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  1. The two parties pretend to be on opposite sides of many issues, but for the most part they support the status quo. They want to keep their jobs. Take any major issue that goes on unsolved. Let say gun control or abortion. If the two parties were to agree that they will never agree, but they can work to mitigate the problem, then the problem is solved to some extent. Lefties want no guns, righties want guns everywhere. How about guns in not all places? or, Yes abortion is horrible, but if we can provide free birth control and education to all women, then maybe we reduce the number of them that happen. But, if they can keep arguing over an unsolvable issue, they can keep the sheep thinking it's some kind of race or footie match. Every few years either side will try to pass laws that they want, if the laws pass they slap themselves on the back and say We WON! if they lose, they blame the other side and say, They made US LOSE! Easter I am planning a work trip. Then more work.
  2. Yeah, I would agree on the whole idea of testing sections. I don;t have DCC right now, but if I had it set up I would likely run busses next to the mainline and isolate small sections with easy on off switches. That way if you get the short, you can turn off all the blocks and then begin turning them on until you notice a short. At least then you know… "It's somewhere in this 10 foot section!" Certain Peco switches will give you a short if you aren't careful. It's the big problem with our online train club; you can't phone Aussiemtrail, or myself, to swing by and help you fix the darned thing. I am sure either one of us would have the trains up and running in a jiffy. I don't know about the dynamis, but one should also consider the issue of resistance. If the load resistance is too high, it may show a fault as well. Try going around with some pliers and crimping all the rail joiners. It could be they are oxidized on the inside and creating resistance that combined with a single loco will tell your DCC unit that it is on it's way to over-heating. -The added resistance from oxide on the connectors could make one engine seem like it is drawing the equivalent of 4 engine's power if it is far from the power source. -place all your points in the straight through position and test the track. Go around and flip each one to curved section and back to see if the fault is coming from a point. -Otherwise, since you do have a short, you may as well start making gaps in the lines every 6 feet or so, starting from a point closest to the power unit and working away. Once you get an isolated section that keeps shorting things, then you know the area of the short and can deduce what the cause is. I keep a bunch of these guys around for testing as I can jumper between circuit sections easily. -or, does your loco have a fault in it? Maybe hook the power to one piece of flex and test the loco by itself. - Do you have a train car that has wheels that are causing the fault? These are obvious suggestions, but this kind of testing is actually that easy. Not assuming you are daft or anything, mind you.
  3. I'm glad you posted it. I'm so sick of people getting all bent out of shape over what scale is being used. I just like a nice railway regardless. Thanks for the movies. Now for some watching! Video numero uno watched: Ok, that vintage tinplate is wonderful to see. All those old figures of people too. The smoke scenes are awesome. It must have taken a lot of time to make this video. And they did a nice job of telling a story as well. Very very nice. I've often eyed older tinplate. I have a few USA outline pieces, a Lionel set and some American flyer pieces. Must remind myself to fix the layout I have and not go all crazy switching scales and tearing out layouts now. I had to go do some searching and reading to figure out what Gauge 1 is. Literally twice the size of my O scale Lionel trains. WOW! I've seen it in some older train books I have. I think I have a facebook friend who is doing garden railways in that scale as well.
  4. No real chance for a refund. The item had halfway decent photos. I just sort of assumed the windows were, well, windows. I will just put it up and sell it myself. Besides, got my eye on another train now. ha ha ha
  5. I don't think anyone should apologize for pictures, duplicate or not. I just wish you had more of them. I am enjoying watching your layout build proceed.
  6. Well my previous response may get deleted. I mean that I may delete it myself after Tony can read it. I'm here because I love trains. In my last post I bragged about how I was getting into modern high speed trains. Well, that has been a complete failure. I didn't really look closely at the images of the train I was buying. So what I got was a set of ETR 485 components. Mine came in individual boxes; they are the same as you see here: Look at those trains. Do you see what is wrong here? I cannot use trains with painted on windows. It goes against my rules. Source: Traingeekboy model train manual/ section 45 ( passenger coaches) / subsection 5 (details) / paragraph 617 (Glazing is mandatory in windows) What the hell is this? I've never encountered such a crap move before. Needless to say these babies are going back to ebay for resale, likely at a loss.
  7. Hi Tony, Well, I think feelings are mixed on Trump. Syria is so complicated anyway, what with the real push in the middle east always having come from big oil companies looking for places to build pipe lines and exploit oil fields. Maybe what is most interesting is the right wing/Alt Right claiming that the chemical bombings never happened. So the right wing which is usually fairly hawkish is very split on Syria. google: Freedom Caucus and you'll see how the right is very split on things within our government too. The left is a bit split too. Most leftists are anti trump on anything he does, so you can expect them to be against it all. I know left wing democrats who are happy that Clinton lost, because they feel she is just part of the evil machine of corrupt government. These are the progressive leftists. I call them Leftistas. The Bernie Sanders followers. The real thing to keep an eye on is the Election Hack. Just follow the money. It's tied up with big oil interests and many other moneyed things like that. I expect we'll see some big revelations there. Maybe we'll see a big cover up too. Many of us are hoping for an impeachment. I am fairly moderate and decide my feelings on politics from issue to issue. It is rather strange that Obama did very little in regard to Syria, I feel there was a small window when he could have aided moderate rebel groups. There are no moderate rebel groups anymore, it's just Assad and Isis and neither is a good choice. Regime change is an ugly process. The USA did that in south America and created truly fascist states. Colonialism has a huge impact on what is going on in the middle east today. That's all regime change in one form or another. Now after a relatively small number of people get killed, remember it's up to almost half a million in this war so far, Trump goes all trigger happy. But the bombings are on runways and aircraft for the most part and according to some reports has changed very little capacity to deliver bombs, so the drama surrounding the bombing is about the act and not the result. Uhm, did I mention that you should follow the money and watch the investigations into Trump's people? I will tell you that the average American isn't very savvy when it comes to being informed. They want TV sound bite black and white instant fixes. Look at the world and you see very complicated situations, I try to read as much as I can and I am still not sure what the best answer is. Hell, I've tried to follow the Brexit stuff in the news and am still unclear about it. Although I suppose I am more left than right, I've watched some of Nigel Farage's commentary over the years about E.U. representatives not being elected and how decisions the E.U. makes are more like edicts and that kind of makes sense to me. Love it or not, Brexit will be an interesting experiment. I expect Germany will sow it up and be the dominant force in europe. So there is that aspect of, once you bow out, you get no say. So how will this affect GB in terms of being a european power, is GB isolating itself? I'm just posing questions. Eh, it's hard to talk politics publicly anymore. I have a lot of friends who are gun owning constitutionalists and others who are gun hating progressive liberals. They are all nice people, so I prefer to avoid discussing things like this. I know my own opinions don't match any existing party anyway. Ok, I will come out and say that I consider Trump to be a narcissistic idiot who has no real understanding of how politics work. I feel embarrassed that he is the president. I still deal with this feeling of shame as an American in regard to how the rest of the world must see him. I don;t really expect him to do anything with great depth in regard to world politics. His golf game should be getting better though.
  8. It looks great. Love the thyme plants.
  9. Maybe we should create a catenary making discussion and gather any useful info there. I;m still not sure what materials or tools to use. I suppose I could torch some together out of brass, but it would need a hotter flame than a tiny soldering iron like we use for electrical work. At the same time, I am always willing to explore other materials: brass is expensive compared to other things.
  10. Thanks Mick! Yeah, still working on a historical film the past 4 years or so. Hoping to be done with it in another year. I've been eyeing a small train set I have and thinking I may have to put the set track together on the dining table so I can get a little running session in. Sometimes you have to settle for what's easiest.
  11. I have been absent a bit. Wanted to ask about those coaches you had to grind down the end buffers on. Are those the ones we all got via that train magazine? I have 3 still in their blister packs. I'll have to give them the work over if it's the same ones. Something about your big station area gives me this strange tingly feeling in my brain. Reminds me of being a kid riding through stations in Italy. I don't know what it is, but you've captured something that really evokes memories for me. It is a really uncanny tingly feeling in my brain that I can't seem to put my finger on. I hope I can do the same on my station redo.
  12. Yeah. I would not even consider making it operable. But it adds so much when you have it for european trains.
  13. You really can't go wrong with BLI. What an awesome beast.
  14. Well I am very impressed. I doubt I would have the will power or pocket book power for all the catenary you plan to build. The kato stuff I saw in a previous post would not last out doors. Plastics just won't hold up. I will try to get some photos of my switch engines/point motors from outdoors, they are all melted and curled from the sun. I have been doing a lot of research on Linea aerea for FS. I had a really good link a while back of a prototype pole dimension, but that link seems to be dead now. This site has some modeling info though: http://www.webalice.it/trissa/Linea_aerea_italiana.html I think your catenary is going to be the real hurdle in building your layout. So much mainline = so much catenary! I will be curious to hear what you do for it, as I am still pondering how to get some for my garden railway as well.
  15. Hey Mick, Just peered through what I've missed on your layout. It looks great. I won't show you the debris field that is my layout. I did post some updates about my recent second hand consumerism on my thread. Seems a shame about that Bittern not running right. Is it just not picking up electrical contact off the rails? Maybe it needs a running in on an oval of sectional track for a couple hours. I need to do that with some of my newer locos. Otherwise, maybe you could rig a coach to have extra pickup ups and just jumper the loco to the coach with alligator clips. Seems a real shame not to see that loco howling down the rails if you ask me. The Forum looks great as always. As far as all the old photos are concerned, maybe you just don't update it. Not sure where you are on that, but it seems like a royal pain in the... Anyway, It's taken me a bit to get on the new site, but I am still here. Even If I'm not building my own empire, I wiil still cheer on all the rest of the guys in their efforts. To be honest, my life has just been consumed with a project I am working on. All I do is think about it. So train time is more of a couch day dream method these days. Griff