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    • Being a while, since any updates on the bridge construction, I have changed the design of the arch mainly to the entrance two both ends of the bridge and  made it easier to mark out each piece that will make up the arch, be in two halve the first two pics the drawing of the new arch, using it as a temp plate. The third pic I plan to have people jumping off with wind gliding kites as on the pic , last pic is what I be basing the entrance  of the bridge, the real bridge is called the Story Bridge on the the Brisbane river, will have steps to the top of the arch, something different a heli pad on top as well, will have to look for a 87 scale of helicopter. Will make a start on the arch after the weekend, getting the  inside of the house painter today , tonight put most of the furniture back and vertical blinds back tomorrow. Just as well as is not hot outside under the pergola . Tony from down under   
    • Well here's a view that hasn't been seen for some time - Shieling Bridge station almost completely devoid of rolling stock and infrastructure! I've done a bit of weatherproofing on the outside of the shed and just had a general tidy round inside so thought I'd grab a photo of the empty station. It shows just how much work I still have to do but at least now it's a much more comfortable environment in which to do it. By the time I'm back up and running there's unlikely to be many opportunities to run anything round the garden but at least if it's cold or wet outside, I should be able to make myself comfy in the shed and get on with finishing the stations. I've not yet got round to altering the far left hand siding which scrapes against the cladding and I've still to repair the damage to my colour light signal, which currently lies on the platform, after it's unfortunate trip up the vacuum cleaner nozzle. But looking at the overall state of play, there was a time when I would have given anything to have been in this position
    • Well you're certainly proving all the doubters wrong and showing that OO/HO in the garden can be very successful and worthwhile. Just wait until you can show them a fully operational layout next year! I think the forum provides the required inspiration and motivation to make a start in OO/HO outdoors. It shows what is possible and provides advice on things that are best avoided. Each individual member introduces their own ideas and you've added some novel methods yourself which should aid others who dare to follow in our footsteps! I think you win the prize for the most expansive OO/HO garden railway featured here so far and it's been very interesting following along. Looking forward to the recommencement of construction in 2019.
    • The garden is tidy and the sections still under construction are covered with tarpaulin.
      And since 30min wind has come up, the temperature drops and it looks like rain.
      Nevertheless, I am satisfied with what I have done since March on track, including 5 points. Based on the raw materials rigid foam boards for bathroom fittings, Styrodur / Styrofoam, High Pressure Laminate, WPC and concrete, I also found my very own style of construction this year from the many ingenious suggestions and tips here.
      If frost and winter are not causing any unforeseen problems, I think I have found my base on which I will continue to build successfully next year.
      And I have found that in the course of the year in the German-speaking model railway forums reactions to H0 in the garden of mockery and "that's not" has turned into real interest and the first noticed that while no one has a 300 square meter hobby cellar, but so much space in the garden ... 😂 But that would all have been impossible without you and this forum here.
      That's why a big thank you to all who made this forum possible and shared their experiences and knowledge with me and with advice were helpful to me! Best Regards Thomas  
    • Just to show what my little project looks like.   It's just a little gas powered loco. I don't have pans to build a layout to go with it. Maybe do a couple cars for a small train. Really it's an ideal scale because it can run on the same track as my HO scale garden railway. I think work has kept me away from trains so long that I needed to remind myself I am actually a model railroader.  Another unexpected duty happened not long ago with being adopted by a baby squirrel. I spent most of today building an outdoor cage for her as she is now a teenager and eager to jump around more. I should take a picture of my hands. Squirrels have claws like razors, but I am dad/mom to her so she loves to climb on me. I look like a cutter with all the scratches I have right now. 

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