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  1. Late evening Thomas, that happens over here as well with the ship building mobs, we have some Naval ships built in Spain the first of the of the class of ship is built in Spain rest built over here, had a support ship built as well need an aircraft carrier. I am thinking of contacting Finn Lines to see if they can help with some sort of line drawing of the RORO ship, they have a quite a few in their fleet, not sure how I will go with the 9/11 crap, if have a PDF side plan of the ship and measurements of the three decks and bridge, will have a look on the PDF file if there is any contact emails Changing the spiral to the car port make it a lot easier to build and gaining height, need to gain 6 inches from the top of the, car port floor which is on a slope, keeping the track level but nearly level where the spiral is going, at the other end be a 12foot curve radius curve ramp on a 2 percent grade 24feet in length gaining 6 inches, thinking of hitting in steel pipe posts for the supports and a bracket to screw the deck in place.. Planning a curved arches like Micks arches will look awesome, out of ply sides strengthening the curves sections stopping them from warping, I am also working on building a metre box for my circular saw screwing it to the work bench so I can cut all the time square cuts with ease any thickness to 45mm, fully adjustable, pics to follow . This be an easy port to model, can have a container ship docked on the other side as well, don't want a huge port, love this forum can delete the pics when having to edit the post . Tony from down under keeping on moving ahead
  2. Forgot to answer it takes by train from Sydney via Adelaide to Perth 3 days Adelaide to Darwin 2 days, not sure Melbourne to Cape York Queensland probable the same distance in a car, you need a 4x4 to travel from Cairns to Cape York and only travel in the winter months monsoons hit December to February. Tony
  3. Hi Griff, deepest sympathy on the passing of your father, it is good you got to see him before he passed away and you being there as well, I know what you went through same sort of thing with my brother in law he must of hung on to he saw me and his brother and that night he died was 48 too young, my mum is still alive, dad died in 76 and step dad if he was alive this month would of being 100 and received a letter from the Queen. Looks like lots of planning ahead for a garden shed and new layout can't wait to see what you come up with. plan wise. Take care. Tony from down under
  4. HELLO Thomas, that is not a bad idea, don't think my wife will agree to that, then we have trouble with cane toads., I am planning to have some tarp down for the water and stick the ship on i with the props wash behind it good scene indeed be a back scene as well on the house bricks., ship is going to be a water line model, plan to build a remoter control ship as well. Not sure how I go the actual ship is Chinese built, popular design RORO ship in Europe twin props, so many changes to the track plan have to draw up a new plan. How is your layout going. Tony from down under keeping on moving ahead
  5. Early morning Griff,, good to hear from you all the main modules and curved track sections are build and cut out except the bridge sections, I have cut out the base and sides of half of the 6foot main span of the bridge, the bridge has a 12foot span and either side of the main bridge towers is another 6foot span, whole bridge is 24feet in length and a 3foot lift out section, modules in its own right, bridge will stand up on its own, 4 massive towers 3 inches at the base.7 and a feet hiegh. I am also shifting the spiral to in the car port so I can gain height to 18 inches clearance to the water line, this way I can build the RORO ship to scale working out to about nearly 400mm's in height from the water line of the ship, at the other end I have enough room for 24foot ramp working out quarter inch a foot 6 inch climb works out 2 percent grade on 12foot radius curve, I am planning a viaduct there, something like Micks viaduct. Hopping to have a test train running by the end of June, better get moving still have a lot of wiring ahead as well taking up a lot of time. What are you up to with the plans of your layout. Tony from down under keeping on moving ahead
  6. Evening Jim, yes I should be doing what a lot of you guys are doing with the ply wood, coating the wood with tar paint, I am not doing that just under coating the ply, I have just seen in Bunning plastic wood quite wide as usual it is expensive, this is the reason why my layout is modular for layout isn't permeant for the ply wouldn't last a month in the summer conditions, it happened to Roy from the Blue Mountains NSW the main fear timber rotting caused from humidity, is taking me a lot longer to build , got to get a move on to see a the first test train run around the spiral into the station modules. exciting day end of June. rest of the layout before Christmas this year. Yes a big must having those expansion gaps I have them on every piece of track especially close to the points, nothing worse than having to replace a point or double slip crossover, back to the modules this is why I have constructed the modules this way with 100 ply sides o stop the twisting and warping, I experienced that with the spiral corner module rebuilt it far better now. But with the fix up , luckily I was changing the spiral anyway would have to now with the changing of the first spiral curve as well has moved the spiral 3 inches., be working on the spiral next I will be .cutting strips of ply and screwing them to the curved sections to stop warping. What is your summer months like have seen in the mid 30's you cop high humidity as well and lots of rain, our turn today raining all day, I be planning the control panel the project for today, got to make a start all that soldering ahead, to save on those DPDT spring loaded centre off switches thinking of the probe switching of points., the point motors furthest way will have point motors and signals. In stead of using the Peco slide switch on in under the point motor going to use SPST slipe switch buy 3 or 4 for the price of the Peco slide switch to switch signals. and not lasting. Tony from down under keeping on moving ahead. ,
  7. Morning Jim , yeah I though of powered coaches as well to use as a helping hand on the tender drive steamies, if my idea didn't work. What I came up with will blow you away and hiding the second motor, I always wanted a Flying Scot 4472 with two tenders, found a good one on Uk eBay new old stock grabbed it and with the help I powered the water tender swapped the first motor with a 5pole motor and bought the second from Peter's spares , now I have a tender drive steamie that can pull 11 ++ coaches need to buy 5 sleepers now to make up a 16 car train. I am hopping that I don't have the same issues on my layout with those cheap coaches I bought from my layout mag, the coaches didn't like some of the points on the x club's layout, most of my points are the long points, I have them on where the cross overs are. This idea isn't new an member a few years back did it with his but he managed to wire the tenders up where they worked on their own, the only way I could do it was jump wire from the first tender it worked and hid the wires as air hoses and permanently connected the both tenders together with a draw bar, there are pics and a video a couple of pages back on my post.. How is your layout going sorted the wiring problem,, I suggest you buy the June 2017 issue of Model Railroader it has an article on using 12volt bulbs with DCC I will check to make sure that the month is correct and change it .later, the mags I have a the digital format from Zinio. Tony from down under keeping on moving ahead
  8. I have finely finished the rebuild of the spiral corner module, ran out of time still need to drill the holes and countersunk them for quarter inch bolts and screw in place the hinges Friday and paint the module, she is a lot lighter to pick up and hasn't got that bow in it, also replaced the one leg at the spiral end with two legs and levelling two brick bases, going to screw in place a piece of ply so the module will sit on the same place every time. Pics one and two when I cut out the second half o the arches fort he suburban rail bridge this area is going to be pure awesome, yes I plan to have working traffic lights where the bus is an intersection be the same at the other end of the road in front of Sydney Central station I am modelling lots of work ahead . The second bridge is part of the East Perth terminal scene, the unpainted piece of ply lifts out, the second bridge become the tram bridge and iit has a curved bridge, I will work on this are after the layout is up and running. Third last pic is the start of the spiral where the module and curve section meet I don't think I be able to line up the track, improved how the module join and spiral join meet and has shifted the curved section leg by 3 inches, the spiral be the next job to do, wont be having the lower level track base as low now , be 4 inch clearance depending on the ramp after the spiral , raised the bridge height underneath clearance to 13 inches so my RORO ship will fit in under it, not much clearance about 2 inches. Last pic is of the light colour ply piece that lifts out when Sydney Central station is set up replacing with a curved a single track tram bridge, becoming a second circuit to the layout, on a big high layout is coming along well. Tony from down under keeping on moving ahead.
  9. Morning Andrew, wow I wish I knew how you did your wiring technic earlier no bus wiring that extra added expense, thought of just jumping the track join with soldering wire to each rail, so you don't have any drop outs anywhere on your layout, what I was worried about having such a big layout any hints how you did the wiring??., I also bought rotary switches to switch the blocks and one position for DCC do just have one DC controller, my old train club I used to belong to, when they plugged in the DCC it over ride the DC of course when I asked them how they did it, didn't give out any secrets. I like the idea of pulling out the DC trannie and plugging in the DCC , is that what you are doing safer way to go, one day make the change to DCC, DCC decoders are DC friend these days, I have a 10 car TGV set that has DCC on board and a Bachman DD40AX loco. Tony from down under keeping on moving ahead
  10. We haven't had much rain for a couple of weeks now, raining tomorrow they say need it, but the grass is slowing down and mowing every week now, still having those warm days 27 degrees and tomorrow 28 11 degrees over night and cool morning. Giving my wife a rest from the noise of the circular saw, got painting track laying and wiring duties take a week to finish the two modules. Looking forward to seeing more pics of your progress. Tony fom down under keeping on moving ahead. I
  11. Hi Bill, ouch see what you mean, sounds like a good idea to use that bitumen glue on the ends of the ply , depends if I can get it over here, but I don't have to worry that much as my garden railway is a module set up and in the real hot days be setting the layout up to run trains What have t=you made your platforms out of, my last layout I made mine out of 12mm ply adding 3mm MBF board making the module too heavy to pick haven't worked out what I be using probably framing and MBF top, longest platform is 15feet on my layout, aiming for the end of June for the first test loco to run on the layout even if it only half of the layout. Love the pics keep them coming, Tony from down under keeping on moving ahead..
  12. Hi Thomas, Thanks ,going to be good when the other half of the bridge arches are finished and joined together, so much work still ahead the wiring taking up most of it, no more changes, I still have to level the module, cut the legs and screw on hinges, Friday I be moving back the block the first leg was sitting was only one leg having two legs and a bigger concrete block. In between all that I need to make a start on the main control panel using three pole 4 position rotary switches to switch the throttles, one position become DCC . Did you see the plugs I am using for bus wiring being a larger wire, running out of wire fast, they are actual speaker plugs, got the idea from seeing a Hornby controller had them on it and cheap to buy, the point motors, signals and lighting be using the 25 way computer plug, they have come down in price as well. Tony from dry down under keeping on moving ahead.
  13. Had great weekend in the construction gang finished the rebuild of the spiral corner module and the first station module ready to repaint and back into laying the track and bus wiring, as usual ran out of time, didn't get a chance to make the brackets to hold the bus wire plugs. Not a lot of room I will replace the piece of ply with angle line on the temporary mainline bridge, will have give my wife a break for the noise of the circular saw for a while now, it it going to take a while to finely complete the two modules, then I get back to finishing the bus wire panel on th e last station model, two more panels to cut out. The first pic is of the scale drawing of the rail bridge road arches, 22inch span, next two pics the finished road arch , can't reline the inside of the pedestrian and road arches till I do the bus wiring, pic 5 is the bus wiring plugs now that took some thought and work needs plaster to fill in the gaps, final pic is looking down on the module, i was a challenge to build the arches as the track bed is on an angle and road straight not bad first time building an arch, you will see on the left of the pic is th double track main line where I be replacing the piece of ply with angle line, the track to the right of the pic was a challenge as well but worked out fine on a big high, getting closer. The suburban front module will join onto this module with the next arch covering the bus wire switches., that's the plan. Mick I had an error and ended up having to submit the post before this one, no idea what happened. Tony from down under keeping on moving ahead
  14. I have a new project looming once the layout is up and running, I found a line drawing of a RORO ship I am going to model, my mode be a water line model will just fit under the bridge by 3inches in height, I changed the water line height clearance on my bridge to 12 inches was 9inches, plan to put down a blue tarp for the water and stick the boat it there be a back scene as well with those wind turbines in the background. Do I start a new thread on this project. Yesterday I spent working on the lift out section on the first station module, want to get it finished so I can repaint and put the track an wiring back on, going to be an awesome scene with the added road scene where I modified the corner spiral module to a rail bridge, I be cutting the front side of the module and it be screwed onto the lift out section, will see in the first pic why, can see the access road to the platforms in the background behind the first shop, go back to the last post and second last pic . The ply underneath the first station module be a full piece with the road in as well, be done where the bottom section clamp in place a module in its own right., the path way goes up on an angle as well I maked out the arch on the building as well ready to cut later, the arch in the first pic. The next lot of pics are of the ship and bridge, more progress after lunch on the station module, enjoy the pics Tony from down under keeping on moving ahead.
  15. Evening Thomas, I am not going to go that far just hit the posts in 18inches and screw on a angle bracket , you have to be pretty careful when lifting those frames on your own , I had a module that was 7foot by3fooot module and station platforms on it as well made it pretty heavy was trying to lift it up onto another module on its side and went over, soon after that I discovered outdoor HO/00 scale garden railway, the old layout was cut up. Tiding up the rail bridge arches today on my layout cutting the last ply pieces to fill in the end of the arch, a bit of work there as the bus wire plugs screw in on the join of the arch and onto the other mainline bridge two sets of plugs on the bridge join. In Ipswich they had had their Labor day march leaving it clear for todays big march in Brisbane I belong to the Australian Labor party buy never being on a march, the train clubs train show clashed on the same weekend , early this year was going on Saturday, got to many appointments this month always next year . Cool morning here 11 degrees but high humidity 96 percent, what is it like in Germany still quite cold in the UK everyone rugged up. Tony from down under keeping on moving ahead