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  2. Who will be watching?

    Hi all, I found the app for Channel 4 , actually same as our SBS on demand and the doco, all that is stopping me is Flash player, my wife said she will download Flash player later, another channel to watch, awesome, hope we can find Flash Player. I missed a doco on SBS Wednesday night, watched the 20-20 cricket instead , awesome game, watched the doco yesterday afternoon on SBS on demand called the 7th bridge in Wales, built in the 60's 10 out of 10. We are going to have one hell of a hot week coming up, will make the most of today finishing off leveling where the station modules are now at the back of the house, keep posted on my page. Tony from mild down under keeping on moving ahead.
  3. Transalpina Railway

    Really busy. My current project is on a big deadline and I already feel dead from it. So for now I am just buying some things here and there. I did discover some cool switch controls by Fleischmann that are the 6900 model toggles. They are very much the ideal thing for indicating what direction the switch is in.
  4. Maximilianshafen

    G'Day Thomas, I am stuck with DC agree the only problem all that wire, to get more that one train running, still can have just as much fun , only think I wont be able to do is run a set of helper locos at the end of a train to tackle the grade, all my grades be 2 percent , 24 feet in length . You wont have that problem having a permanent layout, mine isn't , needing plugs one for each end, can still have with DC running two to three locos up front,. WOW that works out to be 35 to 40 feet in length, my blocks are that long ,I am looking into either a vertical staging yard of draw yard to save on points has being done, Have fun in Egypt, keep, take plenty of pics. Tony from nice down under keeping on moving ahead
  5. Maximilianshafen

    Hello Tony, yes I still plan DCC with Games-on-track, otherwise I could Start my own copper mill to produce the wires... It was quite warm the last two weeks for January, but since two days it's cold again and today it had snowfall. But I don't care, in 36 hours I'm in Egypt and there it's warm and sunny. 😎 My stagging yard will have 11 continuous tracks. Of these 11 continuous tracks, 3 tracks will still have a siding, so in the middle the yard will have 14 tracks parallel at one point. Side tracks are different from the continuous tracks in that you have to use one of the continuous tracks to reach or leave. The continuous tracks provide sufficient length to park several trains one behind the other. The usable lengths are about between 10 and 15m. The sidings between 2 and 6m. Then there are still siding that are connected only on one side, for push-pull trains or railcars. Thomas
  6. the Dorking Garden Railway

    Black 5 Inaugural Run This looked like being the first dry-ish day for a while, so worth braving the cold to polish up the track after over four months of inactivity. It needed quite a lot of work; how long will it take to rub the code 100 rails down to code 75, I wonder! The new girl took to the rails with relish - and has a fantastic voice in the form of Hornby's TTS sound. Quite a looker too if you ask me. Here are some photos:
  7. Transalpina Railway

    Morning Griff, that is a good video clip lots of great ideas, I am thinking of using clear PVC sheeting for my control panel face, the only problem is holding the wire in place on the back of the the panel. You are going DC, I am doing the same as well, lots more wiring though and I be using 4 position 3 pole rotary switches, to switch three throttles leaving one position free for later stage DCC, yes good ides to make it as much fun as possible with all that switching . When do you think you be making a start on your layout,keep us posted. Tony from nice down under keeping on moving ahead.
  8. Maximilianshafen

    Morning Thomas, wow you have being going great guns with your indoor section main yard, can't wait to see it finished, are you planning DCC straight away, probably best to go that way, only two wires in but still need to do all the bus and feeder wire soldering,, a night mare in DC How many track do you plan to have for your staging yard, yes I can now fit in a staging yard on my layout , cost is the problem,will have to wait, get my layout up and running first. What has the weather being like in Germany, a friend in northern Italy, said it is snowing quite heavy there, it has being raining the last few days and being cold, very unusual for February, yesterday was 19 degrees , today 29 and sun out, the week be in the low 30's over the weekend in the mid 30's hope the air con is fixed by then. My ship plans are coming along, have actually started marking out front Bow section, building the ship in sections , pics to follow may start a new thread on my ship. Keep the good work going and pics flowing love your progress. Tony from nice down under keeping on moving ahead
  9. Please Help with wiring diagram

    Hi Tony, Heavy rain here today and the possibility of snow on Tuesday my garden is a proper mud bath lol πŸ˜‚. Tracksettas have been ordered and due for delivery on Tuesday one straight and one 48” radius. Been spending the last week clearing space in my garden shed for storage of buildings and locos as I don’t want to leave them out at night. Cctv was installed last year so I can keep an eye on things. Hopefully my brother in law can make a start on things end of February early March time as I getting inpatient lol. keep us updated with photos of your railway looking really good mate Deano
  10. Griff's Oddities

    oh oh. I may have to snag that one. Thanks!
  11. Griff's Oddities

    Hello! I found this Transalpin: https://m.ebay.de/itm/Lima-H0-Transalpin-Wagen/222814314022?hash=item33e0c49e26:g:vMEAAOSwbwJaQn1M I don't think shipping from the UK is much cheaper than from Germany... I also have a Transalpin, but from Roco. From the Settebello there was also a model of a company called Ottimo that does not exist anymore. But it was very expensive and has collectors value today. The Settebello was a game card that was also very valuable to have had in the game, I was aware, but as well as you I did not know. I recently bought something on Ebay in Texas, the last missing part for a Frecciabianca. Fortunately for me, the seller refused to send it overseas so I decided to send it to my cousin in Maryland. And he sent it to me. The customs then considered it as a gift and even though it had a value of more than $ 400 it was then duty-free as a gift. That model trains, if they are a gift regardless of value, are no import duty subject was new to me. My family in the US will now often have to send "gifts" to me. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜Ž If that works the other way too, I'm happy to help ... With Tony in Australia, that worked quite well with the Thalys bar car. A happy Thomas from Germany
  12. Griff's Oddities

    Well, I stand corrected. I would never want to offend a Bavarian. I am pretty sure that a couple years back I purchased some epoche ii or iii passnger cars that were very beautiful, so they would go Well/Badly with my Bavarian Freight locomotive. I know the Settebello very well. I rode in the lounge at the front of the train in the 70's. It was night time and the view of everything was amazing. I went from Porto Gruarro to Monfalcone italy. How this happened is another odd story I'll tell at another time. I saw one of those on American ebay a while back and bid on it. Once it got over about 200.00$ I said, Nope I don't really need that. he he he Lovely train and a very good model manufacturer. It is strange that with the train being so famous, there was no earlier model made of it. One would think Lima and Rivarossi would have thought to do it as sales would have been very good. What you may not know is that the train is named after a specific card in the game of Scopa. If you manage to pick up the seven of denari, or coins, you get a whole point. I would love a Sette Bello, but right now I am chasing these items. They aren't easy to find actually. first: An OBB transalpin end car by Lima. I have all the other things and found them very cheap on ebay. Second on my list of hard to find items: Kibri oil refinery Esso Ho scale Neither is easily found as they are not made anymore. Correction, the lima can be found, but I paid less for the loco than what they ask for the one car. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Lima-201072-HO-Gauge-OBB-TransAlpin-Passenger-Trailer-Car/142665028354?hash=item21377f9302:g:kAYAAOSws0JaZkHv
  13. Hornby GRESLEY A4 Collection

    So as for the wartime black we are two.
  14. Maximilianshafen

    So the points of Peco arrived today from England. Now I have started with the exit from the parking yard. The gap closure is thus made, from the entrance from the garden into the house to the exit from the house into the garden is now a continuous track connection. Since I do not have such an experience with Peco, one question: If I these as trailable points (is that the correct name if I use the switches in the exit without drive and the train switches the switch points when driving?) is it better to remove the springs?
  15. Please Help with wiring diagram

    Afternoon Deano, I have a friend that lives up in northern Italy, hr said it is snowing there , lots of it he said, our turn, we have had lots of rain this weekend and it has being cold, today being the coldest day in 28 years for February, dropped down t 19 degrees, cold days be over tomorrow 28 degrees and still some rain, need it bad haven't had any all of January and very hot as well. The price you paid for your Peco flexie track works out about what we pay over here, nearly $7 a length. One minute it has being too hot now raining, I like to do the cutting with the battery saw outside the pergola, Monday looks a better day to cut the first station module new legs, coming along, once I level all the modules I will be setting up the Indian Pacific with 28 passenger cars and two locos, on track, be split on two platform tracks, won't be able to do that with the locos for a while yet. Be looking forward to seeing progress of your layout. Tony from down under keeping on moving ahead.
  16. Griff's Oddities

    Class 96 is from the Royal Bavarian State Railway. A Bavarian would kill you if you call him an East German ....πŸ˜‚πŸ˜Ž Most finished their service in the Federal Railways of West Germany. Only three came to the Reichsbahn of the GDR (not to be confused with the Reichsbahn of the German Reich, in which the locomotives were of course). I also know the problem with opening locomotives and cars. on some models, I do not dare to install a digital decoder, because I'm afraid to break them when opening. My last purchase on Ebay you would certainly like it very much. I bought the ETR 301 "Il Settebello". Settebello is Italian for 'Beautiful Seven' as well as the name of a card in the card game. The train also has 7 cars and was very luxurious (beautiful)...
  17. Maximilianshafen

    The entrance to the parking yard is nearing completion. It is fully equipped with Fleischmann high speed crossovers with movable frog.This allows me to ride with American standard wheels as well as with wheels of European standard without having problems with the frog. In the exit, however, Peco Code 100 insulfrog turnouts are used. These should simply drive up by the outgoing trains so that I do not need a turnout drive for these switches.
  18. Griff's Oddities

    Mick, Well first off. I have a lot of models that are like chinese puzzles when you try to figure out how to open them up. In this case, I thought maybe something would be behind the sidestep, when I tried to pry it out the pin broke. It's an easy fix as it's just a cosmetic issue. Me ham-fisting it and breaking things is just customization/ personalization. I've peeked around the web for these Kof's. It is a german private rail company and this is a fairly modern color scheme. So you see all kinds of fascinating images of them online. I think I mentioned that while in Italy I picked up a monogram on Siemens locos on italian track. I am now pretty obsessed with that kind of loco which is a broad term: Siemens locos from about 2001 onward. There are currently two vendors selling a lot of european models on ebay and they begin with a very low bid of 9.95$ I watch a lot of these items and just wait for something cool to get underbid then snatch it. I've missed out on some neat things, but you have to learn disappointment if you want deals. I recently had my eye on a Faller Car system set. I have done a lot of research on pricing these. Somehow a bidder decided it was worth more than brand new price for a second-hand set. I don't get that. The batteries have been sitting and you can't be sure what is in the set. The european models can really get too expensive. Modern coaches are ridiculous. If you google Acme or Vitrains you can see that a single coach can be 60-70 dollars, often even more. Yet back to the KOf, it is a Brawa brand model. Brawa models are very pricey. I got the switcher for 52.00$, which is about a quarter of what I see it going for in most places. Here is a shot to give you an idea of how small it is. But it also comes with a decoder plug and has those sprung buffers. This is my Mallet by Rivarossi, if I hadn't shown a picture before. The photo is from the ebay sale. What is cool about this unit is that it is ready for a drop in smoke generator. Needless to say I will be needing one of those just because it's fun. So yeah. No reason why a east german loco is going to be next to a west german kof on a Italian Catenary Railway. he he he
  19. Griff's Oddities

    I'm glad it's not just me who's unable to resist a bargain - even when there's no other justification for the purchase. That little KOF pictured above is a strange one. I thought it was just a body in need of a chassis at first. What type of work would it be put to? I've learned through painful experience to be very careful when handling new models. It seems you can barely extract them from their boxes these days without some part or other breaking off and to be honest that's one of the reasons I've decided to reduce the number of items I've been purchasing. I've been watching a loco on ebay for the past week and I've no reason for doing so other than the fact that it's listed at a bargain price. I already have a similar one so why am I tempted? It can quickly get out of hand.
  20. Mick's Drivel

    I have every sympathy for all those who struggle to give up smoking. I know what it was like and it was many weeks of torture for me and more especially, for those around me. I'd had several failed attempts to stop prior to that so I understand how others feel. I would never lecture anyone who chooses to smoke but if you can make the effort to stop I would advise that you do because life is so much better without cigarettes. You will feel healthier, you'll smell better, your home and belongings and your friends/family will smell better too. In addition you'll be much better off financially. When I stopped smoking I was paying between Β£5-Β£6 per packet of 20 and on average I was smoking 30 cigarettes per day - so we'll call it Β£9 per day. 12 x 365 x Β£9.00 equals Β£39,420!! That's enough to make anyone stop and think. And how much are cigarettes these days? Not sure about the US Griff but over here there's an awful lot of tax on tobacco products. I was trying hard to justify spending money on a new car last year but then I worked out what I'd have spent on cigarettes and it was a no-brainer.
  21. Mick's Drivel

    I have always really struggled to stop smoking. Help from Doctors, or Pharmacists, or anything else, and within a couple of hours I would be bad tempered and headachey. 55 years I have been a smoker, and just over a month ago, with no previous thought, I stubbed out a cigarette and thought to myself, "Why do I do this?" Haven't had a cig in that time. Haven't had the cravings or the mood changes or anything at all. I wonder why the difference. I also have close to Β£200 in an old wallet, that would have gone to the local tobacconist.
  22. Mick's Drivel

    Sadly I am still a smoker. Quit twice. Once for 5 years and once for 3 years. But yes, part of the quitting was thinking about al that money going up in smoke. I'm now spending the price of an amazing layout in cigs. It's actually shameful.
  23. Mick's Drivel

    No I don't really need any of them at all Griff, it's just the collecting bug in me. I'm just glad that I chose to do it with a class of locomotive that only numbered 35. My second favourite loco is the class 37 diesel of which in excess of 300 examples of the real loco's were actually constructed! My aim has been to collect one model of each actual A4 loco, which I know is a bit extreme when they're never going to play a major part on my layout, but should I ever have a change of heart they can simply be sold. I think back to 12 years ago when I was an habitual smoker and of all the money I used to spend each week on cigarettes, and what I've saved since then would have completed the class 37 collection several times over by now. A display shelf for the A4's would be great but they'll probably reside in their boxes, with perhaps some occasional outings until, like all the others, their fate is decided.
  24. Transalpina Railway

    I've done a bit of research on making layout control panels. This video has a nice looking panel making technique.
  25. Griff's Oddities

    this should come in handy: https://www.brawa.de/fileadmin/Produkte/Bedienungsanleitungen_H0/rangierloks/0596_0597_Rangierlok_V_121_MWB.pdf
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