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Dead Rail

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So as l live in the dark ages l had not come across this term before and have become very interested in it. It basicly radio control battery powered locos, so no need to power track. Having read through the  radio control subject on here the problem seemed to be battery size. Its been some time since anyone added anything there and the size of batteries has shrunk a lot since then.

Protocab seem to be the main British contender but start up costs around £250 and then not much short of £100 per loco after that. Bluerail uses a bluetooth system operated via a smartphone with startup costs at around £150, cost per loco seems about £80, niether at present will operate DCC. The one that took my eye was from Tam Valley Depot. The initial setup is around £160 with around £70 per loco after that.

So yes it is an expensive idea compared with a bit of time track cleaning, but then some people are paying a fortune to have sound fitted to there locos which sounds like two pieces of sand paper rubbing together (no offence intended) so whats the differance.

Given that l have a small loco fleet and not all DCC this may be what l need to look at.

Any thoughts?

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Posted (edited)

I once dated a girl that called me that. She was mean! har har har

Seems expensive for now. It is interesting though. Another 10 years and it will be CHEEAAAAP! 100 per loco? I can chip a loco for much less than that in DCC these days.

I am still waffling over DC or DCC. he he he 

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