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  2. Hello Mick. The viaduct will come to approximately where the white board lies in the pictures. Finally, in addition to the two high-speed lines still missing the old line. Regards Thomas
  3. It all just looks fantastic - and especially so with that bit of sunshine coming through onto the tracks. Can you send some of that our way please? The different levels are awesome, the suspension bridge stunning and the viaduct I can't wait to see in position. Really top notch all round - what more can one say....?
  4. Hello Tony. The area consists of fly screens and a special filler which consists of marble lime, fine cement, synthetic resin and glass fibers and which corresponds in color to the marble gravel ground of our garden. The stones are from the marble and I just dropped them into the wet putty. The whole thing looks like the ground in our garden. Regards Thomas
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  6. Hi Thomas, again you are going great guns, did you glue all those small stones onto the tunnel, I like the way you finished off the back scene wall, cleaver. Yeah I saw your comment, many thanks, replied that, good to be home,getting back into the layout and bridge this week, need some off cut ply and the middle section is longer now. Can't wait to see trains running be pure awesome, going through the small tunnels. Tony from down under
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  8. Hello Tony, I noticed on Facebook that you're in the hospital. Get well soon! My viaduct is free lance. The radius of the bows is the circumference of the feeding bowl of my dog ...πŸ˜‚ Regards Thomas
  9. HI thomas, you sure are going great guns, the viaduct you are working on where is the bridge going, I am in hospital, hope to be going home today Saturday, waiting on the doctors. Those pics are very impressive, glad you rebuild the cable stay bridge pier, the cable best in a permanent place, I managed to get some plans of my bridge and the tower was too high,,now at scale height and looking a lot better, now 460mm's high 18 inches from the road deck. Give it a couple of days and be back into full swing working on the last stage of my layout. Keep the great work up and awesome pics, my son's has come back from the repair bloke with a new motor . Tony from mild down under
  10. The bridge of the upper High Speed Line takes shape, I also started with the bridge of the "old line" and started a bit with the landscaping.
  11. Just back from another 6 month stint in OZ on the Goldie. But annoyingly didnt make the connection with you being so near in Ipswich (a place we used as a location twice). Ive made a mental note for next years trip.
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  13. Latest update on bridge progress, a bloke from the Brisbane library sent me some drawing with measurements on the Story Bridge I have my bridge based on,after seeing the measurements the tower was far too high, real bridges tower is 40 metres from road deck. I decided to cut my tower down to the right height and that changed the angle of the arche to not as steep, be easier to add steps, the center section now is longer by 4 feet will have to wait on more ply this week some time Surprising the new tower is pretty tall, put my HO scale bus in the bridge, still towered above the bus , the middle height is higher as well . Wont be doing much o the bridge this week, I might get a chance to cut back the second half no more until next week some time , going into hospital on Thursday to have a procedure on Friday and wont be going home till Monday after. I decided to lash out and buy 4 new saw horses, the legs fold up into the orange channel for easy storage, I pulled down the two stands I made from my son's computer table, the timber be used on the four bridge piers, main bridge piers will have paving bricks to weigh pier down so the bridge will stand up in it's own right, that is the plan. Hopefully finish the bridge off next week and then get stuck into the last stage of the layout. Tony from cool down under
  14. Summer comes soonest in the South This week David H. brought ten very handsome locomotives from his large Southern collection to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine in Dorking. First up was a double headed ensemble of King Arthurs, with Sir Meliagrance piloting Pendragon: After running successfully for some time, we noticed that Sir Meliagrance had nevertheless sustained an earlier injury. Visible in this next photo is the dislodged off-side slidebar assembly. So he is now in the shops for care and attention. Number 30915 Schools class "Brighton" ran well, seen here running off the Northern Viaduct with a very light load. But she then shed a traction tyre, so also had to be removed from service for later attention. Deciding a beauty contest can be hard, but Dugald Drummond's T9s, nicknamed "Greyhounds", will always be strong contenders: The last photo shows an Adams Radial tank as the train engine with an M7 as pilot, passing Northdown Sidings:
  15. The house move is a real possibility and this year too. I might just about get a play with the O gauge, but the OO has probably seen its last train. We are desperate for more space and at least 3 bedrooms and a workroom / shop for my Wife to work out of. A bigger garden is a must of course - not too many boxes to tick then!! I intend having enough space available to have a single O gauge track, with a couple of loops and a double track OO layout, again with a couple of loops. I am pondering whether to thin out my OO collection a little bit, despite still having got new items on pre-order! I learned today that the owners of my old house had started to try and dismantle the raised bed that Hampton Field was located in - apparently, they weren't expecting to find massive reinforced concrete beams within! Last seen calling the Royal Engineers in to help.
  16. Hello everybody! The suspension bridge is in place with a new center pillar. Besides, I started with the big flyover construction. Regards Thomas
  17. I logged on this morning remembering your post from a couple of weeks ago where you mentioned adding a O gauge circuit and was excited to see you'd recently made a further post. I was full of anticipation, expecting to see photos or even videos of that stunning Western circling the garden so I'm saddened to hear of the problems you've experienced but what's this? There's the possibility of you starting all over again in a new garden? You really are a glutton for punishment! Seriously though I'm sure the prospect of a house move must be exciting for you, providing of course that the garden is suitable for your needs. That is, of course, if you intend to continue your quest for a garden railway and that the new residence doesn't have a suitable indoor space that you could use. I've never run any of my O gauge loco's so can't really comment on their requirements regarding power supplies - in fact it's something I haven't even thought of. Perhaps I should try them as I have a couple of old Gaugemaster controllers that I no longer use, though I'm not sure what output they are. Interested to hear what your thoughts are regarding a new layout if that does indeed become a reality. Would you continue with OO, switch to O, or accommodate a combination of both? I guess it would all depend on the size and layout of the new garden? I was also interested to read that you had simplified the OO gauge section of your existing layout after the addition of the O gauge line. I've always believed that the simpler the the outdoor layout the better but have every admiration for those who decide to incorporate much more. I would never discourage anyone from building something complex if that's what they wanted but I know what an enormous task the upkeep can be. That's one of the reasons I opted for a predominantly single line with a minimum of pointwork outside.
  18. Just a friend asked me to hand in the solder. Would I have run better myself. Because the jerk breaks off the already set pillar of my suspension bridge .... 😭
  19. There has been a frustrating lack of progress on the railway in the last couple of weeks. I completed the O gauge circuit, but have had to relay various parts as, even in O gauge, rises / falls and tight curves have caused problems with smooth running. I think im there now. Interspersed with this, I found my ancient H&M Clipper wasnt upto powering my twin motored Heljan Western (not surprising really, as it only pumps out 1.5amp!). I then purchased a Gaugemaster O gauge specific controller off Ebay - even an output of 2.5amp isnt enough to power the Western or its a dud. It worked ok for 5 minutes, but then started cutting out after only powering the loco about 2ft at a time πŸ™„. Surprisingly, it appears that my Hornby Elite might be capable of pushing out 4amp, so I might try the Western on address 0. Oh yes - and we are on the verge of moving house again, so I might be ripping it all up anyway!! Roll on garden railway no.3 and some space to enjoy bigger radius curves πŸ€Έβ€β™‚οΈ
  20. No excuse needed: rule number 1 applies! I do like your reasoning though.
  21. On the 25th May I managed to catch a glimpse of LMS 6201 Princess Elizabeth at Hellifield station. 6201 was booked to take over 'The Pennine Limited' towards Carlisle upon its arrival from Norwich. I was on the hill overlooking Hellifield station to the rear. The train arrived at Hellifield worked by 47826 with 47245 on the rear. 47826 was removed from the front of the train and replaced by 6201 which is seen above ready to depart. And here's the train departing Hellifield and heading towards Long Preston and onwards to Carlisle with 47245 making up the rear.
  22. While there's been no further visible progress on the layout I have managed to obtain photographic evidence enabling me to justify operating a Scottish themed model railway on a layout with a name suggesting a more Yorkshire location. A 'Scotrail' liveried class 158, minus the Scotrail branding, shortly after leaving Hellifield station. I've noticed this several times over recent weeks but never managed to grab a photo until this one. In fact I was lucky to get this because having noticed the unit working an earlier Carlisle to Leeds working, we worked out when it would possibly return towards Carlisle. Waiting at this bridge, along came the train but unfortunately it was a Northern Rail liveried 2-car unit and I lowered my camera only to discover that the Scotrail one was coupled on the rear! Quickly raising my camera I just managed to get this view of the rear car as it passed by. Anyway, that's my excuse for Scottish stock appearing on Worsley Dale.
  23. This little chap, a young Great Tit, landed on our decking handrail and I had very little time to take the photo but quickly grabbed a camera and captured this shot through the window.
  24. The forum software has been updated to v.4.4.4
  25. I am now working on the stern ramp, going to take a while to build, couldn't use cardboard for the framing on the underneath of the ramp, had to use styrene instead, might have to styrene for the decking of the ramp as well, as you will see in the pic of the real ship's stern ramp. First pic the real ship, sister ship to the ship I am modelling ,next pic is a test pic of the ramp closed and next one open, last pic a close up of how I worked out the pin, tooth pick, the bolts I had, even though they were only small still was too big.. There be another bracket on the other side and be think styrene to lock the pin in place, if you look closer at the first pic the end plate past the stern bulkhead goes up on an angle and those brackets go down to the top of that plate. The length of the ramp is 235 mm's in length , all up be4 of those long frames, I still haven't worked out how to power the ramp to open and close. Tony from down under
  26. To be honest, to close the circle for the first time is still missing a train station in front of the terrace and the track back down to the corner tunnels. There is still much to do. I'll put the station in front of the terrace and raised it on aluminum profiles. So that you have planting underneath. The station will be about 70 cm above the level of the terrace, so you can play nice sitting. I think but as soon as the substructure for the station is there to set up a provisional U-turn, so I can start a first opening trip once in a circle around. Incidentally, the Italian-style station will be named after my husband Jochen, "San Joaquino sulla Terazza". The tracks will move from the actual railhead (where the turquoise styrofoam is) over to the terace in front.
  27. No Tony. This was less than a month ago, on a trip to Scotland 10th May 2019.
  28. Hi Roddy, was that before they painted the Flying Scotsman black, I was saddened to see the 4472 go and painted black. Tony from cold down under.
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