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  2. Yes, definitely a couple of superb photos there, Mick. They prompt an idea. You could use them to start a new thread of "realistic" photos, which contributors would add to when they thought they had pictures looking more like real life than a model. It's only slightly ironic that your initial photos to start the ball rolling are taken indoors!
  3. Oh I think 37s are one of the few loco's that actually suit EWS livery and it was a video of a pair working the West Highland line that made me want to create the double header. They make a nice change from large logo and they're something I can realistically use either outdoors or up in the attic. Thanks Jim. I'd forgotten just how good it felt to be up with the attic layout - I've spent so much time lately outdoors that it's been completely overlooked. There's still work to be done up there but at least there's plenty of opportunities for running trains now and it's not all about construction. I still need to get the hang of the camera's and find the best way of taking photos and videos.
  4. Have to say those pictures had me fooled l thought they were real 12in /ft scale.
  5. This half of the back scene is almost complete. Just the Museum of Items to reskin. It's been a big upgrade since I February. Need some nailed on good weather so I can set it up outside for a running session.
  6. That’s every 12 feet, not every 12 inches 😃 I’ve used 0.75 indoor flex - the equivalent of 24/02 for the bus, and the power feeds, and there’s also a separate accessory bus that also uses 24/02. On Oak Road, my exhibition layout, every piece of track has dropped wires because I don’t use rail joiners. it’s also helps to have a DCC system that puts out a decent current. I’m using a DIgikeijs DR5000, but there’s other alternatives such as the Z21 that Mick uses, and these put out between 3-4amps (regardless of what the spec says). Mike
  7. 025 looks great Mick (I’m not really in to the EWS tractors)
  8. Last week
  9. Another rainy day in lockdown. Another building upgrade for the Snicket Way.* I'm getting rather good at these now. Window frames are down to 1mm wide, which is fine enough for OO buildings. *actually took a couple of days to build, but in lockdown, who's counting.
  10. I decided to use the airbrush in the attic this afternoon as that's where it's been stored for the past few months. It also gave me the opportunity to run the loco's round Skew Bridge once they'd been weathered. 37411 and 37419 have now had their chassis weathered as well as their roofs and a little extra weathering on their bonnet tops. I coupled them together on the rake of BDA wagons as that's the most appropriate load up there. Those BDA's are in need of weathering too. 37025 has also had some additional weathering to its roof as it looked a bit too 'brown' previously. I allowed it to dry by letting it take over from 411 to have a run out. Unfortunately it appears that 411 has gained a slight wobble from somewhere, which annoys the hell out of me, so I'll have to take that one apart again to investigate. Hopefully it will be an easy fix.
  11. All the track is now down in the garage, just in the process of wiring up. Having a play about with ideas for the station area. I'd love to have the station building on the road bridge level but due to having 2 very "inquisitive" cats I'm going to be developing some sort of hinged top that will sit flush on top of bridges either side of the scenic section so little paws and teeth can't get at my signals etc in the future!
  12. I won't be using those saying, have decided to even cut the length back even more to 26 by 31 feet stage one and designed the layout to be contentious running from station platform and come onto another more running time, will still have two reverse loops and the stations be the two passing loops till the bridge goes in stage two and be a third passing loop. If the main platform tracks are in use I can bypass onto the triple track , be a lot of fun Stage 2/B there be a forth platform and two tracks second track a passing loop. be a lot of fun indeed, this will get trains to running faster, but firstly I will have to set up the bridge so I can get the station modules the same height. Tony from down under keeping on moving ahead.
  13. Hi scoobyra, Great idea, you don't have to go every 12 inches, II solder feeder wire to every length of track even the smaller lengths near the track joiners I solder my feeder wires, what gauge wire do you use, I 15 strand wire smaller wire for the feeders , I have no issues . Tony from down under, my new layout will be rewiring and using the same wire on all blocks, sadly only using DC hopefully Christmas change to DCC.
  14. Hahaha....good point....along with “today it was too windy” There’s a power bus with track feeds roughly every 12’ and then (when I get around to it) flexible jumpers across every rail join.
  15. You might want to copy that so you can paste it in in future - saves a lot of typing! You'll find the rail joiners will be conductive for some time but it's probably best to make a start on the soldering while the rails are still nice and clean. How have you decided to go about adding power feeds? I've noticed a few track feeds in previous photos, are you running bus wires round beneath the track base? If so, are you bonding across fishplates or adding each individual feed from the power bus?
  16. 37411 and 37419 have been in the weathering shop today receiving an initial coat of weathering to the loco bodies. Just a simple brush on, wipe off routine using enamel paints to dirty them up a bit. I'll get the airbrush out to the chassis and add a little more grime to the roof and bonnet tops at the same time. In the photo above it looks like 411 has lost some of the front cab glazing at the drivers side but it's just how it appears in the picture. What does look strange is how the tooling from the 419 model differs from that of 411. The front cab windows look squashed - not as deep as those on 411. Did Bachmann change things at some point between these two models? I hadn't noticed it previously until I saw these photos.
  17. You should see some of the derailments my 2 kittens have caused! I'd be at one end thinking "Hmm, where's the train gone" Only to walk down and find half in the flower bed and the other half on the grass! The buggers never do it whilst I'm watching though!
  18. Nearly completed the station area....I’d have done it today if it wasn’t for the rain! I need to start wiring the sections up soon so that I’m not relying on the rail joiners.
  19. Thanks Mick. I actually popped out today and moved a few coaches around and all seems well. I'm now waiting on some post spikes to arrive so I can construct the next section which will attach to the bridge. With a bit of luck the bridge will be ready to trial fit in the next week or so. During the on and off weather I've made more progress inside and laid about 80% of the track for the stations and depot.
  20. That's coming along nicely now Chris. I laid the adjacent track round the curves using a couple of Mk3 coaches to ensure there was sufficient clearance. Just try it with two of the longest vehicles you are likely to use and I'm sure it will be okay. Can you continue building forward from the point you've reached while the bridge is under construction?
  21. Perhaps we should have an 'It'll be alright on the night' thread? I've got a folder on my PC where I put outtakes with the intention of putting them together in a video one day. Derailments aside it's looking good Noel though I should watch my speed through the station and over that turnout. Should be a good day out for everyone when you're able to meet your friends and have that open day.
  22. Hi Andrew , many thanks , the scale of the track plan is quarter inch a foot , layout length is 40 feet by 31 feet wide, yes be two reverse loops, they be long enough to hold my train length, wont need DPDT switches to switch the currant will be a separate block, have done that on other layouts. The sad thing all the wiring I have don at the old place will now have to be come out same with the control panel connection block strips going to another module because the module is one of the first modules I built used the wrong ply, will go to a lighter module as is will find the pic . Take care Tony from down under keeping on moving ahead.
  23. Hi Mick ,yeah my wife wants me to scrap the layout , I don't want to, so have come up with an idea that will make her a bit happier , once I have nailed all the track down on the modules will join them up and set up the curves to link up with the five tracks, will be smaller in length by over half and get to run trains earlier and slowly add to the set up to the main track plan . Many thanks for changing the layout name the best name I have come up with, will use CAM for the bridge and river name after my son . Tony from down under keeping on moving ahead
  24. HI Thomas I haven't heard of that saying bite the grass . Tony from down under keeping on moving ahead
  25. Hi Thomas, dead correct what you say is what I mean having to cut the length back, well, my wife wants me to give up in building the layout. I have decided to get the track down on the modules and some of the straight sections to get the trains running quicker the expand lowly . Take care Tony from down under keeping on moving ahead.
  26. Hi Clay Mills Junction, well I have heard of bite the bullet we use bite the dust got plenty of it , actually means the same thing yes you die but can be use for having to shorten what you are working on what I meant .. Thomas said they use bit the grass . How are you going with your layout, once I get the track down and on some of the curved and smaller sections will set them up so I can run a train earlier , designing the layout to do that , most of my curves are 7 foot quarter radius except two are 12 foot half radius curves . Tony from nice down under keeping on moving ahead.
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