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  3. Hello everybody! Because I did not feel like tarpaulin up and down the tarp, I also covered the part of the outdoor layout, which will be even longer in construction. In addition, I'm in there to build the substructure of the first upper level as well as various connection ramps. Also outside at the HSL with slab track .. Regards Thomas
  4. Reconstruction and new construction make progress.
  5. Hi Thomas, make your own I will be taking some pics of the club's hot wire cutter, will give me ideas how to wire the circuit and make one, I will post the pics tomorrow night. Tony from hot down under keeping on moving ahead.
  6. It's good to have access to a hot wire cutter! 👍👍
  7. Hello Tony! I have consumed all the remainders of my Fleischmann Profi Flex Track inside. But I'm running out of supplies. Otherwise, I use GT Code 100 flex track. Only the switches I have from Peco. I'm using Code 83 tracks outdoors and mostly by Tillig, Zeitgeist Models and Roco. Peco Code 83 track doesn't work with European rolling stock. So I have no idea what Peco flexible track here in Germany currently cost, but I just wonder if I do not order again before the Brexit strikes. Because so far, I have always taken my Peco tracks directly from England. The EU made possible. And there they are definitely cheaper than here. Yes I can go on the ply, that carries me and also the track of Fleischmann allows that one can step on it carefully and it carries one. Thomas from rainy and cold Germany
  8. Has being a while since last update, has being too hot, Saturday I started to modify the track on the spiral corner module not needing the spiral there, shifted the spiral to the car port end so I can have level track in the car port for a second suburban station, three through track one be a passing loop for freight trains . Good thing is I can now build the spiral in under cover, be starting on the next weekend, the bridge is coming along nicely I have finished the first arch of four arches will make up the bridge. will use the first arch as a template for the other three . Ship is coming along nicely pic updates in the workbench thread. I had to have the main line track like that in the pics because of the left hand points, would of liked to have right hand points will change them later, I still have to move over the siding track that will go to the turn table and auto car carrier loading dock. I have a few sheets of white polystyrene 19 mm sheets, the new train club I go to has a hot wire cutter, will use it to cut the sheets to the width of the platforms, should get enough for two platform lengths,find out where to but more sheets. Yesterday was very humid , today is 34 degrees and storms predicted for the, wont be working on the layout till the weekend. Tony from warm down under keeping on moving ahead
  9. Hi Thomas, WOW that is pure awesome, how many boxes of track did you go through, are the Peco Flexie track boxes cheaper in Germany, very dear over here to buy a box of 25 flexie track, $160 in a hobby shop, I managed to get a box from Perth on eBay for $110 each, bought two boxes, have three boxes. Hopefully enough to do my layout stage one. Can you walk on that ply to access the track on the closest to the wall, or will you build a walk way you can slide sideways. It is still hot and humid over here, yesterday was humid , we had heavy rain late afternoon,good for the grass which is coming back slowly. I think its us modelers have a habit in changing the layout track plan, I have also done that by moving the spiral and changing the bridge approaches to curve track decking, takes out too much straight sections, see on my post latest pics update. Tony from warm down under 34 degrees today, train club meet tomorrow .
  10. So, where I'm really on the building I have decided immediately to change the ramp from the "passage to the outside" down to the depot. This allows me to even add an additional track in the parking yard. So demolition, reconstruction, new construction ...
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  12. Continue to build, get out the helix and continue to the upper levels along the wall ...
  13. Late evening Thomas, you sure did well blending the corner to the hedge, what I have to learn to do is 3/D back scene painting, have seen some really good US You Tube train doco's that had mountain scenery that looked like it was print. Need to find some good city back scenes to blend in with my station building, have started drawing up the plans. Tuesday was a bad day heat wise hit 41 degrees still hot 34 degrees today could get hotter, no break till after the weekend, hope to buy more ply today to finish the first half of the bridge and enough for the second half. Sadly can't make a start on Camdale till next weekend, will work on the bridge, need to finish it , get all the supports between both decks cut and screwed in place so I can paint the rail deck and nail down the track, slow process. Take car Tony from mild down under.
  14. Hello Tony, unfortunately no, on the contrary, it is cold and stormy at the moment in Germany. For attaching the background to the fence, I used a short wind calm with some sun. It is dry but only so - 3 to 4 degrees Celsius. Best Regards Thomas
  15. Hi Mick, thank you for the kind words,my mum said the same, this will rock you last year just before Fathers day, while watching TV I heard Chris call out from his bedroom and Desley heard it as well, I looked up the hall way and was going to call back, looked at Desley and said did you hear him call out, she was going to get up and relisted he wasn't there. Maybe to tell us his computer wasn't working which it wasn't on Farther's day, call out at Tech that had being out before when he was alive , was something simple dirty Ram sockets, I am starting to buy my own games only got two one is Microsoft Flight Slim and a racing game,want to start using his computer more, not used much now. Next time we visit him will be his birthday . Tony from hot down under.
  16. Hi Thomas, it is warming in Germany, still very hot we peaked 41 degrees , I was at the new train club in Brisbane and they peaked 38 degrees, 38 tomorrow, WOW you have done well with the art work on the corner module out in the yard blending in the the background scene, what I have to do. I have started work o my bridge when it has being cooler, cool change coming in the weekend and storms predicted tomorrow on wards. Keep the good work up and look forward to seeing more pics, much work being done inside. Tony from very hot down under,
  17. I think most of us have experiences similar to that at some point about our departed loved ones Tony. In my view the important thing is that you feel his presence and that it brings comfort. I was never a big fan of Doctor Who unless it featured the Daleks. I've seen snippets with the new Doctor and it's different to how I remember it many years ago. Seems more light-hearted these days.
  18. Yesterday was 18 months since Chris has passed away, we went to the crematorium to visit at the time he passed away, I am not sure he still could be here or visiting me, three times since 12 months I have being seeing a bright light pass from one side of his room to another .Especially when I have just finished watching a movie he liked , has anyone had the same experiences with love ones close passing away. I told him he didn't have to hang around but it was a nice feeling to feel his prescience, bought season 11 of Doctor Who with the new lady doctor, be interesting to see what happens watching the last disc, he knew about the doctor change and sadly missed out seeing it, I have an interest now. Tony from down under
  19. Hi Roddy, many thanks that is what I wanted to hear if I had the heat of the arch right for it to work, I am thinking of adding a second arch to strengthen the bridge and the will also stop the bowing as in the pic. Sydney Harbour Bridge is where I got the arch design from, down the track I be donating my layout to the new train club when they get given land form the council to bight our club rooms, till then will continue as is , I hope to finish the layout this year. It has being too dam hot to work out side under the pergola yesterday peaked 39 degrees, could cover today an has being raining mightn't get as hot today . Going to the train club today , soldering those fiber glass brass plates to the club 's show layout module track joins. Tony from cloudy down under
  20. The background foil on the fence completes.
  21. Height is great for that length Tony. Reduce the height and you will lose the effect completely.
  22. Hi Mick , thanks yeah the bridge has coma a long way to actually building it and coming together nicely, I am not sure if the arch is too high or not, based it on the Sydney Harbor bridge, with is higher to scale of 4 feet. I may have to replace the hangers down the track finding the best timber to do the job on a budget, the hangers are fence paling,thinking of ply worried of the timber bowing. Have some great ideas for the top of the arch, great jump of for hang gliding , es can get model hang glides in HO scale will be having steps on the arch with handrails of course, be a good view for bridge climbers, ha ,ha.😃 Summer has not left us we are copping 39 degrees Monday and 37 for the next couple of days, I have joined a new train club in the Brisbane western suburbs, 20 minutes from home far better than over an hours drive. Let me know Mick that the arch height is ok I know the cable stay towers are quite tall even higher. Buying more ply midweek and the other arches be cut in full piece, be quicker construction, with the bus the road deck be level with the bottom of the arch be 12 mm's higher. No work on Camdale till it is cooler, cool change coming in Friday and storms from Wednesday, will have to pack up the bridge , don't want it to get wet., bring it into the spare bedroom. Tony from down under.
  23. I have recently changed the way that images are loaded when viewing pages. Now, when you view a page, any images featured on that page will only load as you scroll down to them. This is designed to help speed up page loading times. You might notice a slight delay when scrolling down the page but in my opinion it doesn't detract from the viewing experience. If you notice any problems or have any comments then do let me know.
  24. The forum has been updated and is now running version 4.4.1
  25. Following your progress closely Tony. It looks like it's going to be a significant structure when it's completed!
  26. I have finely finished one arch side of one half of the bridge , took me three days, with a few issues along the way, the other three arches that will make up the bridge will be a lot easier using that arch as a template, tomorrow I will screw in place the arch and hangers to the road deck. Hopefully the arch wont bow out of shape, where the hangers are screwed onto the arch I be screwing another plate which will join up on the other side arch, strengthening the bridge. Tomorrow I will set up the circular saw jig to cut the support posts so they be all cut the same length, will cut the post for the other half as well, 24 all up, they line up with the hangers, every 12 inches. We be back to hot weather again the weekend ,Sunday being 36 degrees, there ill be those hot days in Autumn, 33 degrees today, lawn mowing duty this afternoon when it is cooler. The ships second section progress is coming along nicely, after watching Doctor Who season 11 second desc will be working on the ramp access from the top deck, will strengthen up the bulkheads on the top and upper deck. Buying some more off cut ply today for the second arch, hopefully enough to build the transformer cradle. Tony from warm down under
  27. Reconstruction of my station started today. The platform surfaces have stuck well, so the furniture could return. Here's a shot of the columns going back in. Yesterday I built a small baseboard to hold the station building. I decided to build up the ground level around the station building so it is closer to the platform level. I've removed the flight of stairs in from the front of the station and the building will now sit in the well in the baseboard. Construction was from off cuts of correx, so it is very lightweight. This is handy because the station baseboard is heavy enough already. I glued paper on the correx and sprayed with grey and black primer to get an asphalt colour. Hopefully I'll get the roof back on tomorrow and see how it looks with all the modifications in place.
  28. Have finely started construction of the bridge arch, am half way there, takes time, now I can understand why it took so long to build a bridge, my hands and rams become the heavy lift cranes, ha, ha 😊. I had a lot of trouble trying to hold the bottom pieces in place when screwing the the layer, first pic I used a off cut piece of ply, the last tow pics used 5 mm ply to hold the bottom arch piece in place, will need to have longer screws for the next piece of the arch. Will use the first arch as a template, no need to bend down and get a sore back, the arch hangers I cut were spot on, have to get a move on, storms predicted for three days next week. Back to hot weather next Wednesday 35 degrees, will start dropping back . Tony from nice down under
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