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  1. Part two of modifying the first station module and spiral corner module, the first two pics are what I be modelling with the arches of the road 3 lanes both sides and a bus lane works out 20 inches wide big span will look good when finished being wanting to do this for ages till I was having trouble bolting the two modules together a lot more work but worth it in the end. The next two sets of pics of the bus lane I be modelling .will need lots more buses and people can buy them in packs of 500, the last two pics are of with the lift out section out showing the access path way to the suburban platforms and long distance platforms, looking at the last pic bottom left hand side is what I have planned, going to be pure awesome instead of just having modules joined together... Enjoy the pics, Tony from down under keeping on moving ahead.
  2. How as every ones Easter break I had a busy two days on the layout, some big changes happening on the spiral corner module and first station module, instead of having to much module tops I decided to modify the two modules to make way for two rail bridges over a 6 lane land road, bus lane and pathway tunnels both sides of the road will look heaps better, the suburban rail bridge will have three arches. The spiral module I will module I will replace the pine sides with 100mmx12mm ply sides this weekend so the road can be screwed to underneath the corner module, will be changing the way the first curve decking of the spiral bolts to the corner module as well. Since I be modelling two station scenes on my station modules I will post East Perth terminal first and what I have planned modelling Sydney next post.. Fist pic looking down the two modules, second pic you can see the piece of ply with the new piece added on, that will change because I bought an off cut piece of ply to replace it cutting it out today, third of East Perth Station, where the station is going and how the third track is laid down for Sydney's suburban first platform being an island platform worked out well for East Perth's suburban island platform.. More pics to follow after the weekend , planning a four track staging yard till the second stage of the station complex are build then I can stat on Sydney Central station building huge job ahead, the EP station building will look pretty close to the real building. Tony from down under keeping on moving ahead.
  3. Hi Thomas, your new project is going to look awesome when finished can't wait to see it, I am planning the same type of scene on tbe lower level S bend of the spiral modelling a flood plain, the US do that a lot they go right across a lake ,like that.. How was your Easter break go anywhere I spend a couple of days working on my corner spiral module big changes there, bought some off cut ply to replace the piece I joined onto the lift out ply section on the first station module and a piece big enough to cut out and build the first span of my double deck cable stay bridge, I marked out the side framing of the bridge a couple days back want to see the train on th second level. Posting the latest pics on post after here. Tony from down under keeping on moving ahead
  4. Hi Rossi, how was your Easter, did you get away for the 4 days, interesting talk about the fish plates I have been using the same joiners from a few layouts back, don't rely on the track joiners what I call them,, every piece of tack I have soldered feeder wires to no problems be best sine my layout is quite a layout when finely finished, getting there, could you please take some pics of what you did to fix those coaches from build a train set. I thing they pulled the plug on those mags, I asked our News Agent about them and that is what they told me, I have 8 of those coaches am thinking about replacing the bogies to Bachman bogies with better steel wheels , worth the effort as they are a good coach. It is cooling down here of a morning could be a cooler winter . I am looking into a new winter project, have got interested into modelling those RO,RO truck ferries and one I am looking into building goes to the Cannery Islands the ship is French owned now it will be a water line model and I will sit it passing under my double deck cable stay bridge back of the layout, being working on the bridge modelling the Oresund Cable Stay bridge between Denmark and Sweden awesome bridge. Tony from down under keeping on moving ahead.
  5. Happy Easter Jim, great you got some of your layout up and running to run trains, don't forget some pics and video, what was causing the issue, my friend was telling my that points and cause havoc with DCC , he said he is using fog points will ask him again when I see him next.to make sue. Tony from cool 16 degrees down under keeping on moving ahead.
  6. Happy Easter Jon, pure awesome the afternoon run video clips of your big boys and cab forward steamies, I am on the con to by Athearn's UP FEF 4-8-4, 844 steamie make a nice Christmas present indeed. My layout is coming along slowly working on the front spiral corner module yesterday and today. while waiting for the grass to dry out, I have 36vot battery tools and the mower doesn't like wet grass. Tony
  7. Had a busy day yesterday on the layout working on the front spiral corner module and did achieve a lot took the legs off and recut them was having trouble joining the module to the station first module, have decided to yet again modify the corner module by cutting it back a foot on the suburban track turning that line into a bridge and cutting 18inches of the temporary mainline on the western side of the module. The next plan is to join that 18inch piece to the 30inch piece of lift out ply top on the first station module, in pic 3 where the tape measure is that section lifts out Today I will be pulling the track off where the corner module be cut back and joining up the two modules soldering the fish plates to the track so I can lift out the track on the first station module, being thinking about doing this for a while until yesterday when I was having trouble, the new lift out section be 4feet long and come off when storing the first station module making it lighter to pick up. How has every ones Easter going so fay, have a great Easter, sadly I wont have half of the layout up and running as planned by April aiming for the end of June, wiring is taking a lot longer. Tony from cool down under keeping on moving ahead
  8. Evening Jim, funny that you saying get all your winter project done, it is my turn to do so, cool morning here being down to 8 degrees earlier this wee.k 12 this morning to a nice day, we are still have days with 30 degrees. DCC can be a pain may be you have to redo your wiring again but do it for DC as well, this time what I suggest is when doing you circuits for DCC you wire in a car light bulb if that comes on you then can find where the short is and the rest of your layout can still run trains I don't have to do that with DC with the light bulb can pretty well trace the short since each block is isolated or coming from the panel all my wires are colour coded, the main line having red and green, shorter passing loops red and black making sure I do a good job in connecting the wires to the plugs and rotary switches, I be using those block strips to save on soldering too many wires to the rotary switches. This weekend I will finish the last station module bus wiring on the temporary mainline and the mini bus wire plug panel last module has three of them, the third one to connect to the main panel. Hope you can sort out the issue with those shorts or stay with DC all that wiring and switches , just two wires coming in with DCC. Tony from down under keeping on moving ahead.
  9. Hi Griff that is some post the second last post on my question , taking you a while to type, we have in two major parties they have lelt and right as well I belong to the Labor party I am not in either sides have being ask to join the right but staying in the middle , Labor is like the Democrats, I don't support concretive party that is in government here, again history all over again all the way with Trump. I am shocked that the Left of the Democrats were happy Clinton didn't win I was hoping she did great to see a President Lady, a lot of people over here don't like him as well calling him an idiot, I agree what you say politics and religion not good topics to talk about., but you don't have to vote we do, must be the only country that does. To true what you say Russia wouldn't be involved in Syria if Syria didn't have anything they wanted like oil and gas Fingers cross that meeting with Russia can change things for peace, many thanks for the info I also ready up a lot what happening in the daily news.com. and TV . Sad to hear about not getting a refund, could you kit bash the windows a lot of work, will take a pic of my Amtrak superliners, I m planning to buy 7 more to make up 16 cars and modelling the auto carries to model Amtrak's Auto train awesome train with 23 auto carries WOW. What's your plans over Easter, I be working on my layout finishing off the bus wiring on the station modules and competing the spiral corner module then moving onto the spiral. Tony from down under keeping on moving ahead..
  10. Morning Griff, gee that is sad about the four car set, what country are they from, yes will have to agree those windows spoil the whole train would of better off having darkened windows, I have a Walther's Amtrak supper line set with darken windows very nice,, saved having to have seating and figures the double deckers didn't come with the upper level floor would of being too much work. Hope you can get your money back on that train,, the post before this post pure awesome I will reply to that post tomorrow getting too late nearly midnight here, would of taken you a while to type. Tony from down under keeping on moving ahead.
  11. Morning Jon, awesome video of 4014 and that is some sound decoder as well with the crew talking makes it so real would drive the neighbours nuts if I had the Big Boy, my TGV set Mehano sound card have talking before the train leaves the station, my TGV has DCC on board. Didn't have enough time but I am hopping to come back down to Sydney for another visit with my wife as well for a few days to see all the sites and pay you a visit , I only have wo locos with DCC good thing is they both can run on DC. Yeah my layout is coming along slowly like to speed the construction up but best taking my time don't want to stuff it after all that work, wiring taking up most oft he time, I doing the bus wiring so it is a just a matter switching over to DCC when that day comes, thinking of getting Digitrak that has twenty locos Woodturning today turning two pen kits got o keep up the woodturning skills turning a weather station for my brothers 70th birthday. If we have time I want to visit Roy in the Blue Mountains. Tony
  12. Very nice indeed Jon, have you double headed the cab forward and Big Boy be an awesome site to see both locos pulling a long coal train be out of my reach unless I win the lotto. I am poring my money into competing of my layout not far away now mainly plugs wiring and track, over time I bough a whole box of track, costing me $20 more, every time I am up in North Ipswich I drop into the hobby shop and buy some track, will need some more points and a diamond cross over to complete stage one of the station module complex, just got one more curve decking to cut out now and the massive bridge decking to start on. Do you have any plans of extending your layout. I payed Sydney a visit last October on my way home from seeing the War museum in Canberra, got a train to Sydney was an awesome trip 3 hours and lots of tunnels counted 11 that be big task modelling that line, I only had a couple of hours at Sydney Central to take lots of pics, need to come back for a couple of days, I ask if I could take pics and the circuity said yes go for it.. You can see a lot of pics on SC on my post. Tony from SE/QLD keeping on moving ahead.
  13. Hi Griff, good to see you, I like the N scale track plan as you said lots of shunting,, may be what I should of done was stay with N scale could of had a good size layout in the spare room, staying with HO scale want to complete my dream layout not far off now, busy doing the bus wiring on the station modules. It may be a good time for you to switch to DCC, I wont be for a while yet it is a matter of choosing the right DCC. Lima French mountain rail motor and trailer, swapped it years back , what I am lacking need to look for another set.. Nice glass cabinet my son has simular ones from Ikea to display his gamming statures and bubble head collection. Can I ask what's all the talk over there with what Trump just did a couple of days back. ordering that missile attack on Syria Tony from down under keeping on moving ahead.
  14. Another latest update on the layout, I finely filled the gap on the spiral decking yesterday and rebuilt the spiral module frame needed o as the module had a bow in it not in the middle on half of the module now fixed, not ready for painting, I need to sort out the new legs cut them 5mm's too long and I want to cut off 7/8ths of an inch, to with Sydney Central station . I m0oved the legs into the frame of the module so legs are out of the way when storing the module, the way I had it before made it hard and was for ever falling over couldn't level it on its side now I can. and not so heavy to pick up as well. The piece I cut out fitted in after the curve with the double track on the pathway close to the pergola , only 2feet in length, the shortest track decking. The first two pics are of the spiral decking, all I need to do now is cut the 4ft radius curve off the end of the large S bend, competing all the decking to the back of the layout , once that is all done start on the massive double deck cable stay bridge, wont be competing the two decks till later only the rail deck and framing for the cables, using 5mm dowel, the actual bridge uses two cables be too hard to model. Tomorrow I be getting the wood lathe out to turn a couple of pens keeping my turning skills up as the next project going to be a weather station with three weather instruments and one side of the square wood block blank, the block be on an angle, wont be back on the layout till next weekend , busy week.to finish the bus wire plug module panels . Tony from down under keeping on moving ahead.
  15. Hi Thomas you sure are going to have good mixture of trains from around the world, I have some European trains, a couple of British trains would like a train from Ireland, like there colour scheme, have mostly Australian and US trains that makes up my fleet and have modified a DD40 loco into a DD35 with out cabs, have to finish it and has dual motors, when finished have Union Pacific colour scheme. I would love to get the new Euro Starr train 320 I think there is a RTR model out now only comes in a four car set to complete the train you need another 16 cars, Fleischmann bring out a 320 class could repaint to the new Euro Star train colour scheme,which is on the wist list.. Yeah those ro-ro ferries are huge till came across a ferry I can build sadly they don't give the height of the ship, they wouldn't give me that info if I rang them, be nice if I could get line drawing to the ship keep searching' all I need is the height of the deck levels. and hull. https://www.finnlines.com/freight/ms-finnmill Don't forget to take lots of pics. My wiring of the station modules progress is coming along nicely,the last station module have three bus wiring plug panels, got to buy some more double speaker plugs for the third panel which connects to the control panel, have to start on the control soon will need it to switch the rotary switches operating four throttles. or one three DC throttles and one for DCC. Tony from down under keeping on moving ahead