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    • You wouldn't think so by looking at the embankment but I've added in the region of at least 30 more trees of all shapes and sizes today, trying to fill in any large gaps. I'd really like to see it just a mass of foliage but there's only so much you can do at a time. Here's just a few of the ones I made up earlier today awaiting fitting on the embankment. I managed to fit some in around the bridge end of the layout, including a couple of taller ones But in the main they were placed towards the top part of the layout where the embankment is slightly more substantial. Still looks a bit bare in the foreground of the photo below but it's filling up nicely into the distance. I wish I'd painted more onto the backscene now but maybe I can add a bit here and there. And it was back on the 19 December 2009 when 47541 'The Queen Mother' made its inaugural visit to my old Selby Garden Railway and so almost 11 years later I'm pleased to welcome it back as it undergoes running in on Skew Bridge. This is just a temporary measure as the loco will shortly be transferring to Worsley Dale for commencement of operational duties.
    • So i have spent the day painting treated wood and replacing the beam of the ladder reusing the plastic poles and spaces. Am only going to keep the plastic ladder for the curves only as that way its short length should be ok.
    • I can only agree with Mick, the result is really great. Like him, however, I fear that the device will not fit into the clearance profile of my railway.
    • Wow! Isn't that just amazing. It gives a completely different view of your layout which looks so much more expansive than it appears on photos and standard video. I'd love one of those but unfortunately, unless you can get them smaller, I can't see it fitting through the tunnels in my shed. The 4K quality footage is stunning. Better start Googling.....
    • Here's the video of the weathered PFA containers. I'm quite pleased with how they've turned out and they certainly look more like the actual wagons than they did before. I need to add some Gypsum dust and it would be great to depict some of the overloaded containers where Gypsum was piled up from the bufferbeam to the top of the container - but that's perhaps not practical on a model railway. Maybe just some piles on the container tops with the doors unable to close!
    • Yes I have Dave but I'm pretty happy with the results you can get from the Hornby model and I don't see what benefit I could possibly get from changing. There's also the fact that the Cavalex models are priced at £89 for sets of three wagons, so that's more or less £30 per wagon, or approx £1,000 per set! Ouch!! The amount of detail they are able to include these days makes them more display models rather than models for running on your layout. I think I'm better with something I can stick some coal into, spray some paint over, and generally hack about to meet my needs. I hope these wagons do well for them and I'm sure they're going to be stunning models but even though the HAA and derivatives are by far the most numerous wagons in my collection I really don't have a need for any more and certainly couldn't see a reason to change from the Hornby ones.
    • You seem to make a brilliant job of weathering in a very short time. Have you seen the new HAAs from Cavalex announced today? Their picture and copyright.
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      Garden railway novice ,railway in planning stage
      footpaths to cross/dive under and a planned pool for kids to navigate around
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