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  1. Hi Griff, we still use chip board over here, there has being a big swing to water proof MBF board especially in kitchen cupboards and other furniture., here there is more steel garden sheds than wooden sheds, the first one I have see is the lady across the road she had a wooden shed built, is the wooden sheds a lot cooler that steel.. I liked the first video, is that what you are looking at doing with h cross over on the main line, Germany has some new Electric locos, not a bad looking loco, I just bought a loco I missed out in buying when it was out, very had to come by, an Aussie diesel loco DL class Australian National uses them to double head with the Indian Pacific NR class to help get over the Blue mountains, 3000HP Here is a video of the Indian being shunted and got ready to depart, at the end you will see the DL class loco shunting with the NR and hooking up to the train, that train has 28plus coaches, why the train is split up and need two platforms, that is what I plan to model those platforms in stage thee of my station module complex, won't be happening till next year and funds as well, all up 9 modules with the suburban platform extension.. I have 18 of those coaches but can make up 28 using other coaches from the Sothern Aurora same coaches from Lima, can't wait but in the mean time I am building the fount set and will have 8 platforms, can still pull off the same scene in the vide link, working on the first approach module car port I can switch the first loco over to the by pass loop., temporary main line. With this forum if you leave the post without finishing it actually saves what you have typed the only forum that does it , pure awesome, did you notice that Griff when you lost connection with the net I love this forum Mick has sure put a lot of work into the upgrade and has paid off.. Looking forward to seeing your track plan, going to be awesome. Tony from down under keeping on moving ahead. ..
  2. Have found a quicker way to strip the bus wires mid stream and solder the feeder wires to the bus wires with the module up side down and stapling the wires to under the base board, much faster, I use pieces of red and blue wire for the colour codes as you will see in the pics. I don't use tape anymore, heat shrink is the way to go last longer, I cut a small cut so I can thread the feeder wire through and them the same with the bus wire, solder the feeder wire and push the heat shrink over making sure the feeder wire is in the middle as in th e second pic, touch the heat shrink with the soldering iron, all done. Now all the three station modules are ready to run the first test loco through, was planning to work out side in the curved radius ramp up to the back of the layout, rain coming in today and all week so I will have to work on the approach modules car port end in stead. Pic three, the wires hanging down are blocks 6 and 7 connects to the front corner approach module, the speaker plug , blocks 1 and 2 will connect up to, I will have to use a mirror on the floor to see where the right bus wires plug up to, true plug and ply, Pic 5 I tinted the wires to make a better connection and it is goo to keep those short pieces of wire,, I used them to tie the bus wires to staples, making it easy to undo when lifting out the lift out section when setting up Sydney Central, wont be to the end of the year or earth next year I will start on stage three, have to do stage two first with the suburban extension first, three sections at least no points involved.. All goes well will complete the whole layout by Christmas, still aiming to run the first test loco by next weekend . Tony from down under keeping on moving ahead.
  3. Hi Shaun, nice video, is that the stemie that was bought back from Australia from after the Flying Scot's tour 1988, running number rings a bell, what has happened to 4472 does she still run or sadly off the rails in a museum, I have a version of her with the dual tenders and both are powered, took a lot of work and help to get running, she sure can pull now 11 plus coaches, with ease tackling my train clubs spiral, if you go back a few pages in my post I did a video.. Do you look through other video clips that are listed from yours, there is a bloke that built a motorised fiddle yard pure awesome, no money spared there, I an looking into a vertical staging yard what we call them, saves money on points. Have you sorted out your shorting on the cross over, I am talking to a friend today will ask him, I will take Stese's idea as well, the servo's what voltage are you going to go for, If I go that way will have to be 12 volt, they are a bit dearer that a pound., going to a hobby shop today will check the prices. Wet week this week slow me down for working outside on the layout, will have to work on the approach modules car port end three there, the only problem with outdoor layouts. Tony from down under , keeping on moving ahead. .
  4. Hi Rossi, like the first pic with the shell of the loco lifted up on stands and the crane assisting the lift great scene., pic of the station is great too. I saw on Netflix a doco on Cannery Islands, called Island Of The Future, a lot on renewable Energy , did they finish the Hydro Electricity power station, great idea lots of wind turbines puts us to shame, our government doesn't like them, what is your main language, Spanish a lot of especially the younger ones speak English, very interesting, you get a lot tourist as well worth a visit,, on the where to go holiday wish list.. It is cold here I may get a chance to cut the bus wires ready for tomorrow, warming up nicely. Where did you buy the motor shaft from I want to buy a longer shaft, scratch building a measuring loco using the motor and bogies from a F/7 class loco form my test loco , shaft is too short, was thinking of cutting it exstending it with a round plastic tubing. Tony from down under keeping on moving ahead.
  5. I may just do a light ballast, painting the decking gray, have seen some modellers use sand paper, I may go that way, with my layout being a module out door layout moving the modules and curved section ballast wont last,, rather put the money into track and points, just bought a second hand Aussie diesel loco I missed out in buying when it was out , will double head with my Indian Pacific train Tony from down under.
  6. Hi Shaun and Stese, you can't delete a pic off your post, I have tried it , it will have to be up to Mick to do that , that is awesome Stese what you have said any chance of drawing a wiring diagram, what I was thinking was Shaun's problem was , that will fi it I am looking into using hose car locking door motors to use as point motors they are waterproof, IanR had a thread on the topic and same with Mick, cheaper than a good point motor. Tony from cold down under.
  7. Hi Shaun, yeah taking pics with a digital cameras can throw you out , I wont need any extra switches as well, my reverse loop is quite long, thanks, it was a drag going up to the hospital every day, we are a least a hour away. Will have to look into DIY DCC, not sure which DCC system to go, would like NCE but they are quite dear, might lean over to Digtrax, be a while yet, want to set up Wi-Fi so my son can join in the fun.. Your layout is a good size, I still work with feet and inches for my layout, and work in metric on trains and building, my layout is stage one 54feet in length and about 20 feet wide, stage two be 56feet in length 40+ feet wide, not sure in the width as I be modelling a RORO on my, earlier post pics of the RORO ship I be modelling, they are huge. in HO scale 300beam height about the same and length 1.2metres building a water line model,(Finn breeze) is the name of the ship. One of the scenes I be modelling is the Oresund bridge between Denmark and Sweden, the bridge is a double decker and be a main feature to the layout main span 12feet , 18inch underneath water clearance..7feet in length keep the good work up, like lots of pics to see. Tony from down under keeping on moving ahead.
  8. Hi Thomas, no has being like that for years Celsius a pain all should be the same world wide, we be in trouble if our winters dropped down to your temps , cold here this morning 7 degrees, our weather station has packed up, where they take the reading is at Amberley RAAF base, a couple of degree difference, the coldest winter was a couple of years back dropped down to minus 6, black ice on the cars. Was watching us play Germany yesterday afternoon soccer and you can see the players sweating, they were giving players a rest both teams bringing others out, sadly your team was stronger, lost by one point good game, like soccer a skilled game indeed, don't like the other footy games. Full swing into the layout this week and over the weekend, aiming to get half the layout up and running as promised the end of June, doing a video of the big moment, won't have my control panel built by then, aining for Christmas to have the whole layout up and running over 3 years in the making. Tony from down under keeping on moving ahead
  9. Ouch that is 39 degrees in ours no wonder you are slowing down , I send you some of our cool weather being windy here for most of the day not good for asthmatics, I am back into the bus wiring working on the first station module, the key once done be able to test run the first loco. They be awesome to see a train run through those points, I am thinking of building my own curved points, Peco don't have a decent large radius point at all, biggest one has a 5foot curve and 30inch second curve I would a three foot radius 4foot radius curve point. Tony from down under keeping on moving ahead
  10. Good to get back into the layout bus wiring yesterday after a two week lapse, worked on blocks one and two, at least I didn't have to solder in any feeder wires,. pic two can see the access pedestrian tunnel to suburban and country terminal platforms from the road, ready to cut the tunnel portal waiting to do the bus wiring blocks 6 and 7, pics two and three I have put in a couple of staples to tie the bus wires to. I decided to drill the holes for the two speaker plugs on the second beam, still need to add blocks 6 and 7 on the inner plug tomorrow, one that is done be able to set up all the front modules and run the first test loco, fingers crossed the weekend. Son's computer is fixed power supply died, he hijacked my lap top while waiting over the weekend, I found a couple of typing error's, with the lap top being further away to where I normally have it on my computer table. Tony from down under keeping on moving ahead.
  11. Hi Shaun, your railway is coming along nicely with stage one and seeing the first train run even though it is a clock Thomas with I didn't know Hornby did, had a look I=on eBay still quite a few set to be grab at a good price, I still got my very first train set only the loc o and track left but the loco still runs well for her age, Hornby as well but 0 scale 58 years old now, clock work as well, I plan to do something with the steam tank loco later. Thanks my son came home from hospital today, have to do a bit more work on him had to bring home on loan a cough assist machine as well, tomorrow I have to catch up with mowing the yard and fit in some wiring on the second station module, after seeing your video I will have to put some power in the three station modules and approach module and test run a loco, wow. I looked back on your link and going by your track plans there be two wyes, be careful there may need isolators on the points and cross overs, are you sticking to DC for a while same with me, I will have one reverse loop, normally you need two DPDT switches, my reverse loop will be at least be 30feet in length only needing a rotary switch to switch throttles, three of them and leaving one position for DCC. How big is your layout good size flat yard., mine isn't slops upwards to the back fence. Tony from down under keeping on moving ahead.
  12. Hi Shanug75, have you sorted out the shout in the cross over , you said about junction well you need to replace the track joiners with isolator joiners and with a bit more bus wiring needed, are you going DCC , need a circuit board there , with DC you need two DPDT switched to fix the short, I don't know enough about DCC . Nice to see your progress is coming along nicely, what I need to do is con some funds out of my planning officer, my layout is at a sand ill so is in hospital.. Keep the flowing , Tony from down under keeping on moving ahead.
  13. Hi Griff , good size shed, is wood shed quite popular over there all we have is metal garden sheds need to have a slab of concrete , you save there, most of the newer shed here are swing doors like yours my shed has slide door a pain because the plastic sliders don't last. because of the hot summers. we have. You at lucky you seam to have a flat back yard, mine isn't slops backwards, too steep for HO scale locos would have to have two spirals to get up to the top of the back yard would be a challenge and lots of money, it is only flat around my house, even the pergola floor isn't level. I haven't being well, getting over asthma issues and now my son is in hospital ,no progress on my layout, but I have being working on my version of Sydney Central station the last couple of nights, not modelling the frontage to scale, need at least 8feet, mine is about 5feet wide, had to cut back on windows, but by doing that she is still going to be a stunning site indeed when finished, length of the building be the same and height , has a clock tower as well. looking forward to seeing some progress on your new layout build,, just having a main station with trough traffic be a lot of fun, how many tracks are you going to nail done in the station area, I love those island platforms and terminus platforms. Tony from cold down under keeping on moving ahead. .
  14. Hi Thomas, nice job done building your own points with help from your friend, what sort of sleepers did you use and the radius of the curved point , they must be at least 18inches long, did you make a jig first, I am thinking of making some of my own points as well to save some money. Next weekend I be going to my train club to run the TGV with the br car be pure awesome going to as well have all the cars on 15 car TGV. How is the progress of your layout going outside. Best wishes, Tony from down under.
  15. Hi Jim, you are not the only one with that base board issue, ba14eagle is having the same problems, too, I am glad I went modular with my layout where it isn't permeant set up, the station complex of my layout is under cover, only two ends of the layout is out in the open. When I build the second stage will be outside, making sure the points are protected from the hot sun. Griff that is a pain having problems pulling off the shell, probably something simple held in by a clip, my TGV locos are the same as well undo the screws and you need to release the shell clip for it to come off, what brand is the loco. I am at a stand still with my layout it is raining and I am still getting over my asthma, on heavy antibiotics, coughing isn't as bad today, pain. Can it get quite hot in the UK in summer, I don't like over here where we can go as high as over 40 degrees for a week. Tony from down under.