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New Images

  • Black 5 with coal train on the Central Wales line - edited
  • Olympic Javelin set
  • Tornado on the headshunt
  • Roco loco detail
  • Roco model of DB Class 103 Roco loco
  • DB Class 41 2-8-2
  • King Arthur class "King Uther" and S15 on Foxdale Bank
  • King Arthur class "King Uther" and S15
  • S15 with goods train
  • S15 with goods train passing T9
  • Pullman special heading for Waterloo
  • Central Wales line - another coal train
  • Another coal train, Central Wales line
  • What do you mean "I'm in the way"?
  • Is this worth chasing?
  • Horror stalks the line!
  • Black 5 with mixed goods, Sycamore Curve
  • Mixed freight passes Throstlebeck Sidings
  • Black 5 runs past Throstlebeck
  • Engines at Throstlebeck Sidings
  • Blue Pullman standby set nr Birmingham
  • Blue Pullman standby set, nr Birmingham
  • "The Inter City" with King William IV in charge
  • 9F on coal empties, Central Wales line
  • Black 5 on coal empties, Central Wales line
  • 8F on coal empties, Central Wales line
  • "King Willaim IV" on milk train, early 1960s
  • 37025 emerges from Watch House tunnel
  • 37025 at Shieling Bridge
  • 37025 on Low Shott viaduct

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