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Thanks, Tony.  Passenger trains on the DGR are normally no longer than nine coaches because that plus an engine will just fit into the headshunt:



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Southern Memories

David H. brought a few guest locos to visit last week, and these nostalgic photographs ensued.  Did the sun always shine in the 1950s?


This is an S15 and a BR 4MT at Northdown Sidings:



The Wrenn version of "Clan Line" is still an excellent runner, even if it can't hold its own against modern equivalents with regard to detail.  Seen here running from Sycamore Curve onto Foxdale Bank:



This is a Lord Nelson class loco, "Lord Anson", complete with bogie tender, passing Sycamore Lodge in dappled sunshine:



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Germany once more

David again dug into his seemingly inexhaustible supply of German locomotives to bring some previously unseen examples into the light of day.


Here a Prussian 0-8-0 pilots an unidentified Class 50 2-10-0 across the Northern Viaduct




Prussian 0-8-0 and Pacific:




and a somewhat cleaner Pacific:


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