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  2. It's always nice when a repair turns out successfully. A visiting King Arthur Class loco suffered an apparent disaster when the crosshead and slidebar assembly came loose and bent the connecting rod at an alarming angle. Fine scale TLC and relocating the dislocated parts seems to have done the trick, and this morning 30737 "King Uther" celebrated a swift return to the rails, hauling 11 coaches with ease, including the SR bogie utility van I bought at yesterday's excellent Crawley club exhibition in Horsham.
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  4. NFSA stands for National Film and Sound Archive in Australia. Here are two films shot in B&W. What struck me about them is that the sound is real not dubbed as often happens in archive films on railways. Darling Harbour is right in the heart of Sydney. It's narrated with music and interviews with crews who worked the area. Preserved Garratt 6029 is not truly representative of how Garrats looked in the days of steam. The thumbnail is how they looked.
  5. Popped into my local model shop today with the intention of just buying some loco oil (which turned out to be a waste of time, but that's another thread...) and ended up walking away with an old Tri-ang Dean Single and 4472 from their "bargain bin". Suggest you don't have the sound on too loud for this one, it could do with a service
  6. There have always been plans for expanding the railway - for the past four years! Meanwhile, David H came round yesterday with some more of his German rolling stock. A 2-10-0 makes light work of this rural passenger service 2-10-0 showing its rear end A pair of 2-6-2s with an express passenger train at Fuchsdale am Rhein Who'd be a banker?! Blossom time in the Rhineland
  7. Part two of modifying the first station module and spiral corner module, the first two pics are what I be modelling with the arches of the road 3 lanes both sides and a bus lane works out 20 inches wide big span will look good when finished being wanting to do this for ages till I was having trouble bolting the two modules together a lot more work but worth it in the end. The next two sets of pics of the bus lane I be modelling .will need lots more buses and people can buy them in packs of 500, the last two pics are of with the lift out section out showing the access path way to the suburban platforms and long distance platforms, looking at the last pic bottom left hand side is what I have planned, going to be pure awesome instead of just having modules joined together... Enjoy the pics, Tony from down under keeping on moving ahead.
  8. How as every ones Easter break I had a busy two days on the layout, some big changes happening on the spiral corner module and first station module, instead of having to much module tops I decided to modify the two modules to make way for two rail bridges over a 6 lane land road, bus lane and pathway tunnels both sides of the road will look heaps better, the suburban rail bridge will have three arches. The spiral module I will module I will replace the pine sides with 100mmx12mm ply sides this weekend so the road can be screwed to underneath the corner module, will be changing the way the first curve decking of the spiral bolts to the corner module as well. Since I be modelling two station scenes on my station modules I will post East Perth terminal first and what I have planned modelling Sydney next post.. Fist pic looking down the two modules, second pic you can see the piece of ply with the new piece added on, that will change because I bought an off cut piece of ply to replace it cutting it out today, third of East Perth Station, where the station is going and how the third track is laid down for Sydney's suburban first platform being an island platform worked out well for East Perth's suburban island platform.. More pics to follow after the weekend , planning a four track staging yard till the second stage of the station complex are build then I can stat on Sydney Central station building huge job ahead, the EP station building will look pretty close to the real building. Tony from down under keeping on moving ahead.
  9. Hi Thomas, your new project is going to look awesome when finished can't wait to see it, I am planning the same type of scene on tbe lower level S bend of the spiral modelling a flood plain, the US do that a lot they go right across a lake ,like that.. How was your Easter break go anywhere I spend a couple of days working on my corner spiral module big changes there, bought some off cut ply to replace the piece I joined onto the lift out ply section on the first station module and a piece big enough to cut out and build the first span of my double deck cable stay bridge, I marked out the side framing of the bridge a couple days back want to see the train on th second level. Posting the latest pics on post after here. Tony from down under keeping on moving ahead
  10. It is, for all its faults, an excellent looking model. Trouble is l don't know if my body would function on only one kidney as l would have to sell the other one to be able to afford it! When l see them at exhibitions they really look the bizz, think l would be to scared to run them at the price they are though
  11. I'd never thought about adding photos of this before but with the announcement by Rails of Sheffield of their planned model of the LNER Dynamometer Car under their recently introduced RAILS EXCLUSIVE brand, I thought it would be interesting to offer these as a comparison. The following models are of the Golden Age Models LNER Dynamometer Car No.902502 in the unlined 1946 or 'preserved' livery. This is a brass built coach. Upon closer inspection, and to be honest until you take actual photographs and view them on a PC you don't realise just how much you overlook, one of the stand out features of the Golden Age models is the large central ducket as seen in the first photo. I hadn't noticed the way the end of the top curve had been formed as a brass infill rather than a smooth curve as it appears on the actual vehicle. Enlargement of your photos also brings prominence to gaps between the raised clerestory and the roof below, and between the roof and coach ends. I offer my apologies for not ensuring the buffer heads were straight at the time of the photo - entirely my fault there and nothing to do with Golden Age Models. Here's the opposite side view, again showing that curved infill - something that I'm sure will not be evident on the recently announced Rails Exclusive version. Some delicate patterning to the clerestory glass. The Dynamometer Car was built by the NER in 1906 and was used to record Mallard's World Record breaking 126mph run on 3rd July 1938.
  12. Not to be confused with the very similar 'Rail Exclusives', as you may have heard by now, Rails of Sheffield have recently launched their own product range under the name 'RAILS EXCLUSIVE' and their first exclusive model is of the LNER Dynamometer Car which currently forms part of the National Collection. The following details the planned models and is copied from the Rails of Sheffield website "Rails of Sheffield is delighted to reveal that it is working with Rapido Trains Inc. to produce an outstandingly detailed OO gauge model of the LNER’s record-breaking dynamometer car No. 23591. Best known as the vehicle that recorded the 126mph run of LNER ‘A4’ No. 4468 Mallard on July 3rd 1938, the iconic 1906-built North Eastern Railway test car is now part of the National Collection, reunited with Mallard at the National Railway Museum in York." "The all-new OO gauge model of No. 23591 will be the first of a series of products released under the ‘Rails Exclusive’ brand of high-quality, collectable ready-to-run models, produced exclusively for one of the UK’s largest model railway retailers, Rails of Sheffield. Two versions will be offered initially, depicting No. 23591 in July 1938 LNER teak condition, as it was during Mallard’s world speed record run; and post-1946 LNER teak with its later number - No. 905202 - as seen during the famous 1948 Locomotive Interchange trials." "Rapido Trains is famous for producing models that capture famous or unusual vehicles right down to the tiniest detail, and the LNER dynamometer car will be no exception. Based on detailed research of the prototype, archive photographs and official drawings, the ‘Rails Exclusive’ model will feature exceptional interior and underframe detail, including depictions of the recording equipment and the additional speed recording wheel between the bogies." Further details of 'Rails Exclusive' models can be found on the Rails of Sheffield website here Further information about the NER Dynamometer Car can be found on the National Railway Museum website
  13. A few photos taken today. It's surprising what they show up...Need some signalling at this end of the main station!!!
  14. The further route is in process, it will run over a railway dam. The tracks will be about 4 to 15 cm above ground level. The trackbase consists of chipboard glued with bitumen glue. The sides of the railway embankment later form fly screens with grass-like mats.
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