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      I have now removed all files associated with our old forum and the new forum has now been relocated in the root of the OO Garden Railway website. In order to continue visiting the forum you should amend your bookmarks to www.oogardenrailway.co.uk as before.


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    The train now arriving at platform 3 is Stephen's Rocket, we are sorry for the delay. If you see anything suspicious report it to a member of staff, if you find a member report it as suspicious. And my fav, the buffet car is now open, with mouth watering food at eye watering prices.
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    Watching a YouTube upload that was from the BBC so no doubt illegal were some jokes. 1. The train now arriving on platforms 4, 5 and 6 has just blown up on platform 7. 2. I'm afraid son but Santa will be unable to give a toy train set for Christmas. He is however able to give you a toy bus replacement set instead. 3. Athletics at the London Olympics. In lane one is the UK. In lane two is the USA. Lane three is closed for resurfacing. 4. Australia has once again beaten England in the cricket. Hitting things and running away it's the criminal mentality. 5. Ladies and gentlemen we shall soon be arriving at Glasgow airport. I remind you that you need to put your watches back......25 years.