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    • Today in Game of Trains: Winter is coming!
    • Well, two things. The Gilpin tramway was built up around a valley. The slow geared locos would take longer to get to some places than you could walk it yourself. I have always liked Narrow gauge trains, but to do it "The right Way" costs money. So all of this is just a fantasy train. I am trying to keep things somewhat simple and fun for now. Scratch building also takes time. I will try not to think much beyond my next build with the Gilpin caboose. Well, ok... What I will need then is a small string of Gilpin ore cars. And... The Gilpin never had a box car, but I would like a box car. Here, go to this link of thumb nails, then when you click one there is a zoom bar and you can drag around the images. You can even zoom in and see people's faces.  http://digital.denverlibrary.org/cdm/search/searchterm/gilpin tramway/order/nosort
    • Hi Thomas, wow you have being busy, that is a lot of turnouts are they scratch built, save some money, I have run out of larger straight points, one 7 inch point left, that one is for the middle shunting track in the station complex, need one more and a large wye point come later. You are building a second helix wow the first one is awesome can't wait to see the second one, you are freezing we are swelting , humid here, could get a storm soon, will wait till later on after lunch, I hate summer . Yeah keeping a close eye as well on your progress, you must have heaps of points, can you get track and points cheaper in Germany , cost over $30 for an express Peco point , $70 for a double slip, I can get the box of Peco flexi track at a good price on Australian eBay $110 plus postage , got three boxes. Will continue  on working on redrawing my track plan today, have asked my brother if he can help me finish off the last of the layout construction, after New Year. Keep the good work up and lots of pics.   Tony from down under
    • Christmas not far away, the last construction state is well under away at very long last, I started on the spiral leveling with the special jig ,, every 3 feet goes up 3/4 of an inch,I replaced the wider curved for 3 inch wide curved decking till I have to use the wider decking, play to cut 3 inch wide 4mm ply for the sides on all the curved decking. The first pic is the finished spiral corner module and second module looking down to the start of the spiral , third and fourth the spiral is the end of the layout at 54 feet , the metal shelf bracket I will also be using on the car port side wall . Pics five and 6 the finished Large S bend from the bridge to the car port , in pic 006 at the corner steel car port port the short gray piece bridging the gap between the two 6 foot radius curved decks I will be cutting it to 3 inches for a single track rail bridge and  4 lane HWY under neath coming off the double deck bridge. I have some great ideas , in pic 5 the lighter curve I plan to run off that onto my vertical staging yard using a slide draw set up to set on points , to get the vertical yard I be using an ironing board  perfect for what I want to achieve, will start off with  a couple of tracks , depend on how long the ironing board is how long the stating yard be. Today I will screw on the extended length to the first gray large curve deck and cut the brackets for the other curve sections, might get a chance to set up the car port corner module depends on the weather pretty muggy out side so might get an early morning storm. Can't do much, Monday and Tuesday, be Wednesday , start heating up again, 39 degrees on Friday and be humid, will have to wait till a cool day but can working on the curved sections, painting and laying track , I am using Andrew's idea in using the rails as bus wires and joining each rail on the joins, save on wire. All goes well trains running May next year , can't wait , the stool on wheels the pic in the last post I be buying on Monday, perfect for sitting at the control panel controlling trains. Tony from hot down under keeping on moving ahead             
    • Hello Tony This helix does not get higher, it is just to lift the track over the other tracks to the right, it then continues along the wall.
      On top of this helix comes another ans bigger helix that will be multi-lane later.
      But I was not so lazy, have already mounted the drives on 16 turnouts and connected them with decoders and programmed them. I also follow your progress carefully.👍👍   Regards Thomas

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