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The thoughts of Chairman Q

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People are getting it wrong today,

Google has a browned out picture of a "lady with a lamp", clicking on the picture brings you to a wiki about Mary Seacole, who probably did more for the British troops in Crimea than Florence Nightingale.

The problem with the picture is, Florence Nightingale is known as the "lady with the lamp".

The BBC keeps saying, today is the aniversary of the Norman invasion in 1066 "the last time Britain was successfully invaded".

Errr in 1688 William of Orange invaded (invited by some) and with his wife ( the Daughter of James II /VII) took over the throne from James II / VII who after raising an army to fight for his throne, chickened out and fled to France.

Oh and Louis VIII of France invaded and was proclaimed King of England in 1216 in London, to usurp King John. Ultimately however, the Barons made up with King John (See the Magna Carta) and Louis went home.

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Defined By the Oxford English Dictionary as:

"Deceit, Fraud, Imposture, Trickery"

first recorded 1456

Even then the Media (quill pen and vellum) were plotting against him...

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Oh well at least 4 more years of Trumpery, :shock: we have to see how much damage he can make in that period. :shock: Sadly that gives him diplomatic immunity so he can keep coming back and visit his golf course he lied about. (promised 6000 jobs less than 200 have actually been made which sounds hopeful for the US economy)

TV "experts" said if the Republican controlled house of representatives doesn't hold him back, he could turn the USA back to a 1920s depression.... :shock:

I see the Portuguese Government has now taxed sunlight (I'm not joking) ie you get more sunlight on your house hthan another your taxes go up.

Please don't tell our government that idea... Though John Two Jags Prescot had a similar idea just before he was kicked out, he was going to raise taxes if you had a good view...

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I vow to the my country,

All earthly things above.

Entire Whole and perfect,

The Service of My Love.

The Love that asks no Question,

The Love that Stands the test.

That lays upon the Alter,

The dearest and the best.

The love that neaver falters,

The love that pays the price.

The love that makes undaunted,

The Final Sacrifice.

And there's another country,

I've heard of long ago.

Most dear to them who love her,

Most great to them that Know.

We may not count her armies,

We may not see her King.

Her fortress is a faithfull heart,

Her pride is suffering.

And soul by soul and Silently,

Her shining bounds increase.

And her ways are ways of gentleness,

And all her paths are peace.


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No work has actually gone on on the garden side of building the railway, I'm having to build a shed extension as SWMBO moved into her end of the railway shed before I completed the other, so I've got nowhere to work to finish the insides, as all the stuff for finishing the insides is in the way.

The new shed extension will eventually be the "dirty workshop" ( spraying , her stained glass work Etc) and storage area, I've got the foundations down, the floor frame work, the four corner panels and two sides are assembled and the eaves ring beam are in place. The shed is in it's most vunerable position at the moment as there is no real strength until the rafters are in place and with the early nights that won't be happening until next Saturday, so I hope we don't get any gales. Thursday looks worrying as the forecast is gusting westerly 28mph :shock: (though no rain), luckly the shed extension is mostly sheltered from that direction.

Off to get something to actually make the floor with on the way home from work tonight, which will give me something to stand on to put up the rafters...

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The Tin shed extension is built, it just needed the following Saturday to finish the build and since then it's been mostly insulated (polystyrene stuck to the walls).

The structure of the corridor between the tin shed and the railway shed is built, but awaiting dry weather to seal the roof of the corridor (could be a long wait). The walls of decking planks are sealed but need dry weather to paint externally.

There is one fixed window in the corridor, the same as used in the main shed, an old sash from the house, and I've started cutting the slots for the door hinges in the frame. The door was acquired some years ago, it's an old front door but needs some new glass in places.

The corridor is built from left over wood from other projects, mostly decking, after a decision was made to change from timber decking to raised patio over two years ago.

I bought the timber and ply to complete the lining yesterday (I already have the insulation). Also the wood is to start building the work benches, spray booth, and shelving. It's been decided to build an electronics work bench in the shed as well, but it will be the opposite end near the door. The Spray booth is the far end, and I'm building onto the wall an air duct and fan to blow the excess spray away through existing ventilation in the shed.

I noticed on the way back from the DIY shed yesterday, that the price of fuel is really rocketing, our local tesco was 114.9p a fortnight ago, it's now 119.9p.

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The doorway through to the old shed is now cut through and the entrance reinforced, unfortunately While SWMBO was clearing up the mess another dead rat was found, that makes four since they broke in some time ago, they paid for it by also breaking into a tub of rat killer... Hopefully this isn't a new one since the original break in.

The door way to outside has been finished except for paint and has now got a lock on it. and the floor of the corridor is gratifyingly dry after last weeks excercise with the plastic.

The framing for work benches has been started and more ply lining put up, this will be continued next Saturday.

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Morning all, just a little heads up that if you are in the Norwich area tomorrow there is a small model railway show. Just off the Ipswich road at the United Reformed Church Halls. see post below


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The Work last week in the shed conisisted of shelf building, more ply lining and a little roof insulation. During this week's work, it was discovered in the old commercially made shed where the rat had come from ... a 3 inch hole chewed through the floor. Rat poison duly deposited down hole, and it has been covered temporarily with some heavy wood and weighted until I can clear the area to fix the hole properly. This will be followed by more sealing of the spaces between the beams that support the shed. (Around the outside edge of the shed). Three sides of the shed had already been done so there is 20ft to go. Having done the shelving framing on one side of the shed extension, I now know I'll need 24 X 30 inch by 16 inch by 12 inch plastic boxes. £12 for four if the've still got the sale on..

No work on the shed tomorrow, due to the above Show,  at which I'm helping exhibit someone else layout.

 Meanwhile, I'm dropping off SWMBO at one end of Norwich's shopping area and She'll shop to her hearts content working here way through till walking down to the show hall. Last year it took her 5 hours + to reach the show....With it being Valentines on Tuesday this could get Expensive!!!

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Posted (edited)

That show went well, the owner of the layout had several prospective buyers, he's selling it because it's too big for his new car...

There were a couple of very nice layouts there and some I didn't like so much.

 The biggest problem was cold feet... every time someone opened the outside doors a wave of cold air blasted in, the numbers were probably down a bit on last year due the cold wet day....

Suprisingly SWMBO didn't spend that much:-D, and neither did I just a couple of books.


Since then the lining of the tin shed has been done, clearing of the old shed has commenced, another dead rat has been found...

Humans like popping bubble wrap...so do rats, there wasn't much left of the roll that was in there.

 A couple of old large glass TVs have been evicted, they were put in there some time ago for me to fix, but technology has moved on so much it's just not worth it...

I've been using up a lot of old bits of wood in an effort to clear the pile so the tin shed is not as pretty as it could be. But it's just the dirty workshop..

All the ceiling and the wall linings have been completed, shelving is all down one side, and the future electronics work bench is in place, the other side of the shed for the moment will be left for storing construction materials for the railway.

 Much planning has been done and some electrics are now the main task, lighting first, 8 Flourescent tube units each 4ft long which will daisy chain along the ceiling of the railway shed. The fuorescents were from when I was a maintenance man for a supermarket. A team came in to completely replace all the light units in the main shop, they brought too many units, so a dozen left over units were going into the skip new boxed with tube, So I intercepted them for the shed.

When the lighting is done, I can see what I'm doing to fit...

4 more General purpose sockets in the railway shed, then  a circuit of the tin shed with 6 more general purpose sockets and a RCD spur to a specialist workbench set of sockets. Then it's take the cable all the way back to the main door to complete the ring main.


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Just a heads up if you happen to be in the area, It's a well organised Show that I like.


Norwich Model railway Show, http://norhams.org.u...ess/exhibition/
Address: Hellsdon High-School, Middletons Lane, Norwich NR6 5SB

Day 1: 08 Apr 17
Opening time : 10:00
Closing Time: 16:30
Prices: £5 accompanied under 16s Free

Disability access: Yes
Car parking: Yes

Bassington Garden N
Bastogne Rue De Clervaux HO
Bedford Road O
Blackshaw Road/ Coopers End O
Brankstone Junction N
Charlston N
Horndale OO
Norwich MRC Test Track Various
Roydon Road OO
Sefton Yard O
Shepherds Mine N
That Dam Railway OO9
The World's End OO
Thomas and Friends
Tolzdorf N
War and Peace OO


Bob Pearman Books http://www.pearman-books.com/
Bure Valley Model Shop http://www.bvrw.co.uk/models
Caistor Loco
David Rowland Art
Great Eastern Films http://www.greateast...ortfilms.co.uk/
Great Eastern Models http://www.greateasternmodels.co.uk/
Layouts 4U http://www.layouts4u.net/
Squires Tools http://www.squirestools.com/
Train-Tech http://www.train-tech.com/
Terry Durrant Model Railways
The Railway Photoman
Train Terrain
Model Scenery Supplies
Joe Lock


Norfolk Mardlers- O Gauge Modelling
Advent Modellers- Scenics

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This week I start my weekend tale on Friday or actually the previous weeks Thursday 23rd April night at a friends house while I was not there.

Late in that evening Harry was getting comfortable in his reclining armchair in the living room, which by now was his bed. He'd had cancer for several years and 3 months before the hospital had stopped all chemo etc as there was no more they could do.
His wife covered him with a blanket, said good night, and got no reply. He had slipped into unconciousness, half an hour late he had died.
So last Friday they were not at the Model railway club, but this week she came, she is actually the railway enthusiast.
I spent 3 hours chatting to her which I think she needed, shortly after she gave me a bottle of Laproiag whisky from his collection knowing I drink malts.

We also discussed the fate of Harry's railway, Harry had got bored at the model railway club while his wife was involved with the railways, and he got the opportunity to buy one. This model railway was built on the Isle of Tiree, just 60miles from the Islay distillery of Laproiag. It was built by a retired electronics engineer whos sister lived next door to Harry here in Norfolk. When the engineer died it was extracted from being built into an upstairs bedroom, down some narrow stairs across by ferry and driven the long journey to Norfolk.

For the last 2 years I have been simplifying the electronics, so Harry could use it and removed over 30 circuit boards from the underside!!! we had it running at a club show last year where, because the layout is called Tiree I was kilted up appropriately. Since then we have cut the boards in half to fit their car, and I divided the still considerable wiring underneath with plugs and sockets. Harry did the woodwork this entailed and they both started restoring the landscape.

I asked Hazel what she wished to do with the layout and offered to buy it if she wished to sell, saying she could take her time with a decision. But after a few thoughts she GAVE it too me. Her own interest is the London overground railways of where she was brought up and so a Scottish fictional layout didn't really fit in with her plans.

Next week we will sort out the pile of stuff under the railway on the table at the club, so she can have Harry's tools and anything personnal, I'll then sort out what to do with the rest. Half of the railway will come home to make more room in the clubhouse and I will work on board by board restoring the model swaping with those at home where appropriate.
when restored. the model railway sign will say
In memory of MR D.H. Clark, and MR H. Nudd.

Since then I've opened the bottle and raised a glass to Harry...whos funeral will be April 11th their 40th wedding aniversary.         

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