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    • Great shot Andrew. I could be stood on the lineside, just below Midford castle, watching the down "Pines"  sweeping by
    • Lovely evocative picture! Good work
    • I have a real soft spot for N&W locos liek this one. The high hood is a real treat.
    • That is really a nice looking piece of stock.
    • Really like the weathering on your loco's Ian but the class 58 is my favourite of all. I guess that's because it's the only loco class of them all that I am familiar with. I don't recall the individual loco's I ever worked on as I was never that keen on the railways, but there's a fair chance I could have worked on this one at some point in time. The red stripe livery really suits the 58 and a rake on MGR's in tow would complete the picture - oh, and don't forget the slippery rail - all adds to the realism.
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