited to tighter radius curves.
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