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  1. I'm no expert on the construction of batteries themselves, however from what I know leisure batteries use thicker heavier plates that are of a more active compound. Starters use more surface area to give that higher short period current. Generally I'd agree with Roddy's assessment of the two main types of batteries as to their use. Going via an inverter to control a model railway is an electrically expensive way of doing it as there are losses, converting 12v to 230v and back down again. However using a Car battery doesn't give you 100% of a mains supplied system first they are charged at up to 15.6 volts, although a floating voltage of about 13.5 V for long term charging is required. Although called 12V power supplies, oo gauge controllers actually put out up to 16v, so if you want to run flat out you'll find your top speed limited unless you use more electronics to up the battery voltage. I could quite easily see a battery supplied, solar charged, model railway system, working quite well. Say allowing for losses you need 3 Amps 12v supplied to the controller an extreme 10 hour running session ( single loco) would use 30Amp hours A 150 amp hour leisure battery has about 120AH available to use so you'd only use 25% of its capacity. How often you could do that would depend on your charging capacity, the more full discharges of any type of battery the shorter its life. Jimbob, Putting a jig saw on a 300w inverter is pushing it somewhat, most jigsaws are 500W or more you could easily blow your inverter. Personally I always would over rate inverters by at least 50%. For the boat below I will eventually get a 5kW continuously rated inverter to run a 3kW kettle!!! I have about 600w of nominally 12v solar panels, charging 24, 2v batteries of 500AH. This will power my 27ft motor boat for about 4 to 5 hours on the Norfolk Broads. However If I'm going that far I'll wind up the 4kW generator, batteries are expensive so I don't want too many cycles taken out of them. Short trips the solar panels can look after..
  2. Not all parts of the UK are that wet, I'm lucky enough to live somewhere near the east coast, where we only get about 26 inches of rain. Wood rot is still significant!!
  3. I'm using Servos on the points indoors they cost about £1 each, waterproof servos appear to be about £6 for outdoors. With servos you don't need the spring, not that that affects me as all the points will be handmade Copperclad with power switching done by a switch attached to the servo. That DCC++ site is interesting, my previous plan had been to use a pc as the signal generator, with a current source fed from it. That circuit using an Arduino would be much more compact .
  4. I've just been reviewing ballast glue threads on this site and elsewhere, I've also reviewed a few of the specifications of the various glues. I previously said I prefer latex glues indoors and now I'm thinking i agree with previous comments that SBR is the way to go. SBR which is a latex glue for outdoors. It is weatherproof except for not being light resistant. I'm thinking any under the ballast would be hidden from the sun and therefore that would not not be affected. SBR has the advantage also of not being hugely expensive it's about £18 for 5 ltr.
  5. PVA sets really hard, as do most wood glues. It's one of the strange things people lay cork on the ply to reduce noise on indoor layouts and then they use PVA glue which sets rock hard, defeating the object. For in the shed I'm planning to use latex glues, for outdoors I'm thinking possibly, silicon sealant a thin layer with the ballast and track pushed in. There is a possibility of polyurethane glues, but it's known to foam if conditions aren't right.
  6. The board you called chipboard is in the UK known as Stirling board, or Oriented Strand Board and comes in several varieties. Versions OSB1 and OSB2 are for dry conditions only, OSB 3 and 4 can take humidity. For a shed I would use OSB 3, however none are waterproof, on any of them edges definately need painting, especially outside. I do hope those wooden bearers supporting the shed are not directly on the ground, if they are, then even if they are treated wood there is a good chance you'll get rot in ten years or so... I bought my first 20ft shed and assembled it myself, I found the quality poor poor and realised i could do better myself so the other 36ft ish I've built myself. Decorator caulk while flexible is probably not flexible enough for a shed as the wood will age, shrink and move. Although OSB is more dimensionally stable than conventional wood. I used silicon sealant, much more flexible, however it doesn't take paint very well. In the UK we can get wooden, metal or plastic sheds, metal has the problem of internal condensation due to our humid rainy climate. Plastic sheds are more expensive. Good luck with getting your shed sorted, time to go out to mine....
  7. Morning, the 3 Rivers Race went well last week, due the state of the tide and wind , we on Hickling Broad saw the first boat at about 14:00 and the last boat at about 22:00, with all but six between 17:00 and 21:00. Due to the wind dying early overnight very odd situations occurred with very slow, on handicap, boats beating very fast on handicap boats on the water!!!! It was overall a very successful race. Today I'm hoping to lay another dozen or so foundation blocks for the wall the railway will actually run on!!!! Something of a milestone this, this is on one side of the patio where the tracks approach the nearest point to the mobile home. A key block was laid last weekend which is the starting point for that particular line of wall, all I have to do now is join the dots/ blocks. Once all the foundations blocks are in then the walls / viaducts themselves shouldn't take too long. I reckon I have another 60 blocks to place, unfortunately in the last year they've gone up 25% to 50% in price ouch.... About £300 that lot before building the actual walls, viaducts care looking more popular more holes less blocks!!!
  8. Morning , Well no garden work this weekend I'll be sitting in a Motorboat on Hickling Broad. This weekend is "The 3 Rivers Race" one of the ten toughest mass participation evens in the UK. Up to 150 boats( this year 90 -ish) starting in ten boat fleets from Horning Sailing club every 5 minutes from 11:00 tomorrow Saturday the 3rd Jun 2017. They have to sail 54 miles, under 3 bridges (twice under each). There are four legs to the course and you may choose to go round in any order you like and it's tidal. Getting the tide right at two key points, Potter Heigham Bridge and the lower Bure Buoy can mean the difference between doing well or even not finishing. I'm controlling a guardship, of which, there are ten scattered round the course each with their own rescue boat. The guardships role is to count all the boats going past and radio each one back to control. Advise control of any retirements and of course provide rescue cover. Here is the website, which includes more details of the race and there are webcams around the course so you can see whats going on.. just click on web cams to see the waters, 5 running at the moment hopefully the 6th will be up shortly.
  9. It is sad news from Manchester today. my thoughts are with all those involved. The fanatics of all sides, fail to read the basic rules of their, Bible / Torah / Koran. ie the Ten Commandments, which is in all of them. The prime rule they ignore being. THOU SHALT NOT KILL.
  10. Yet another weekend of concreteing, 1.5 tons laid in the raised patio area, the roof of the corridor between the tin shed and the Railway shed has been completed. Approval had been sought and got so that when I finish this section of the raised patio, I will then finish the path out to the Garden railway and then turn 90 degrees path that will go along side 20ft of it.. Of course the wall to hold the concrete in will need to be built, and it just happens the railway will run on top of that. Back in the political world the ukip Candidate in the Scottish election came out with one interesting comment ( not the exact words), the only thing She (Ms Sturgeon), wants is independance from Britain while becoming subservient to the EU, which is not logical. The green candidate said he was totally against capitalism, which means he's communist, as I have always thought, the Greens are the Communist party painted a different colour.. Meanwhile Corbyn, is trying to buy the students votes, a bit too obviously...
  11. I'm glad you got to Ludgershall, it's a trip I need to make again soon, as I'm modelling Ludgershall station. Unfortunately there is little left now of the station, the civilian side is under houses, and the military / goods yard has been extensively remodeled. I'd have loved to arrive at Ludgershall by train with my grandfather's GWR pass, J.B.Pointon, Ganger, Ludgershall.
  12. Well the concreting was done till I ran out of supplies. I've since been and got another ton, luckily as I arrived at the DIY shed they were selling 25kg bags of sand and cement off because they were out of date £1 a bag half a ton later the landrover was loaded up!! And I've been back since. Still not much done on the garden railway as I'm pushing one to get the patio and pathway completed, the inside the shed works have continued when it's raining / my back has had enough of concrete.. Well the election continues , I had vast amounts of stuff from the orange team, a small amount from the blue team and nothing from anyone else. Anyone would think the orange team are worried about the loss of their sitting candidate to the blue team. With the Purple team having withdrawn, if all their votes went to the blue team the Blues would win here. Corbyn never seems to not amaze me with his historical version of labour, spend every pound you can and make no credible explanation of where it will come from. He pretends to be a friend of the poor, something he has never been. He went to private school and then grammer school, something he wishes to deny others. Even with two divorces he and his well hidden third wife are millionaires, the average house price for the area where he lives is £800,000. His prime supporter in parliament Diane Abbott sends her children to private schools Event though Blair and Brown pretended to be on the right of their party, they increased the government spending every year until two years before the crash they were spending more money than was coming in. Something labour governments have always done. In times of boom you are supposed to pay off debt.....
  13. Just caught up on this thread, Sorry to hear of your loss, Many people seem to be able to hold on to see someone before they go. There is a similar thread with a railway modeller on another forum at the moment. Minor notes about previous postings, The Russians have their own oil and gas they export it, what they want is the Syrian port which gives them a military harbour in the Mediterranean. The longest journey I've done in the UK is from the Outer Hebridies to Norwich Via Letchworth it took about twenty four hours!!! Though admittedly after the first two hours there was about 5 hours kip on a ferry, which I needed, I'd just done a 12 hour night shift!! My own railway shed, is built with vast amounts of storage under the Layout, the layout itself is being built like a show layout, all the boards are removable to work on. Meaning no getting under to work on the electrics, and all that space underneath is not wasted. Rather than building a lower railway, consider building a removeable / hinged horizontally or vertically, bridge to access your veggie patch, You gain another point of interest and you save your back from grovelling down to clean the track... Hope my textual meanders help Q
  14. Morning, not much has been going on with the garden side of the railway, because a huge amount has been going on inside the shed. The previously mentioned lighting and wiring was completed, ten foot by 10 foot of shed ceiling was installed and another 10 ft of planking has been painted ready for installation. 20ft of layout supports have been installed, one old chest of draws, an old cupboard, and an old box storage unit have been built in so far. Ten slide out plastic trays have their own shelves, the true are just deep enough for a loco and big enough for a dozen carriages. Todays work, weather permitting, is more concrete laying for the raised patio, time permitting, work on the path to the wall the railway will sit on will continue. Back in the shed on Sunday, for less strenuous work putting that ceiling up. We've had a total of 4 rat holes eaten through the shed floor, these have been repaired, breeze blocks have now been dug in all the way round blocking their routes under the shed. I must say I expected UKIPs vote to reduce but this amount of collapse wasn't, neither was the amount of labour collapse. What was also a surprise was the conservative resurgence in Scotland. With the SNP having moved steadily leftwards over the past 20 years taking labours ground. There are many mildly SNP supporters who were on the right of the political world now wondering where to go. This amount of swing to the conservatives will probably go against them in the general election, as more labour will come out to vote as a reaction to the council votes, and some conservative voters won't bother to come out as they think it's a done deal... Right time to put the overalls on, there's a bonfire to light as the wind is away from the neighbours thatched roof, then get the concrete mixer out.
  15. This week I start my weekend tale on Friday or actually the previous weeks Thursday 23rd April night at a friends house while I was not there. Late in that evening Harry was getting comfortable in his reclining armchair in the living room, which by now was his bed. He'd had cancer for several years and 3 months before the hospital had stopped all chemo etc as there was no more they could do. His wife covered him with a blanket, said good night, and got no reply. He had slipped into unconciousness, half an hour late he had died. So last Friday they were not at the Model railway club, but this week she came, she is actually the railway enthusiast. I spent 3 hours chatting to her which I think she needed, shortly after she gave me a bottle of Laproiag whisky from his collection knowing I drink malts. We also discussed the fate of Harry's railway, Harry had got bored at the model railway club while his wife was involved with the railways, and he got the opportunity to buy one. This model railway was built on the Isle of Tiree, just 60miles from the Islay distillery of Laproiag. It was built by a retired electronics engineer whos sister lived next door to Harry here in Norfolk. When the engineer died it was extracted from being built into an upstairs bedroom, down some narrow stairs across by ferry and driven the long journey to Norfolk. For the last 2 years I have been simplifying the electronics, so Harry could use it and removed over 30 circuit boards from the underside!!! we had it running at a club show last year where, because the layout is called Tiree I was kilted up appropriately. Since then we have cut the boards in half to fit their car, and I divided the still considerable wiring underneath with plugs and sockets. Harry did the woodwork this entailed and they both started restoring the landscape. I asked Hazel what she wished to do with the layout and offered to buy it if she wished to sell, saying she could take her time with a decision. But after a few thoughts she GAVE it too me. Her own interest is the London overground railways of where she was brought up and so a Scottish fictional layout didn't really fit in with her plans. Next week we will sort out the pile of stuff under the railway on the table at the club, so she can have Harry's tools and anything personnal, I'll then sort out what to do with the rest. Half of the railway will come home to make more room in the clubhouse and I will work on board by board restoring the model swaping with those at home where appropriate. when restored. the model railway sign will say TIREE, In memory of MR D.H. Clark, and MR H. Nudd. Since then I've opened the bottle and raised a glass to Harry...whos funeral will be April 11th their 40th wedding aniversary.