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  2. As you will know when it comes to anything electrical l an a bit of a dumbo. So l have some magnetic reed switches that l wish to fit to my battery powered locos so l can isolate the battery when not in use rather than keep taking the battery out. I have tried this on one but l can't get it to work. I assume l just attach the wires to either end of the switch and pass a magnet over it to open and close the circit but zilch happens. Now when you all stop laughing can anyone point out where the village idot has gone wrong please.
  3. Last week
  4. A few hours spent on the station building tonight. Some light weathering to the roof has helped dull down that "shiny new" look. Just the canopy and small details to go.
  5. Today I built the first stairs for the bridge to cross my railroad.
  6. There is a very excited little boy in our garden at the minute...oh and my son haha. Trial fitting then it's back off to dad's for a paint job.
  7. My class 117 returned from KMRC and is now working fine, apart from the usual Bachmann squeeky axles. As I'd not seen any reviews online for it, I did a brief one of my own. I'm not sure what I'm going to do about a sound chip, as there doesn't seem to be a specific 117 project out there - just some similarly engined recordings. By all accounts, the factory fitted speakers aren't upto scratch either, so what do i do? - Just get a chip and see what the speakers are like or send it away and have the speakers changed too? Apparently, Bachmann have been quite clever in using their own PLU22x sockets in these sets and many sound chips needed functions remapping - too scary for me to undertake.
  8. Just looked at pictures now and after all these years I never realised they had different rails! I certainly prefer the look of the ones you have put on so hopefully I will get some in the pack as the model is the same loco, we'll see. Thanks again
  9. Different locos had different rails - definitely a case of find a photo of the loco you want to model before fitting them.
  10. Cheers Andrew. I'll be using it almost like 2 separate layouts. When outside I'll just have a couple running around whilst I potter about, not needing to worry about the garage section. The 2 medium points they need to navigate should be reliable enough (I hope) that I can just leave the trains running on the mainline. Should I want to swap trains I'll head in to the garage.
  11. Only one train today, and no sunshine to brighten up the photos. At first I thought it might be the Thames-Clyde Express, but research shows it can't be, as that had a restaurant car in the 1950s. So this is just an anonymous express with no refreshment facilities, pulled by a very clean Jubilee. Here it's seen passing Black Ghyll cavern, and then beyond. There seems to have been a lineside fire on Foxdale Bank, presumbly caused by the proverbial stray spark from a locomotive.
  12. All looking very promising. Keep up the good work, and let's hope for more fine weather. The design of the layout looks great, as it will be really handy to be able to shunt in the garage and marshall the trains indoors. But it occurs to me that if you ever have one-man-operation, you won't be able to enjoy the outdoor section while monitoring the trains safely through the junctions inside the garage. Mind you, Mick seems to manage similar issues alright, so it should be fine. Worst case would be that you could build a garage bypass loop!
  13. Some good weather so more progress made today ready for the bridge to be fitted later this week. I could have taken the easy option and done a straight run but decided to add some interest with an "S". Once complete I'm hoping to put some nice big shrubs or plants either side of the bridge between the track and the fence to give the impression of the trains breaking out of cover.
  14. Yes that's the ones, that's great cheers. I won an ebay heljan 58 yesterday so not sure if the detailing will be with it, didn't realise that Heljan gave the extra detailing, all the pics I have seen show the original handrails but the ones with backboards you have put on look so much better. Cheers
  15. Thanks Paul Do you mean the handrails at the cab doors? They were part of the detail pack that came with the loco from new.
  16. And now the Museum of Items joins the rebuild club. Wasn't planning on reskinning the Cinema, but it will happen at some point to fit better with the new style.
  17. Looks really good what you have done with this. I have the same model and would love to do the same with the handrails, do you mind letting me know where you got them from? I can see A1 models do some but I don't think they look quite a good as yours do? Many thanks Paul
  18. A break in the weather saw more progress today - Lavender Junction East, and Lavender Junction West we’re installed.... .....and I also got the frame of the River ‘Steps’ bridge in place for a trial run before I make the mountings for it.... I thought I’d have some trains running this evening but a ‘schoolboy’ error whereby bonding the stock rails to the switch rails of the electro frog points caused shorts all over the place! I’m not sure what I was thinking of when I did that - fine on the newer style points when using frog switches but ridiculously stupid on the early versions. I really don’t want to rely on the switch rails outside so I’ll be running a slitting disc through them to isolate the frogs and turning them in to insulfrog points. I can’t really grumble, they were given to me for free so beggars can’t be choosers, as they say!! Fingers crossed, I’ll have trains doing a full circuit at some point this week.
  19. Yes, definitely a couple of superb photos there, Mick. They prompt an idea. You could use them to start a new thread of "realistic" photos, which contributors would add to when they thought they had pictures looking more like real life than a model. It's only slightly ironic that your initial photos to start the ball rolling are taken indoors!
  20. Oh I think 37s are one of the few loco's that actually suit EWS livery and it was a video of a pair working the West Highland line that made me want to create the double header. They make a nice change from large logo and they're something I can realistically use either outdoors or up in the attic. Thanks Jim. I'd forgotten just how good it felt to be up with the attic layout - I've spent so much time lately outdoors that it's been completely overlooked. There's still work to be done up there but at least there's plenty of opportunities for running trains now and it's not all about construction. I still need to get the hang of the camera's and find the best way of taking photos and videos.
  21. Have to say those pictures had me fooled l thought they were real 12in /ft scale.
  22. This half of the back scene is almost complete. Just the Museum of Items to reskin. It's been a big upgrade since I February. Need some nailed on good weather so I can set it up outside for a running session.
  23. That’s every 12 feet, not every 12 inches 😃 I’ve used 0.75 indoor flex - the equivalent of 24/02 for the bus, and the power feeds, and there’s also a separate accessory bus that also uses 24/02. On Oak Road, my exhibition layout, every piece of track has dropped wires because I don’t use rail joiners. it’s also helps to have a DCC system that puts out a decent current. I’m using a DIgikeijs DR5000, but there’s other alternatives such as the Z21 that Mick uses, and these put out between 3-4amps (regardless of what the spec says). Mike
  24. 025 looks great Mick (I’m not really in to the EWS tractors)
  25. Another rainy day in lockdown. Another building upgrade for the Snicket Way.* I'm getting rather good at these now. Window frames are down to 1mm wide, which is fine enough for OO buildings. *actually took a couple of days to build, but in lockdown, who's counting.
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