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  1. That's interesting. Thanks Rossi, I'll go back and have another read through. Although mine is only a Hornby Railroad (so the dangly bit doesn't dangle as much), I have been focusing on what the wheels are fouling to cause the problem, not the other bits surrounding the wheels... Worth looking into
  2. Only the Dean Single is tri-ang, the main culprit is a modern hornby class 47 - I couldn't see any evidence of either riding up onto the checkrail. Odd, shall keep investigating....
  3. Thanks for the reply chaps, I'll invest in a gauge and see what the results are. To be honest I'm not 100% convinced it would be that as the Dean Single has the old Tri-ang style wheels on the front bogey where the wheels can freely move apart. Still, I'm not ruling anything out so worth a shot! Managed to get a decent amount of running with the boy today by using the inner loop (avoiding the crossover) and snipping the bits that I'd soldered in to join the rails (eliminating shorts). All in all a good afternoon - faith restored in the hobby!
  4. Hello all, this is a desperate callout for help as I'm about ready to give up on this bloody hobby of ours. Can anyone here see anything obviously wrong with this crossover (specifically the rout from top right to bottom left). My class 47 and tri-ang Dean Single constantly catch the frog so going over it at anything other than a crawl results in a derailment, and Ben's 0-6-0 Thomas tends to cause a short (but doesn't derail). At first I thought it could have been down to the curve leading into the crossing as it appeared to have a minor kink, but I replace this section with a Hornby Radius 4 set track piece and the issue still remains. Getting on my hands and knees to get a good look at it while manually pushing the loco over the crossing towards me, it's almost as if it's front-right wheel wants to pull to the right and join the other track but just catches the frog instead. Any help appreciated as I was out with Ben for a good 5 hours yesterday on the layout and wasn't once able to just sit back and enjoy the trains with him. Feeling a bit deflated to be honest...
  5. Popped into my local model shop today with the intention of just buying some loco oil (which turned out to be a waste of time, but that's another thread...) and ended up walking away with an old Tri-ang Dean Single and 4472 from their "bargain bin". Suggest you don't have the sound on too loud for this one, it could do with a service
  6. This weekend has seen a new addition to the garden railway - a £40 new Class 47 from ebay. I'm amazed at the difference with these modern locos, ran as smooth as a nut straight from the box with no track cleaning required! All my other locos need the track as shiny as anything One day I'll remember which side of the tracks the trains run in the uk...
  7. Hi Steve The motor shield is used to boost the DCC logic signal to the correct voltage - the arduino is powered through USB at only 5v, whereas the shield can be run at whatever you like. Those blue terminals on the left of the motor shield are DC in, Output A and Output B - the signal to the main running track goes through output A and the programming track goes through output B. Have a watch of the following, hope this helps: Shaun
  8. Yep, I still have my 'Made in Great Britain' Thomas too from when I was 4. He may be battered, lost his face (and a buffer) and have some weird rear suspension issue going on, but he's my Thomas and the boy isn't allowed near him
  9. Cat? Not a chance! I'm very much on the dog side of the debate! That right there is the remnants of a cuddly toy fox - our dog can't have any toys for more than 10 minutes without being "killed", ripped apart and then dragged outside. Even the 'indestructible' toys only last about 30 minutes. What type of dog do we have that can do that? A pitbull? A staffy? No, a Poodle Basset cross!! Thanks, I'm still not sure if that's how it will remain though, I wanted it to be a bit more of a gentle split than it has ended up being. Probably should have gone with RH points instead. The flextrack haven't been bonded yet so I'll have a play, but that space on the left of the track as it is now does give possibility of a line-side building to hide decoders in...
  10. Thanks Mick, they're not exactly running at scale speed but that's what you get when you hand over control to a two year old I guess! Where the points join at the bottom of the picture (which have had the rails bonded), it has electrically connected the inner and outer loop for now so both trains were running off the same power supply, meaning I couldn't independently control their speed
  11. I'll be following this thread with interest Dave. I've just built a command station using an Arduino Mega (see separate thread in Control section) and I'm now looking into using Arduino mini's to build accessory decoders. I was at first thinking of using central locking motors for point control, but I'm seriously thinking about the servos now as they use so much less power and are cheap enough if they die in the elements. Shaun
  12. Thanks very much! Welcome
  13. It's been a lovelly day today so I've managed to get outside for the first time of the year - winter and Doris have not been good to the garden! Still, after a bit of tidying and creosoting of the shed it would have been rude not to get the trains out. As you'll see on the seperate DCC++ thread I've managed to get it built and working, so I'm really rather chuffed. I didnt't test it out on the layout though as I only have JMRI (the DCC software) installed on my desktop and not on my laptop, I'll be getting that sorted ready for the next good weather day. Good afternoon out, enjoyed it