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  1. oh, the plants I could grow in the garden with 26 inches of rain per year. *sigh* We just got a little afternoon rain storm. It's never enough to do more than hit the ground and evaporate.
  2. There are three runners laid under the frame. They may likely rot over time. I could also get some jacks and prop it up so as to replace them with something else later. It's hard to explain to people how dry it is here generally. Sure we get rain, but it's along the lines of 17-22 inches per year. It really is nothing compared to other places such as Britain where you get double or more per year. If you go in the mountains there are cactus here too. I expect that my shed will last at least 15 years as warrantied. I figure that is enough time to build a new reailway! Still waiting for the installers to come finish the job correctly now. Grrr...
  3. Strange expeirence. I had wirtten a long reponse and then my connection to Britain seemed to go sour. NO problem with US sites, but no forum. Then I got access again after a few minutes, but had lost my post. Tonight I come on here and my post re-appears when I try to respond. There must be some kind of edit buffer that held all my writing. So, here is my old post. Thomas, It's always so hard to decide. The freedom of the garden railway does lend a hand toward running the things you like nomatter what time period. I just found a set of three Grey FS coaches for only 9.99. Shipping was a bit over the top, but with parts from other damaged trains I will liekly be aiming more for the brown and grey schemes on passenger trains. So then there are these videos by this guy who shoots them in my two favorite stations. Well, Milan station is really cool too. But for modelling I prefer a smaller station that I may actually be able to finish making. Here is a Taurus in OBB scheme in Italy. And here is a Cargo AM842 And a lot of different things including a Rola in this one. So the temptation to add even a couple modern trains becomes a little overpowering. Yet the cost of newer models tends to lead me back to the toy like and less expensive older models. SO many trains so little time and money!
  4. Ok, what is SBR? womderong how I cam source similar over here.
  5. I have a real soft spot for N&W locos liek this one. The high hood is a real treat.
  6. Sorry you're doing poorly Tony. My shed is sort of wood. The walls are made out of chip board. The framing is all wood. I may be tempted to insulate it so it's not too hot/not too cold. I'm going to pull aMick maneouver and put in a run through train station and yard for all my stock. I figure 12' should be abouit right for a lot of trains. Still need to get the installation issues sorted out though.
  7. My shed is in place. It isn't the joyous moment it should be. I put a big post about it on facebook and am cut pasting, just to save the hassle of re-writing a novel. "What you get when you spend thousands of dollars at Lowes. First they call to set a date for installation. Then the installers cancel at around 10am of the set date. Then they come a week later to build your shed. Coolio! I must say the Installer guys were nice enough. But they are in a hurry because they have a lot of sheds to get built. It isn't their fault, no, this comes down from the top. In the web photo of the shed they show two sides: Front and Back. What they do not tell you is that both windows are side by side on the one side. Tricky ####s. Clearly I am just stupid because I fell for this. The pieces should have been pre painted, but when they picked up MY order, there was no paint. That was delivered on Day 2. As my guys built my shed, they somehow ended up with extra material that they hauled away. Makes me wonder if they just used less 2x4's to build my walls and roof. Today as they returned for round 2 of building, I peered out the kitchen window and noticed that the guy installing the shingled roof had not put in a drip edge. Oh, they did not include that in the order when they picked up my shed. The roof is all done, I am told someone will be out to tear it all off and add both drip edge and the felt I paid for. The hardware provided for my door lock was wrong. I am told someone will come back and install the rest of it. Right now you can pull on the handle and the doors pop open. Well, the painting is perhaps the most interesting aspect of the entire affair. Painters normally use caulk. Lots of jokes while saying that word on painting crews lead to oodles of fun and jubilation. Please look at my shed and find the caulk. I thought I'd never say this, but I really haven't gotten enough caulk. I'm not satisfied and want more caulk. Please, I need inches upon inches of Caulk. I will squeel with joy when they put it in. Lets talk about the trim a bit. Yes, look at the trim. see any oddities? Perhaps completely unpainted trim? Or, places where blue paint is smeared on white paint? I really like where the roller just goes off onto the bare wood frame, it's a nice touch that will always catch my eye. My OCD brain is doing sommersaults. Yup. This is quality. I have included some detail shots of the fit and finish for your entertainment. Doors do not align, so that the gap is wider at the bottom. That one nail on the trim that is just hanging out. Sure to be fun years down the road when I catch my shin on it. The way the front trim piece under the roof doesn't match up at the ends, but is expertly filled with massive amounts of Caulk! (That isn't where I want caulk, I am not satisfied.) I guess I am a complete moron for assuming I could pay for a shed to be built and actually have it done correctly. Thank you Lowes, Yours truly Griff the Dumbshit. P.s. My original plan had been to buy one from Toughshed. I am almost tempted to tear this out and just get one of those."
  8. Ah ha ha ha ha.... Oh crud! I know this pain. I have one of these an I can't figure out how to get it apart yet. Things screams when I run it from lack of oil.
  9. I know the feeling about garden work. Did some of that myself. My old layout developed some big gaps as well. I'm not sure what was causing it. I think rails will just creep over time and cold to hot weather. It's just part of the joys of "Real" modelrailroading.
  10. Thomas, all those sound great! I must appologize though, the Navetta theme would not be allowed. I just do not like it very much. I spent a couple days battling with tree stumps. the photo does them no justice. I had to dig and chop and dig and chop. They had both grown into and around the chainlink fence, so that had to go as well. The crew is here now assembling my shed. So much to do before I even get to build a layout.
  11. It all begins monday when the new shed is delivered. Seems The Shed is a real tradition with you Brits. Seeing as I have half of my lineage coming from over there, I am considering that my genetic heritage is exherting some kind of sub-conscious desire for a shed. Thomas, You have a good point. I may simply call it La Transalpina. As kids, my sis and I would go with family to a restaurant called the transalpina just behind the station and border fence at Nova Gorica. They had an old German bomb shelter in the garden which we would climb on. Aussie, Yeah those places inspire. I don't plan to model any container terminals or really much of anything. I am more inspired by the amount of traffic on those lines and the freedom to run a lot of trains. We will see what happens after I store a lot things in the shed. It will give me a 12' long area to model some kind of station. Still pondering designs for lines outside the shed. I think some meandering will be required to get an extended run. I have a lot of videos I watch of monfalcone station. This one is a compressed hour of nonstop action.
  12. Oh, forgot to show the new shed. Mine will be blue. 8x12 is already a large space for even an indoor layout if you ask me.
  13. I am going to keep this same discussion for the new railway project as I consider the current layout to be a paractice sessionf or this next one and not completely separate from it. On June 12th a small shed will be delivered to my garden that will house the stazione e deposito Merci for my semi fake/semi prototype railway. It is a amalgamation of two stations. Gorizia Centrale and Monfalcone (Mount Falcone) in Italy, that lie between many significant points of origin. The the south lies Trieste; a border connection to all southern Adriatic countries, as well as Greece. To the north is Udine with it's connections to Austria, Switzerland, Hungary, and everything beyond. Go west and one arrives in Venice. East of Gorizia is another passenger station in Nova Gorica Slovenia. At the southern end of Monfalcone lies a small line that enters a tunnel and heads to the ship yards where many famous ocean liners were built in times past. Although I have a huge passion for 1960's Italian railroading, I have no plans to stick to any single prototype as these lines see trains pass through from so many places. And with a little imagination it may be possible to even see some trains from sweden, norway, and denmark. Lastly, there may also be the occasional French,spanish, and even out of scale OO british train rolling through, just to make the prototype police really grind their teeth. Still working on a name-- The Fruili and Trieste? Some google map satellite links to show you the kind of track arrangment one can expect.,13.5446845,376m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x477b09c052888939:0x41cfbe194c97c915!8m2!3d45.807364!4d13.543043,13.6047433,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x477b00caaa9cb87b:0xdeca8a97301f2fc7!8m2!3d45.933307!4d13.606932 While the station and yard areas will provide traffic for the layout. The yard itself will mostly serve as east west staging to generate through traffic to the passenger station. The mainlines will all lie outside of the shed as a garden railway in order to get a long run in and also have some long sidings for additional station stops during operation, or maybe just one place with several sidings. hmm, will think on that part. Lots of big plans, but we'll see how time and energy fits in with this dream scenario. And just to give you an idea of how varied trains can get along the real line, here is a Swiss Shunter loco arriving in Gorizia, likely headed to Slovenia to pick up goods. And a less known railway who's acronym comes out as FUC. The loco is a russian protoype diesel. The rail company also owns a taurus. This area has been my source for railway ideas for most of my life.
  14. I am leaning toward waterproof PVA or wood glue. I think Mick is onto something by mentioning that things crack and then it's ruined. Something flexible is needed.
  15. I am always impressed with how all of your "Beasts" look so well weathered. Is the image from a new station you're working on?