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    • Hi Roddy, good to hear from you yeah being in hospital for 11 weeks is enough, only lasted to weeks and had to go to the Ipswich hospital and at long last home ward bound tomorrow all up have lost 25 kilos of fluid was i5 at the PA , lost 10 kilos at the Ipswich. Will rest up fort he first two weeks and not going back had enough even tho the nurses and doctors look after you  can't complain there and the food is good get afternoon tea and morning tea I usually get a lemonade . First scratch building project is model the British HST coaches they are pretty long like the new colour schemes for my 66 scale diesel to pull. Glad to hear from you , take care care Tony from don under keeping on moving a head 
    • Hi Tony, long time no speak. Great that you are finally going home. You will need to rest up and slowly get back into the routine. I haven't done any modelling for a long time, but am playing just now with N gauge. The question will be, do I stay on a small baseboard, or dare I go into the garden, or even do I keep my small baseboard, but hook it onto a long garden loop so that the trains have somewhere to go? I have the same problems that you suffer. Big plans that never really get anywhere. Are you a Gemini by any chance? Anyway, take care old pal. Get your tracks running before mucking about with boats and other things.  
    • Hi guys, since the upset of the bad health scare ,and sadly still in hospital, all goes well homeward bound tomorrow will depend what the docs say today. The time in hospital I have had time to redesign my layout with the bridge part of it, sadly Camdale and other name changes at the old place I have could with the great name Redbank West Railroad based 00 and Ho scale Redbank is where I live now . I plan to use that plastic hobby sheeting and  used for advertising and  election time mainly for the three modules for the station complete, will be strengthened make them very light, will keep all the curve and straight ply sections. Will start in the next couple of weeks once I am home, cant wait. There is the  new track plan , good news home tomorrow hope I have a good night . Tony from down under keeping moving ahead   
    • Hi Andrew, nice lot of pics , if I saw right out  have a creek to cross, that is awesome, my ro ro ship sit well in it and I that old 0-4-0 little steam engine, something different of course the 66 stands out and the last pic epically  the track cleaning loco. UK,s track clearing service. Take care Tony from warm down last week of winter 30 degrees today.
    • Moving away from the Southern Region...   and from much further afield is this DB Class 216 diesel:     Josh's sound fitted Class 66 looked and sounded good but his intermodal wagons were a bit of a handful to keep on my erratic track:     Finally, in the absence of any conductor rails to clean, it was time for a bit of weedkilling:        
    • Two lovely videos - a real summer feeling.  Great to see those grimy locos, esp the 56 and 37.  It must take you a while to put all those wagons onto the track. And the flowers are superb, a fine show.
    • Part 2 and 3 of July's filming. The new Cavalex Warflat wagons feature in part 2.    
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    • Hi Mate, Many thanks for the advise. I'll do some investigating when I have some time. Cheers,  Marcus
    • Athearn are a reliable brand. It sounds like your points may be too small a radius.
      I would try to open it up and see if you can re-gauge the wheels you speak of.
      Ideally an NMRA gauge is your best friend, but I've found turning the loco upside down and sliding a piece of set track, or identical kind of point over the wheels will show you what is going on.
      No fun having a new loco fail on the layout. 
    • Hi Mate, thanks for the feedback. This is an SD751. I'll take a good look at the bogies/wheel axles when I have some time. It seems like one of the middle wheel axles doesn't have any lateral movement. It could be a lemon loco, or just a design fault. Having been used to European locos (Trix, Brawa, Roco etc.) and Bachmann Branchline UK stock which are mostly great runners,  I was expecting something better out of the box. Maybe 3 axle bogies aren't really suited to tighter radius curves.
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    • Marcus

      Hi all, though you might like my video of my Blue Pullman set. It's vintage Triang Hornby (Couldn't afford the Bachmann one!). Runs really well. I just love the blue and white livery!
      · 0 replies
    • John Barnacle

      Hi all
      I know this has probably been asked before but what is the best track for garden use?
      · 2 replies
    • 40027

      Garden railway novice ,railway in planning stage
      footpaths to cross/dive under and a planned pool for kids to navigate around
      · 1 reply
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