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  1. Thanks Nigel.
  2. Thanks for the response Q. Now have my shed on order to be deliver june 7th. It will be interesting to see how things devlop in the new -- ALL TRAINS ALL THE TIME 12' x 8' ROOM OF TRAINS CONSTANTLY TRAINING.
  3. As I re-read, the TAm Valley seems pretty cool. I will have to go to their site and see what they offer. Thanks
  4. Dave, All the winter long I've been pondering how to do a CTC system so that my points are all controlled from one place and the routes of trains are dictated by signal and point setting. i.e. look at those lit up singals along the right of way to see if you have permission to pass through the coming section of track. ok, I've admitted to my dream scenario, but I also admit it sounds all too complicated. I will now return to attaching two wires to my track and running roundy roundy.
  5. Scroling through what Ive been missing here... uh, trannies? I must be on the wrong forum again. Your module units look really good. how many more do you need to make before you can run a train?
  6. Had an epic work trip to Minnesota. Was supposed to be only a week and got extended to two weeks. We scanned some large collections of documents. In the mean time my father was taking a turn for the worse. Even got caught in a huge winter storm on the way back and nearly ran off the road. So we had to take a detour over the top of the storm; we navigated by radar map on our phones. It was a pretty crazy road trip overall and ended up being 17 hours of driving, as opposed to 14. I mention this because I ponder what places you could get to in Britain if you drove 17 hours from your house. Those in Australia, will merely giggle at this and nod, as they have some pretty massive distances to cover hen they travel. I think my father was waiting for me to come back because he kept asking for me. The morning after I got back my sister phoned and said, "are you in town now? You better come over because dad won't be for much longer." SO I went over and sat with my father and told him about my trip, even though he was seemingly unconscious. But my sister said he was responding to our voices. Maybe half an hour later he took his last breath. So we sat with him for a while and talked. Despite the loss, I think the entire experience was a good experience. Hard to explain that, but it just seemed like everything fell into to place and both my sister and I felt ok. It had been a diffcult up and down year for everyone, with a lot of he only has 2 days, he only has 2 months, he only has 6 months, etc. Well, we somehow kept him going for almost a year, and we all had time to appreciate the reality of the situation and make emends. I highly advise any of you with kids that are older, to sit down and say something along the lines of, "Hey when I die, I will be fine. It's everyone who remains who suffers. I don't want you to feel bad or guilty about anything, I want you to enjoy your life." My father did that with me about 20 years ago. RE: keeping elderly people alive, PM me if you want some useful info about diet and such. My sister invented a high protien shake she would make every morning and feed to my father. He was able to gain back about 30 pounds of weight that way from about 118. And of course, never trust doctors, do your own research. We did alot of creative thinking to make things better for our father. Like giving him a womens fabric head band to hold his oxygen tube so that it wouldn't wear through the skin on his ears. etc. Sadly, the loss of my father means I gain an inheritance. Strange to benefit so much from losing so much. So now I am thinking I need a shed. And because the shed is in the back garden, I may need to rebuild the layout. At this point it may be a single sloped roof 12' wide by 7' 6' deep structure, which is almost like a studio than a storage shed. My sister had a bunch of tools which she does not want, so I am also inheriting a band saw and another one that is similar. So woodworking may no longer be as primitive as it had been before. I am pondering lots of curvy bendy track beds and multiple stations for trains to pause at. And of course a through track in the shed for a very large passenger train yard. But yuo know how these dreams go, perhaps everything will be reduced a bit. I will post pre-demolition photos of the current layout which had a lot to be desired and discuss ideas for the new one, which may be lower so that one can step over it to reach the veggie beds. Cheers!
  7. The layout is working out nicely and all your little thymes on the slope really add a lot to the overall look. I am very jealous that I don;t have any real land features to work with. Loved the DB loco pulling the Virgin coaches. ARe all your DB loco visitors, or do you have some of your own now? Or by Visitor, did you only mean they were not Brit Stock? I had assumed a friend had brought them by for some running.
  8. There should be an award for a good thread, this is truly an epic railway build. Really enjoyed revisting it from your first post until where it is now. How is the station holding up? I've had issues with hard plastics, even though my ties/sleepers are all fine.
  9. My Atlas code 100 is doing just fine after years out in the sun and extra UV we get here at a mile above sea level.
  10. My usual rant about em. I am a huge fan of Kadees. but there are other brands as well, assuming you want to do US outline. Most of my experience was with N scale. I found that due to a lack of weight, and a certain accordion effect on small scale trains, It was possible to roll over a coupler magnet and get a decouple. Still, I ran trains for hours without decouples. They are amazing in N scale! HO trains are an odd thing. They, kadees, look wrong to me on european stock. I can't abide them on my HO scale continental trains. I would consider keeping uncoupling magnets off of the mains. Most people I know simply use bamboo cooking skewers as uncoupling tools. One also see's a lot of small screw drivers on layouts that are used as pry bars for uncoupling. Most important, you really need to keep things aligned and crappy track will be a problem. We had some members a while back who had bought american stock and complained about the couplers. I questioned if their track was properly aligned and if some of the couplers weren't banged up during shimpent over seas. Over here, people use kadees on 150 coal car trains with no problems.
  11. The two parties pretend to be on opposite sides of many issues, but for the most part they support the status quo. They want to keep their jobs. Take any major issue that goes on unsolved. Let say gun control or abortion. If the two parties were to agree that they will never agree, but they can work to mitigate the problem, then the problem is solved to some extent. Lefties want no guns, righties want guns everywhere. How about guns in not all places? or, Yes abortion is horrible, but if we can provide free birth control and education to all women, then maybe we reduce the number of them that happen. But, if they can keep arguing over an unsolvable issue, they can keep the sheep thinking it's some kind of race or footie match. Every few years either side will try to pass laws that they want, if the laws pass they slap themselves on the back and say We WON! if they lose, they blame the other side and say, They made US LOSE! Easter I am planning a work trip. Then more work.
  12. Yeah, I would agree on the whole idea of testing sections. I don;t have DCC right now, but if I had it set up I would likely run busses next to the mainline and isolate small sections with easy on off switches. That way if you get the short, you can turn off all the blocks and then begin turning them on until you notice a short. At least then you know… "It's somewhere in this 10 foot section!" Certain Peco switches will give you a short if you aren't careful. It's the big problem with our online train club; you can't phone Aussiemtrail, or myself, to swing by and help you fix the darned thing. I am sure either one of us would have the trains up and running in a jiffy. I don't know about the dynamis, but one should also consider the issue of resistance. If the load resistance is too high, it may show a fault as well. Try going around with some pliers and crimping all the rail joiners. It could be they are oxidized on the inside and creating resistance that combined with a single loco will tell your DCC unit that it is on it's way to over-heating. -The added resistance from oxide on the connectors could make one engine seem like it is drawing the equivalent of 4 engine's power if it is far from the power source. -place all your points in the straight through position and test the track. Go around and flip each one to curved section and back to see if the fault is coming from a point. -Otherwise, since you do have a short, you may as well start making gaps in the lines every 6 feet or so, starting from a point closest to the power unit and working away. Once you get an isolated section that keeps shorting things, then you know the area of the short and can deduce what the cause is. I keep a bunch of these guys around for testing as I can jumper between circuit sections easily. -or, does your loco have a fault in it? Maybe hook the power to one piece of flex and test the loco by itself. - Do you have a train car that has wheels that are causing the fault? These are obvious suggestions, but this kind of testing is actually that easy. Not assuming you are daft or anything, mind you.
  13. I'm glad you posted it. I'm so sick of people getting all bent out of shape over what scale is being used. I just like a nice railway regardless. Thanks for the movies. Now for some watching! Video numero uno watched: Ok, that vintage tinplate is wonderful to see. All those old figures of people too. The smoke scenes are awesome. It must have taken a lot of time to make this video. And they did a nice job of telling a story as well. Very very nice. I've often eyed older tinplate. I have a few USA outline pieces, a Lionel set and some American flyer pieces. Must remind myself to fix the layout I have and not go all crazy switching scales and tearing out layouts now. I had to go do some searching and reading to figure out what Gauge 1 is. Literally twice the size of my O scale Lionel trains. WOW! I've seen it in some older train books I have. I think I have a facebook friend who is doing garden railways in that scale as well.
  14. No real chance for a refund. The item had halfway decent photos. I just sort of assumed the windows were, well, windows. I will just put it up and sell it myself. Besides, got my eye on another train now. ha ha ha
  15. I don't think anyone should apologize for pictures, duplicate or not. I just wish you had more of them. I am enjoying watching your layout build proceed.