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  1. It is, for all its faults, an excellent looking model. Trouble is l don't know if my body would function on only one kidney as l would have to sell the other one to be able to afford it! When l see them at exhibitions they really look the bizz, think l would be to scared to run them at the price they are though
  2. Well got part of the line up and running so did have some play time today. Have now put a couple of isolater joints in at certain places which may or may have helped, mainly today was a clear up day. This meant taking everything not screwed done out of the sheds and putting it back again. Yes of course it didn't all fit back, l'm sure the garden shed is part Tardis the amount of stuff thats in there! Any way had a bit of a stock take of the track l've been buying over the winter. Now got over 100 meters of fleixable track, new and used, more points than you can shake a stick at and six double slips! Time for a stock day clearout sale l think! The only thing about buying and selling track is it did make the railway self financing last year. The proposed fiddle yard in shed 2 is on hold until l can clear more of my "might come in handy" items from the shed though.
  3. The light bulb thing is a very good idea and l shall look at that when doing any future track laying. Theres power to the tracks and then for no reason the controller says theres a short and everything stops, reset and of you go again. From what l read this may be a bit of a Dynamis problem, l was going to upgrade to a Z21 but looking at something else in a differant direction now, more about that when l've tried it.... I am not a heat person, so unless you can a/c the garden l'd be no use where you are! ln the south east where l am we have been enjoying some early spring sunshine and temps hit the mid 20's Sunday, even had to water the garden it's been so dry but the temps are back down for Easter and the forecast is it to be overcast. The trouble with a garden railway is you have to keep up the garden it's in and not being 100% recently l'm a bit behind. Still it might be a mess, but it's a colourfull mess and thats what matters!
  4. So did all your winter projects go as planned? Nope mine neither. The station canopy plan was a bit of a faliure. Though it has the look l want my model building skill are not up to the job so will go with a plonk and play solution in the mean time l think. The Dynamis still continues to show shorts when none are there and l've resorted to disconecting the main part of the circuit to be able to run trains. If l go back to DC everything is ok..... Anyway l have plans a foot to sort that out , watch this space. Rumblings about the state of the spare room means that the railway stuff needs to be moved to the train shed, but thats already overflowing so decided to make some space in the garden shed for it. Moved everything out and realised that l had enough room for a fiddle yard in there down one side. Trouble is l cant bare to throw anything out as it may come in handy one day so what was two piles of rubbish on either side of the shed is now one big one on side of the shed! Still limited service in operation today so not all bad. Weather a bit iffie for the weekend down here so may go down the Bluebell to watch Scotsman from afar. Told they expect mega crowds so may just do a bit of linesideing. Had the same problem at the Swanage Bullied weekend could'nt get parked and ended up miles away, then couldn't get on the train as it was packed, good for the railway but not for the passengers. Onwards and upwards as they say.
  5. Sitting in the garden, having a beer and watching the trains go by, can life get any better?
  6. So as l live in the dark ages l had not come across this term before and have become very interested in it. It basicly radio control battery powered locos, so no need to power track. Having read through the radio control subject on here the problem seemed to be battery size. Its been some time since anyone added anything there and the size of batteries has shrunk a lot since then. Protocab seem to be the main British contender but start up costs around £250 and then not much short of £100 per loco after that. Bluerail uses a bluetooth system operated via a smartphone with startup costs at around £150, cost per loco seems about £80, niether at present will operate DCC. The one that took my eye was from Tam Valley Depot. The initial setup is around £160 with around £70 per loco after that. So yes it is an expensive idea compared with a bit of time track cleaning, but then some people are paying a fortune to have sound fitted to there locos which sounds like two pieces of sand paper rubbing together (no offence intended) so whats the differance. Given that l have a small loco fleet and not all DCC this may be what l need to look at. Any thoughts?
  7. Welcome EE, Yep Peco nickle silver track is the way to go, but l think someone here did say on here to avoid the concrete sleeper versions as the sleepers go brittle in the sunlight, sure someone will correct me if l'm wrong. Theres no such thing as simple electrics! I started of by using an old H &M controller which coped quite well on a looo the same size you plan. Most here will advise you to run a bus wire around the track as the track joiners will fail after time causeing dead section. The other rule of being on the forum is post plenty of pictures!
  8. Hi Stese, Yes l think your right there is a differance between a garden railway and a railway in the garden, like you mine is the latter. I leave it to others to sort out the differance, but l just wanted somewhere to play with realistic lenght trains as the house was out of bounds! Mick bought up the problem of trees. The bain of my life. You may need to look at some sort of covering for the track during the autum/ winter time. As l have no trackside scenery yet its not a problem to just brush any leaves etc off but it it can be a pain when there wet as you end up picking them of by hand. Also sap from trees is a bugger to get of the track as well. I agree with the Q, 50mm are a bit usless as fence posts but could be ok as supports if you have the right sort of ground for them. If you have soft ground they can wobble a bit in the wind etc. If you can't concrete how about concreteing the post into a old plastic ice cream carton, (you may have to double deck them to get the weight) and then bury them. If you move just dig them up. Good luck l look forward to see it up and running.
  9. I was thinking, always bad l know but as basicaly most models are just pre asembaled kits why not sell them as such? Now my knowledge on how they are prooduced is limited l would assume that its production is labour intensive so why not do it yourself! We have all taken apart something in our time so its not that hard. Coaches and wagons are easy, locos perhaps more fiddly. Stock could come pre painted and transfer printed and just snap fit together. Lets face it you have to do the detailing bit yourself anyway. Perhaps chassis could come part built and you just bolt the motor on it etc. Have to go as l'm waking up now.
  10. The chickens are coming home to roost l'm afraid. The indecent rush to transfer everything to China to benifit from cheap labour has backfired. The Chinese can now pick and choose what they want to produce and charge more for it as the have all but destroyed the compertion. When the pound rose l did not see prices going down , did you? Perhaps someone will be brave enough to bring production home again. Still whilst some people are stupid enough to pay 60quid for a carridge cutting back on the amount of differant models produced is saving them from themselves isn't it.
  11. As it can operate on DC and DCC l would have thought it would cope with more than 9 volts but dont quote me on that ! What l can say is that although l haven't converted mine to DCC yet it is apparently very fiddly to do. A friend of mine advised me not to do it myself as "you dont have the patience to do it", hard but true!
  12. The problem really goes back to all the major players shuting up shop and moving production lock stock and barrel to a then cheapo China. Trouble is China dont want them now that they have more lucrative contracts comming in as is shown with all the production delays. Perhaps someone will take the plunge and bring prodution back home, the skills are here it just the start up costs. Yes the costs may be higher but the talk is already of a £200 loco in the near future. Rapido are playing the numbers game, in the long term they know they can sell every model they produce but dont want to have large amount of stock sitting in the warehouse waiting to go. Over time l see more models being commisioned by the major retailers filling the gaps of less commercal models. Whatever model railways will never be a cheap hobby again, if it ever was.
  13. I have several PL 11 motors operating points in the shed and have not had any problems (yet). Saying that l run them as DC and not DCC. The are powered from the 16volt feed of a very ageed Hornby controller using second hand Hornby switches and give a very pleaseing clunk when changed. The only problem was the Peco / Hornby wireing was differant colours. Do they work when not connected to the points? From the mind of an electrical idiot sounds like not enough ummph to make them work. PS if you cant get them to work can you let me know when your bin day is!
  14. Well how are my winter projects going l hear you ask? Err well there not. I have come to the conclusion that l am not one of natures kit builders and shelved the station canopy building in favour of a yet undecided plonk and play varitey. The moutain of old Airfix ones l have are now concined to a box and await another bright idea in the future. Its actually quite mild today so l did go out in the garden today and start tidying up the track bed a bit just a general brush off really. The top end has been covered all winter so that is ok, even managed to run a loco shed to shed without cleaning the track so that cant be bad! The only damage l can see is where the wind toppled over a bit of old fencing on to the track bed and moved the modules apart. 5 minute job, although the replacement of all 6 fence panels is going to take longer. In fact in the long term this section of track will probably be abandoned as its getting akward for a fat old man with bad kness to get too! So what else is on the cards? Well unrailway related l've been reasearching my family tree. A late Uncle done a lot off work on my mothers side before he died and that has been passed on to me. A bit like model railways it becumes all consumeing and really has become a winter time filler. Can now go back to 10x Grand father on Mums side where they have gone from landed gentry in Devon to a Paddington tenament in 300 years via several workhouses as well. Started on Dads side as well but the surfit of Patricks with my surname in lreland in the 1800's means that l've run into a dead end there at the moment. Plus the fact that they seem to have decamped on mass to Austrlia at one point hasn't helped eithier. Anyway thought l'd just check in and tea finished and sun still shine l suppose l should make the most of the day.
  15. As you say infra red is not very good in the garden. It's not that that causes me trouble ito Dynamis''s ability to show a short circuit every time a wheel sparks stopping everything or shows one when it's sitting there doing Nothing! Anyway that's all in the past l hope. Waiting to push the "purchase" button on a Z21 system in the new year. Had an unexpected windfall coupled with my mobile provider up grading me with a tablet+ smartphone so it's all win win on that front.