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    Happy Easter Jon, pure awesome the afternoon run video clips of your big boys and cab forward steamies, I am on the con to by Athearn's UP FEF 4-8-4, 844 steamie make a nice Christmas present indeed. My layout is coming along slowly working on the front spiral corner module yesterday and today. while waiting for the grass to dry out, I have 36vot battery tools and the mower doesn't like wet grass. Tony
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    There is a model village called "Beckonscot" and it's located in Beaconsfield Buckinghamshire UK Griff and has a Gauge 1 railway with most of the locos built by Bassett-Lowke UK in the 1930's. On the three videos it's high likely that the models featured are from Bassett-Lowke. All the Bassett-Lowke locos at "Beckonscot" have got new motors in them as the old ones wear out. They do around 350 scale miles every year between April and October and yes they even run in the rain. All trains are in fixed formations and a permanently wired so all wheels on the train pick up current from the rails. Here's a cab ride video of Beckonscot Griff
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    So did all your winter projects go as planned? Nope mine neither. The station canopy plan was a bit of a faliure. Though it has the look l want my model building skill are not up to the job so will go with a plonk and play solution in the mean time l think. The Dynamis still continues to show shorts when none are there and l've resorted to disconecting the main part of the circuit to be able to run trains. If l go back to DC everything is ok..... Anyway l have plans a foot to sort that out , watch this space. Rumblings about the state of the spare room means that the railway stuff needs to be moved to the train shed, but thats already overflowing so decided to make some space in the garden shed for it. Moved everything out and realised that l had enough room for a fiddle yard in there down one side. Trouble is l cant bare to throw anything out as it may come in handy one day so what was two piles of rubbish on either side of the shed is now one big one on side of the shed! Still limited service in operation today so not all bad. Weather a bit iffie for the weekend down here so may go down the Bluebell to watch Scotsman from afar. Told they expect mega crowds so may just do a bit of linesideing. Had the same problem at the Swanage Bullied weekend could'nt get parked and ended up miles away, then couldn't get on the train as it was packed, good for the railway but not for the passengers. Onwards and upwards as they say.
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    I don't think anyone should apologize for pictures, duplicate or not. I just wish you had more of them. I am enjoying watching your layout build proceed.
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    Sitting in the garden, having a beer and watching the trains go by, can life get any better?
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    Hi Bill good to see you back that is the problem here with what kind of timber you use the heat and humidity plays havoc and with marine ply being twice the price and being on a budget I just went for normal ply and decided the layout be a module system and not permeant like yours, why it is taking me longer to build aiming for the big day end of June. for the first test loco. Working on the bus wiring on the station modules takes time one person doing it all, no idea till I set up all the modules how long it will take, not much effort to set up the station modules, working on the last station module bus wiring plug panel, slides up inside the module frame out the way. Tony from down under keeping on moving ahead.
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    Not only for european trains, my Amtrak Acela or HHP-8 or AEM-7 or my Shinkansen trains from Japon or my Chinese CRH-3 train will also look more prototypical with catenary over the tracks they ride. Since I want to have a train on my Layout from every country I have visited, there are or will be also electric locomotives of the following origin: Brazil, North Korea, Israel, Morocco, Russia, Turkey, Thailand. Regarding Thailand I have a question to all British here: Is there a model of the Siemens Desiro Class 360/2 in 00? But in the case of a railway in the garden, the viewer is usually much more distant from the scenery than indoor. What he still sees from 1,5m away are the catenary poles. The wires when they have approximately prototypical dimensions, will not be seen by anyone... ... therefore I will make the wires in many areas only very simplified.
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    You really can't go wrong with BLI. What an awesome beast.
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    Hi Guys A kit to remotely operate a signal (ratio 250) is around £5 each, they come with extra parts like cord and screw eyes. I have got hold of some Ratio 134 kits they have 2 levers only also around £5. I found ebay a good source.
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    I recently bought 10 old Tri-ang pullman coaches. I know that Hornby produces very nice pullman coaches with integrated light and every thing, but at an average price of about £30 a piece. So nice, but expensive. Looking around on the net a bid I found these old Tri-ang coaches, standard a far cry from the modern Hornby product, but they came at a good price. After close inspection the first thing I replaced where the plastic wheels, they where switched for new Hornby metal ones. This was an immediate improvement, and they all became smooth runners. Next thing that I didn't like where the oval windows. So I started with making a master, out of brass insert. Here I made a rubber mold of. And now I can produce as manny resin inserts as I want And this is the result. Also the interior could do with a bit of color. Of course the plastic interior is a far cry of how the original pullman coaches look inside. But still with some paint and imagination you can give the feel of luxury. So this is what I did. I also have to mention, if you look at these coaches for reel, they even look even better than on photo, but you get the feel. Also if you look at the real pullman coaches, the color use of the interior differs from coach to coach. So with some paint and new wheels these coaches can have a nice second happy life. And you can make them look unique if you make the interior in different colors. Let me know what you think of this face lift? Cheers, Danny
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    There's always a spot reserved for you here Bill so good to see you back. I thought being 'retired' would give me more time to do the things I wanted to do but I've found that I look back at just how much I used to get done when I was working and wonder how on earth I used to fit it all in. These days I get up when I want, go to bed when I want, and in-between just potter around doing what I want - but it's all done at a much more leisurely pace so I tend to make less progress than when I was working. Be good to see how you've progressed over the past year (and a half) - blimey, it doesn't seem that long.
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    Hi Roy, totally agree with you, my priority is just to get up and running and have my trains going round the garden.