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  1. Hi chaps Here is a short report on testing of the Ratio plastic lever frame. As I feared if there is any resistance in the prodding or Bowden cable the bottom linkage within the lever unit will break. However the system works well with signals which are pulled off by cord and screw eye method. I have made up a battery powered, switch controlled servo unit to try. Same Bowden cable and cord system just an electro mechanical operating system. Dave
  2. Hi traingeekboy I am working on a stand alone battery powered servo control for my point and signal rodding. Tam valley are indeed very good. They can be dcc activated or push button using a small button board. The boards I am using for my new unit are from a friend of mine in Ireland. dcc-decoders.com he makes a lot of dcc devices and modules of his own design. My boards are not on his site as they are new. They cost me 18€ each, and move a servo through 90 degrees. What are you wanting to achieve? If you are going for the advanced roundy roundy with full points and signal control as in your dreams or a simpler version, All is possible. If I can offer any advice I'm happy to do so. Cheers Dave
  3. For Dropbox read soapbox. Flipping predicted text.
  4. Hi All There is one thing wrong with winter in my view. Apart from the cold rain snow and long nights. It gives us all far to long to think about our railways. Now that spring is here and we can get back to our beloved hobby. Trouble is all those long nights have resulted in loads of designs for extensions, sidings new stations and the like. I must have been very board 'caus I have loads to build. Makes winter all worthwhile. I have replaced all points for express points, point control prodding (Bowden cables) installed as is the signal operating cord. I will update my thread in ground frame control topic under general questions. I will also add some pics once I've sorted out the uploading issues. Dave
  5. Hi I can't seem to upload images. I can select them from soapbox, it starts to upload but says that there was a problem uploading the file. This happens when I try to add photos to a post as well. Any ideas? Cheers Dave
  6. Hi Guys A kit to remotely operate a signal (ratio 250) is around £5 each, they come with extra parts like cord and screw eyes. I have got hold of some Ratio 134 kits they have 2 levers only also around £5. I found ebay a good source.
  7. Hi Stese I completely take on board TheQ's comments regarding downpipe. I have the same restrictions. For my layout I have used the 50mm ground spikes with the trackbead at a height of 2 foot or 600mm. For the baseboard I used the budget deck boards from Wickes diy as they have a plain side. Have a look at new member new layout thread in this category. Its been up for nearly a year and still solid. When I joined this forum last year, one piece of advice amongst many was to enjoy your adventure. It is brilliant fun this garden railway lark. Cheers, Dave.
  8. Hi guys Having carried out my tests on the Ratio signal levers and the Mercontrol lever frame. I have come to the consultation that I prefer the Ratio levers. They look better and are more comfortable to operate. The metal frame of the Mercontrol is extremely fiddly to use as the levers are so close together. I have made up a 12 lever frame using a pair of Maplin boxes and paperclips for control rods. All the levers are Ratio 250 remote control kits. As soon as the weather is good enough I will try it out. I will report back soon.
  9. Hi Shaun I will read your thread with interest, I think that possibilities are endless with the advancement of nanotechnology. However back to the old technology. Before installing the servos last year. I fitted the point controll wire through the baseboard and bearing to see how the winter affected it. I used the same wire as I have used indoors (a paper clip) . Although they all still move some are much stiffer than they should be. I think brass rod is the answer. Still it was a worthwhile test. I did fit one servo to see if it would survive the winter. No problem, still as free as a bird. Very encouraging. Dave
  10. Mick, I have been reading your thread of last year, on kadee couplings. You indicated that you wanted remote decoupling. Maybe we could extend this system to activate a Hornby decoupling ramp, in place of the point motor. I'm going to try it on my carriage sidings. Meanwhile I'll rig one up on my test board.
  11. I do intend to use fishing line outside. I have bought a reel of 3lb line and a pack of small screw eyes. I will have to make a tool to fit the screw eyes to the baseboard as they are fiddely to hold. If it is dry this weekend I'll have a go at fitting the two signals with the longest run, about 20 feet each. I will of course let you know how it goes.
  12. Further updates. The Mercontrol groundframe has arrived. A sturdy cast metal frame with brass levers. These levers are a bit flimsy but seem to work fine. I have made up a test rig with a point to try it out. The piece of blue tube going under the track is a cotton bud with the cotton ends cut off. I think this project has legs but further testing is required. One thing I did find was that net curtain wire has become thinner. I have had to buy 1mm Bowden cable inner as my 1.5mm doesn't fit in the new curtain wire. I have not given up with the ratio levers yet, I do prefer the look of them. Once I get a long cable fitted on the railway to control a point 12 foot away I'll have a better idea. Any thoughts would be very welcome. Cheers Dave.
  13. Hi Guys Well my Ratio 250 signal lever kits and the 1.5mm cable have arrived. Whilst waiiting I did some research as to how other modellers were doing it. It seems that Mick's comments regading the cord fraying were well founded. Apparently a good alternative to the cord is fishing line running through dolls house screw eyelets. A small weight is fixed to the signal end of the line and routed through the baseboard just beyond the signal. This keeps the line taught. Regarding the Bowden cable, I researched a suitable tube to run the cable in. I found a brilliant suggestion..... net curtain wire! That springy plastic covered stuff. My 1.5mm cable fits inside it a treat, as it's teflon coated it has low friction. I have made up a test rig to try my Bowden cable idea. It all works well. I do have concerns however, there is a weak point where the lever meets the actuator. If there is any resistance in the cable I think it will break. For this reason I'm going to use the Ratio lever and fishing line for signals . During my trolling various websites for info I came across a metal lever frame made by Mercontrol and sold by Lychett manor models. They come in 4, 6 and 8 lever frames and looks like they can be joined together. I have ordered the 6 way costing £18. More updates when it arrives. If anyone has any more info or experience of this type of system I would be most interested. Dave.
  14. Thanks Mick I have ordered some Ratio 250 kits and the 1.5mm Bowden cable. I'll keep you updated on my progress. Dave
  15. Hi all I am considering using the Ratio remote signal control lever kit and Bowden type cable to control points . I have six points to control all fairly close to each other. Using the Ratio levers as a ground frame and the Bowden cable to control the points. Any tips and advice gratefully received. Dave.