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    • I knew when I was typing that this morning that I was myself making a 'school boy' error by not checking. I shouldn't type on here straight after a night shift... (doh). 37520 didn't have snowploughs with small numbers I'm afraid. She left Crewe at the beginning of September 87 and by the 17th she already had the big numbers. Snowploughs were fitted about a year later. I forgot that the last few of the batch (514-21) left works with a red-stripe rather than Thornaby painting it on themselves, . Of those there is one candidate that fits your needs, although it only lasted like that for possibly days rather than months... That would be 37518.  
    • Basically your screwed. The only other one to carry red-stripe Railfreight was 37502 which had the stripe and plates applied at the same time as 37506. I'm also not aware of any of them carrying snow-ploughs. I suggest you just sit back and enjoy it, or if you want to sell it I will give you £50 for it.... 🤣🤣🤣 To be honest I'm not much of an expert on class 37's.... you should try me on class 47's... 😁 Regarding your second point it is really truly amazing how many manufactures make 'school boy' errors when producing locos, something that with even the slightest bit of research they should discover.
    • My next question is, since you have lots more info than I do, which 37/5s had the red stripe and no name please? Not bothered about big numbers of the coloured kingfisher - the white kingfisher is pretty much impossible to tell what it is if you don't know already. And did any of those have ploughs fitted? I know it is difficult to know all of this information and allocations and liveries changes so often that a loco wouldn't be in a given condition for too long before another change came along. e.g. it looks like the most of the 37/5 fleet was in railfreight sector triple grey within a couple of years. But you'd think the manufacturers would have the ability to check and at least create something that actually existed for a time. On the flip side, model railways can only ever be a representation of a real railway with sharper than real life curves and points, things that can't be scaled down etc.  
    • Thank you Ken. Now that I know where to fnd them I'm sure I'll be having another go at photographing them before not too long. I'll have to take note of weather forecasts and choose an evening that's first of all dry and secondly has good light which is key to getting better photos. Red Kites appear to be venturing further afield as this year is the first time I've noticed them flying above our home. I've managed to get a few photos but usually by the time I notice them and grab the camera they're already passing over and I'm left with just the tail end shots as in the one a few posts above.
    • The big gotcha with 37510 is that it never had a red-stripe, it also had the full colour version of the Thornaby kingfisher, and in a different place. She also had the large numbers applied in August 1987. Another little thing that annoys me, and I forgot to add in my last post so I will add it here... (lol), is the new Bachmann class 47 model of 47004, which is advertised as being in Railfreight Aggregates livery, which is correct. But she carries the Tinsley shed symbol, which was applied after her transfer away from the Railfreight Aggregates pool at Eastfield and in to the Railfreight Distribution pool at Tinsley. So in theory, everyone who runs it with an aggregates train is pretty much incorrect. Of course it matters to nobody else but me probably, but I do wish that Bachmann would have acknolwedged this somewhere. This whole thing is a nightmare once you get going!! Best just to run Rule 1!! Just had to get that off my chest... now, where's my beer.... (lol)
    • ick what wonderful photos, you should be very pleased. With have Red Kites over every day and nearly all day . However trying to get a photo is hard. We spend plenty of time watching them as they are so graceful in flight.
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    • Marcus

      Hi all, though you might like my video of my Blue Pullman set. It's vintage Triang Hornby (Couldn't afford the Bachmann one!). Runs really well. I just love the blue and white livery!
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    • John Barnacle

      Hi all
      I know this has probably been asked before but what is the best track for garden use?
      · 2 replies
    • 40027

      Garden railway novice ,railway in planning stage
      footpaths to cross/dive under and a planned pool for kids to navigate around
      · 1 reply
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