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    • Managed to do a bit more this afternoon and it's difficult to find words to express just how pleased I am to have reached this particular milestone. I have NEVER been able to decide what to do with the rear of the station and never could find a way to provide a realistic means of access to it. I had just about come to the conclusion that it might stay as it is for all time. Then, as you know, I decided to try add a roadway to the rear and allow it to disappear into the backscene. Why didn't I think of that before? I just seem to have a mental block when it comes to making plans like that. It was holding me back and I just couldn't seem to be able to move forward with anything else. I looked at the dried plaster this morning and it looked promising - this evening I decided to 'tarmac' it with some appropriately coloured paint and gave the two platforms a fresh coat too. The transformation was amazing. It now looks like it could be a railway station forecourt. There's room to park vehicles! I can't wait to see the station buildings in place. You'll notice that I've extended the smaller rock outcrop a bit too as I just felt it needed it to fill in a bit more space. .  It's hard for me to believe that it was only about 3 months ago that it all looked a little different..... This next photo gives a better view of how the road will go between the rock outcrops and it's imagined it will follow the line of the green area on the back scene board and disappear to wherever behind the smaller rock. What I want to do next is to start filling in all those blank areas where there's currently white plaster and/or brown emulsion.
    • Other as the High Speed Lines cames the Old Line with sharp curves and steeper grades... 
    • When the weather is as nice as it is today there's an overwhelming temptation to sit back and run trains - but I've resisted. Instead I've continued working on the rock outcrops I added yesterday and have just finished adding the hanging basket liner 'grass'. The tissue paper I glued over the polystyrene pieces yesterday was first painted brown and then once dry I dry brushed across the raised creases using a cream coloured paint. Here's a section of my rock outcrop before and after the dry brushing. It makes a convincing enough rock structure. The cream paint dries in no time so it's then on to adding the teased out hanging basket liner. Here's the rock outcrop which will hopefully conceal part of the exit for the roadway. It's in need of a trim now but that will have to wait until the glue dries. I think with some bushes, fencing, and perhaps an open gate, it will allow the road to disappear between the two rock sections and at least allow some access for passengers. At the north end of the station I've also added the grassed areas to the rock outcrop and it now frames the signalbox nicely. There's still a bit of work to do here to fill in the ground between the box and the tracks and then I'll add some more 'grass' at the base of the rocks. And to finish off there's a closer view of the signal box looking towards the exit tunnel onto Low Shott viaduct. The grass has yet to be trimmed.
    • I just use the Movie Maker program that comes bundled with Windows 10. Just a case of splitting your video into sections and cutting and pasting them around. It cleans the rail surface using IPA (isopropyl alcohol) Tony, which is all it's intended to do. I have to go round with the track rubber first but the track cleaner certainly makes for much improved running. It's been worth the cost to me. A bit more progress today. There may well have been more had it not been for the cricket and motor racing on tv!  I've been adding a roadway to the rear of the station but need a way to partly conceal its exit from the stage, as currently it would run straight into a field. I decided that a rock outcrop would provide a degree of concealment and create a route for the road to take. It's going to need some fancy paintwork on the backscene to make it work, and you know how good I am with that, but we'll see how things go. At the moment I haven't a clue what to do. The north end of the station had been largely overlooked of late so I've had a go adding some small rock outcrops to create a border in front of the backscene and around the tunnel mouth. There wasn't enough room to add the tunnel sidewall on the right hand side so I decided to leave it off but now it looks odd. Maybe I should take off the left hand one too and just have a rock surround? It's now a case of letting things dry and then taking a good look to see if there's anything more that needs adding. I can then grass it over in a similar way to the large mountain.
    • Have started work on sorting out the bus feeder wires today, finding out I only needed half the plugs, got carried away, so the blocks start at on the station module  the double plug blocks 1&2, 6,7,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20 . Blocks 3,4,56,,8,9 wired direct to the  main panel in pic three, pic four have taken the wires out and just hanging down , there is about 8 blocks and the cables are coded, will make it easier to store the module on it's side, will finish the     wiring off tomorrow. Tony from cold down under keeping on moving ahead.
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