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    • Glad you got 10001 sorted. The 20 and 68 look and sound great, with nicely matched coach stock.
    • Today's video as promised  
    • More than the one problem sorted out today!  Firstly the Hornby MK2F coaches were removed from their boxes and a Kadee coupling inserted into the leading coach in order to couple up to my class 68 loco. Off they went out of the shed and round the track and a short time later back into the opposite end of the shed came just the loco! The coaches had come uncoupled and were marooned part way round the layout. I popped the coach with the kadee fitted onto a length of track up against the Kadee height gauge and... ...it was significantly lower than it should be. After quite a bit of thought this is what I did. Looking at the photo above I cut the Kadee coupling tail off in line with the leading edge of the bogie after first drilling a small hole directly through the coupling pocket that you can see poking out from beneath the bogie, and the Kadee. I then positioned the Kadee on top of the coupling pocket, glued it on with Superglue and inserted a track pin through the previously drilled hole to hold them firmly together. So rather than the Kadee being 'in' the pocket as above, it now sits 'on top' of it although I did have to file down the Kadee tail slightly to get a perfect match with the height gauge. No modifications were required to the coach bogie and it works fine coupled to the class 68 and with an additional 4 coaches in tow. Onto the DC test track set up. I connected two lengths of flexi track and soldered feeder wires onto the end. These in turn were connected to a Gaugemaster DC controller. The track was lightly glued along the edge of my bottom shelf using PVA glue and buffer stops placed at each end. No more excuses now for not testing loco's on analogue before fitting decoders. It works fine and may also prevent things falling off the shelf and down onto the layout below. The above setup also worked fine with my problematic LMS Twin loco No.10001. After removing the body once again, I removed the decoder, inserted a blanking plug and put it on the aforementioned test track. Turned on the power and it stuttered. It was a relief really as at least I knew it might possibly be something I could remedy so I decided to take a closer look. I removed the bogies to check the gears again and found that 5 of the six axles could be moved side to side easily whereas the leading axle on one bogie wasn't so freely moving. It was as if there was a burr or something either on the axle itself or in one of the bearings. I removed the axle, pulled off the wheels from either side of the central gear, cleaned everything up, added a small drop of oil and put it back together. There was a marked difference and it immediately felt better. Onto the track and you wouldn't believe it was the same loco. It still runs much slower than it's sister engine but at least the stuttering has gone. Yes, it now works fine! The other loco I was having problems with was the class 20. It runs great in one direction but not the other and so full of my recent success with the 'Twin' I decided to take a better look at this one. I noticed the coupling was drooping at the front and thought I'd found something else that needed attention but in fact it was because the bogie sideframe wasn't fitted in position correctly. It hadn't been clipped back on properly so with a bit of force and leverage I snapped it into place and the coupling was now at the correct height and I had a smoother running loco - that works almost fine.  A quick additional mention about the class 20. I purchased it in used condition and bought a Hornby TTS sound decoder to try. Getting the 21pin to 8pin adaptor, the decoder itself, and a speaker inside is quite some task but I managed it and have to say that the quality of the TTS decoder sound is as good as, if not better than, some of the ones I'd paid a lot more for. I had it running round this evening and just loved the sound. Well done Hornby on a great product at a reasonable price. I'm now about to look over some video clips from today of the MK2F coaches and the class 20 so hopefully I'll put something up later.
    • One of the few benefits of the ZTC 511/611 is that it only takes 4 keys to be pressed to change it from DCC to DC control (or vice versa) so it can always be connected to my test track. It's nowhere near as user friendly as the Z21 system apart from that though. I hope you soon sort out the problem.
    • That's my very basic schoolboy error of the day.  Frustration certainly got the better of me, especially after the trouble with the full brake previously.  You're absolutely correct - I need to rule that out. In fact I need to set up a DC test track for future locos. Having to sort out a controller, find a length of track and wires and a suitable place is what's always made me overlook it. It's my little project for today.
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