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  1. The website upgrade is now fully complete. I have removed all files associated with the old forum in order to maintain security of the website and replaced the new forum back into the root of the domain so that the forum is once again accessible directly from I have added a redirect so that anyone attempting to access using will be helped along their way. I'll leave that in place for a short time to give everyone chance to discover the changes.
  2. The fate of the 'Video Gallery' has yet to be decided. Lots of links to videos makes pages very slow to load and we now load 20 posts per page rather than the previous 10. I'll see how things go before making any decision. It would be ideal if they could be incorporated into the Photo Gallery - will see what's possible. The Photo Gallery will display main images at a maximum of 1600px wide by 1200px deep so any images uploaded in excess of that size will be automatically resized. Likewise, images added as attachments are also automatically resized and the original uploaded image discarded. Yes, thanks for that Iain - a setting I had overlooked. Everyone had a default setting of ZERO storage which would prevent members sending or receiving PMs. It's been sorted now.
  3. Tony I've created an album for you in the Gallery, put your 4 photos in it, and reinserted the 3 into your post above. I have no idea why they disappeared but they should be showing again now.
  4. If, rather than searching through the entire forum, you're looking for a way to find only those posts you haven't yet read then here's a way to do it. (Please let me know if this doesn't work for you!) Referencing the screengrab image above, Click the ACTIVITY tab, select 'UNREAD CONTENT', click the 'READ STATUS' tab and then ensure the tick marks are as in the above image, with 'Content I haven't read' and 'Unread item links take me to the first unread comment' selected. Now look to the right for the button 'SAVE AS NEW STREAM'. Click it and give your selections a name such as 'My Unread Content' and then click the CREATE STREAM button. Once that's done, in order to access the results of your new stream settings you click the ACTIVITY tab and then select MY ACTIVITY STREAMS. If you look at the screengrab below you'll see that your newly created stream 'MY UNREAD CONTENT' is listed under 'Custom Streams'. Viewing unread content should then take you to the last unread post rather than to the first page of a post as before.
  5. Can I just make everyone aware that it will be necessary in the near future to remove all images from our old Photo Gallery in order to save server space. I do have copies of all the images that members have uploaded but they are all in one single batch without any indication of ownership other than the actual image itself. Please note that removing the old Photo Gallery will not affect the images included in any posts on this new forum - either recently made or those posted years ago . I have just made sure that, where images were previously linked to the old Photo Gallery, they have now been included as attachments. Where users have previously made posts which included images not located on our forum (i.e photo's on Photobox or other online storage sites etc) then they have been left as they were. I would add that having worked my way through the whole site, it is much better if you include images as attachments to your posts rather than linking to them located elsewhere but that's for you to decide.
  6. I have now done just about all I'm going to do with the older threads. I think every single category, other than our 'Members Garden Layouts' has been gone through and all images reattached, strilke-through text removed, and those non-existant 'poll' questions deleted. I'm not sure that all previously user-added links will work but I'm not too concerned about those. At least we have our forum back up and running as before but now with a much improved user interface. As I've mentioned before, usually when there's a major change of software the easiest way is to start over from scratch with a completely blank board but I'm pleased to say we've managed to keep it all together. As for the remainder of the 'Members Garden Layouts', I will probably see to those if they see further use. I'm almost certain I have done all our most popular threads. I've spent a week or so now going through the entire forum and I've think I must have reviewed almost every single post ever posted and every single photo ever attached. It's been a headache to be honest, but I have so enjoyed looking back over what we've all done and it's thanks to you all for being part of it and sharing what you've been up to. I'm looking forward to seeing what more you are able to add.
  7. I've just gone through this thread to reinstate missing images and so on and it's reminded me just how good this layout is. Some stunning photographs and very realistic scenery. I think it deserves to be 'featured' so you can all take another look.
  8. There's been very little user activity on the forum whilst I've been messing around with it but as I've already said, don't let that put you off. I would really like everyone to embrace the new software - it's much better than before, really. The whole appearance is improved, inserting links adds a more professional feel, and attaching photos is straightforward too. There's absolutely no reason why anything should ever have to change again so feel free to add what you wish. Use the Gallery to highlight your construction or your workbench activities - the Gallery especially is very much improved on what we had to manage with before. As for what I've managed to complete so far, well I've now done just about every thread in the 'Garden Railway Techniques' section and reattached all missing images. I'm sure many of the posts will never see any further activity but they're done anyway - it makes the forum appear lived in. I'll continue making my way through the other sections until all missing images have been reinstated. There's still quite a number of Members Layout threads to deal with but as they usually contain the most posts I've still done just the main ones. I'll do others as and when I can but I may decide to archive some of the older less-used ones unless the owner comes forward before that time arrives.
  9. Yes, as expected, it's different Tony, but it's still pretty easy to understand. I've added some basic instructions for adding photographs to the gallery along with some screen grabs so you'll know what to expect. I have to say that I believe if you just want to add a photo to a post then it's easy to add it as an attachment but that's your choice.
  10. Hi Thomas I've sorted through your thread after the recent forum upgrade but I am unable to do anything with the images in your first couple of posts. Sorry. You might try editing them and inserting the images as attachments instead?
  11. Yes that was me under my 'admin' guise Tony. Don't worry about it. Most of the threads had double images posted but you went one better. It's something to do with the way you posted attachments and the way the forum 'converter' interpreted that. I think you'll find the new forum is a marked improvement - I certainly have. I must admit that when I discovered the task involved in transferring the forum over I almost did what others have done before me and started afresh but I'm glad I persevered now. I can see things coming together. Happy posting!
  12. Okay, so I've continued working my way through the most popular forums - the ones that see regular interest. I've done some of our layout threads and completed the entire Workbench & Members Loco's & Rolling Stock categories. Wherever possible I've copied images from the old forum and added them again as attachments on the new one. It's become clear that almost every attached image has been inserted twice on almost all threads other than Tony's 'Camdale Layout' thread where they appear three times! I've deleted all the duplicates which must be a great relief to the server! I've uploaded a few of my images to albums in the new Gallery so that it doesn't remain empty for too long. From my brief and limited experience with the new forum software I'm coming to the conclusion that where you wish to include images within forum posts it is better to add them as attachments and use the Gallery simply as a Gallery for displaying photos of your work. If you have a lot of images in the Gallery then going through the list to find the ones to attach to a forum post can take some doing - but it's not impossible. I may decide to archive any threads that have been unused for some time. There seems little point in spending time reformatting those that might never see the light of day again. Perhaps I'll just leave them until the original author returns to them? I have no date set for when the old forum will cease to be accessible but please ensure you have copies of any photographs you might wish to save. I will maintain copies here but they'll only be ones that have been resized for display on the forum.
  13. I've almost lost the will to live How on earth have you managed to get 3 of every attached image inserted in your posts!! All the offenders have been eliminated Tony. Your clear to carry on.
  14. Iain. Thread reformatted and sorted for any missing images/links.
  15. Just sorted through the entire thread after forum upgrade and made sure all images are displaying correctly. It's served to bump the thread back up the page where it rightly belongs!