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  2. Yet another weekend of concreteing, 1.5 tons laid in the raised patio area, the roof of the corridor between the tin shed and the Railway shed has been completed. Approval had been sought and got so that when I finish this section of the raised patio, I will then finish the path out to the Garden railway and then turn 90 degrees path that will go along side 20ft of it.. Of course the wall to hold the concrete in will need to be built, and it just happens the railway will run on top of that. Back in the political world the ukip Candidate in the Scottish election came out with one interesting comment ( not the exact words), the only thing She (Ms Sturgeon), wants is independance from Britain while becoming subservient to the EU, which is not logical. The green candidate said he was totally against capitalism, which means he's communist, as I have always thought, the Greens are the Communist party painted a different colour.. Meanwhile Corbyn, is trying to buy the students votes, a bit too obviously...
  3. Thanks Nigel.
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  5. Hi Griff we've not spoke in a while, really sorry to read about your Dad. I lost my Dad over 20yrs ago..............still hurts like hell! Best regards Nige.
  6. Hi chaps Here is a short report on testing of the Ratio plastic lever frame. As I feared if there is any resistance in the prodding or Bowden cable the bottom linkage within the lever unit will break. However the system works well with signals which are pulled off by cord and screw eye method. I have made up a battery powered, switch controlled servo unit to try. Same Bowden cable and cord system just an electro mechanical operating system. Dave
  7. I'm glad you got to Ludgershall, it's a trip I need to make again soon, as I'm modelling Ludgershall station. Unfortunately there is little left now of the station, the civilian side is under houses, and the military / goods yard has been extensively remodeled. I'd have loved to arrive at Ludgershall by train with my grandfather's GWR pass, J.B.Pointon, Ganger, Ludgershall.
  8. You might have guessed by the amount of post l've put on line it's raining here. I should not complian as the garden does need it but l had marked the next couple of days garden railway days. Been putting in some real train track milage over the winter, Cardiff behind Tornado on St Davids day. Late start due to a failed Diesel blocking the stock in did me some spirted running which was good. Can't wait for it's first 100mph tour! Another trip down the Fawley and Luggershall branches meant a bit more underlineing in the book as well. This was a re run of a tour last year that only got as far as Southampton Docks when the loco and first coach came off the tracks entering the docks. Que a very long wait whlist the men in hi vis jackets measured everything and took pictures before the remainder of the train was hauled back to Eastleigh. Still at least no one was hurt. Was going to go to the Bullied day on the Swanage railway but something came up but a friend went and said it was packed and the big park and ride car park was full. So was everywhere else so In the end they parked back in Wareham and got cab back. Thats dedication. A bit like Flying Scotsman on the Bluebell. Couldn't get tickets so thought l might have a shot at line siding. Again every nook and cranie you could park a car in down the lanes was full so contentied my self with a look from afar. It goes to show that the hobby is on the up and moans aside that must be a good thing. South West trains have a £13 maximum single fare promotion on for the next couple of weeks so the map book is out working out were to go for max milage at cheap price. Another trip up to Ancaster to see a friend means that aĺl those jobs l meant to do are going to have to wait. Who says retirement is wasted on the old!
  9. Thanks for the complimentary remarks about the railway, TGB. The British Class 67 loco is in DB Schenker 'maple leaf' livery because it's owned by the German company, although it lives and runs only in the UK. Both the 67 and all the real German stuff (as in 'runs in Germany') belong to friends, so you're right that they just show up from time to time. Genug?
  10. Got one of these with some stuff l bought on e bay last week and now l've bought some batteries for it tried it out today. Have to say that it works very well and even has a better operation range than my Dynamis. The sound is also better than some of the posh jobs l've heard although the whistle effect would not be out of place in a Stephen King horror movie though.
  11. For what you get all the systems are expensive. I have tried to look at all the main systems avaliable and they all have good and bad points. The initial start up costs seem to be the problem, haveing to buy new controllers seems to be a large chunk of the cost. Why would you pay again when your own DCC system cost you an arm and a leg, also remember that many of these systems wont run DCC locos eithier. Anyway sitting on the desk in front of me is a small padded envlope with some expensive Tam Valley dead rail equipment. With duty and vat (it was sent from US) this is about £160 worth of stuff. The Tam Valley system is slightlly differant to the others in that it operates from your existing DCC controller and instead of your controller being conected to the track its wired into an ariel so is in fact true radio control rather than wifi or blue tooth like some of the others. This also means that you can continue to use your DCC locos as normal and do not have to convert everything whilst using the same controller. All the systems have there own plus points and l have still to select a loco to convert, Lima 47 looks the easist at the moment for an electics moron like me. If all goes to plan l will convert more, yes it is expensive, but no more than having sound fitted which has never appealed to me anyway. Anyway l will update you as things progress or not as the case may be and l will let you know if a fool and his money have been parted or not!
  12. Late evening Thomas, that happens over here as well with the ship building mobs, we have some Naval ships built in Spain the first of the of the class of ship is built in Spain rest built over here, had a support ship built as well need an aircraft carrier. I am thinking of contacting Finn Lines to see if they can help with some sort of line drawing of the RORO ship, they have a quite a few in their fleet, not sure how I will go with the 9/11 crap, if have a PDF side plan of the ship and measurements of the three decks and bridge, will have a look on the PDF file if there is any contact emails Changing the spiral to the car port make it a lot easier to build and gaining height, need to gain 6 inches from the top of the, car port floor which is on a slope, keeping the track level but nearly level where the spiral is going, at the other end be a 12foot curve radius curve ramp on a 2 percent grade 24feet in length gaining 6 inches, thinking of hitting in steel pipe posts for the supports and a bracket to screw the deck in place.. Planning a curved arches like Micks arches will look awesome, out of ply sides strengthening the curves sections stopping them from warping, I am also working on building a metre box for my circular saw screwing it to the work bench so I can cut all the time square cuts with ease any thickness to 45mm, fully adjustable, pics to follow . This be an easy port to model, can have a container ship docked on the other side as well, don't want a huge port, love this forum can delete the pics when having to edit the post . Tony from down under keeping on moving ahead
  13. Hello Tony Such very special ships, I don't think they are from China in Europe. They will be made in Europe. Thomas
  14. Thanks for the response Q. Now have my shed on order to be deliver june 7th. It will be interesting to see how things devlop in the new -- ALL TRAINS ALL THE TIME 12' x 8' ROOM OF TRAINS CONSTANTLY TRAINING.
  15. This may be of interest... http://bluerailways.co.uk/Index.aspx
  16. It does not have to be so expensive. If you use electronics from DelTang you can put battery power radio control in a loco for about £40 or so and the transmitter will cost about £60 and controls 12 locos at a time so you probably only need the one. See http://www.deltang.co.uk/index.htm The smallest receivers are about 1cm square so fitting them in small locos is not a problem. Frank
  17. Well the concreting was done till I ran out of supplies. I've since been and got another ton, luckily as I arrived at the DIY shed they were selling 25kg bags of sand and cement off because they were out of date £1 a bag half a ton later the landrover was loaded up!! And I've been back since. Still not much done on the garden railway as I'm pushing one to get the patio and pathway completed, the inside the shed works have continued when it's raining / my back has had enough of concrete.. Well the election continues , I had vast amounts of stuff from the orange team, a small amount from the blue team and nothing from anyone else. Anyone would think the orange team are worried about the loss of their sitting candidate to the blue team. With the Purple team having withdrawn, if all their votes went to the blue team the Blues would win here. Corbyn never seems to not amaze me with his historical version of labour, spend every pound you can and make no credible explanation of where it will come from. He pretends to be a friend of the poor, something he has never been. He went to private school and then grammer school, something he wishes to deny others. Even with two divorces he and his well hidden third wife are millionaires, the average house price for the area where he lives is £800,000. His prime supporter in parliament Diane Abbott sends her children to private schools Event though Blair and Brown pretended to be on the right of their party, they increased the government spending every year until two years before the crash they were spending more money than was coming in. Something labour governments have always done. In times of boom you are supposed to pay off debt.....
  18. Just caught up on this thread, Sorry to hear of your loss, Many people seem to be able to hold on to see someone before they go. There is a similar thread with a railway modeller on another forum at the moment. Minor notes about previous postings, The Russians have their own oil and gas they export it, what they want is the Syrian port which gives them a military harbour in the Mediterranean. The longest journey I've done in the UK is from the Outer Hebridies to Norwich Via Letchworth it took about twenty four hours!!! Though admittedly after the first two hours there was about 5 hours kip on a ferry, which I needed, I'd just done a 12 hour night shift!! My own railway shed, is built with vast amounts of storage under the Layout, the layout itself is being built like a show layout, all the boards are removable to work on. Meaning no getting under to work on the electrics, and all that space underneath is not wasted. Rather than building a lower railway, consider building a removeable / hinged horizontally or vertically, bridge to access your veggie patch, You gain another point of interest and you save your back from grovelling down to clean the track... Hope my textual meanders help Q
  19. Forgot to answer it takes by train from Sydney via Adelaide to Perth 3 days Adelaide to Darwin 2 days, not sure Melbourne to Cape York Queensland probable the same distance in a car, you need a 4x4 to travel from Cairns to Cape York and only travel in the winter months monsoons hit December to February. Tony
  20. Hi Griff, deepest sympathy on the passing of your father, it is good you got to see him before he passed away and you being there as well, I know what you went through same sort of thing with my brother in law he must of hung on to he saw me and his brother and that night he died was 48 too young, my mum is still alive, dad died in 76 and step dad if he was alive this month would of being 100 and received a letter from the Queen. Looks like lots of planning ahead for a garden shed and new layout can't wait to see what you come up with. plan wise. Take care. Tony from down under
  21. Hi traingeekboy I am working on a stand alone battery powered servo control for my point and signal rodding. Tam valley are indeed very good. They can be dcc activated or push button using a small button board. The boards I am using for my new unit are from a friend of mine in Ireland. dcc-decoders.com he makes a lot of dcc devices and modules of his own design. My boards are not on his site as they are new. They cost me 18€ each, and move a servo through 90 degrees. What are you wanting to achieve? If you are going for the advanced roundy roundy with full points and signal control as in your dreams or a simpler version, All is possible. If I can offer any advice I'm happy to do so. Cheers Dave
  22. As I re-read, the TAm Valley seems pretty cool. I will have to go to their site and see what they offer. Thanks
  23. Google reports you can get from the most northerly point in Scotland (Dunnet Head) to the most southerly point in England (The Lizard) in around 15 hours, without stops... I'm sorry to hear of your loss, but it seems you have found a good mental place for it all, after his illness. Good luck on the redevelopment... i'm sure it will be great!
  24. HELLO Thomas, that is not a bad idea, don't think my wife will agree to that, then we have trouble with cane toads., I am planning to have some tarp down for the water and stick the ship on i with the props wash behind it good scene indeed be a back scene as well on the house bricks., ship is going to be a water line model, plan to build a remoter control ship as well. Not sure how I go the actual ship is Chinese built, popular design RORO ship in Europe twin props, so many changes to the track plan have to draw up a new plan. How is your layout going. Tony from down under keeping on moving ahead
  25. Hello Tony! Actually, you "must" now bury a pond in the garden over which the bridge leads and in which the ship floats. 😉 For the ship, maybe contact the local ship model builders. I can imagine that they see the idea of a functioning Ro-Ro rail ferry as a challenge at least as excited as you. You might win friends in a whole new business. Thomas
  26. Early morning Griff,, good to hear from you all the main modules and curved track sections are build and cut out except the bridge sections, I have cut out the base and sides of half of the 6foot main span of the bridge, the bridge has a 12foot span and either side of the main bridge towers is another 6foot span, whole bridge is 24feet in length and a 3foot lift out section, modules in its own right, bridge will stand up on its own, 4 massive towers 3 inches at the base.7 and a feet hiegh. I am also shifting the spiral to in the car port so I can gain height to 18 inches clearance to the water line, this way I can build the RORO ship to scale working out to about nearly 400mm's in height from the water line of the ship, at the other end I have enough room for 24foot ramp working out quarter inch a foot 6 inch climb works out 2 percent grade on 12foot radius curve, I am planning a viaduct there, something like Micks viaduct. Hopping to have a test train running by the end of June, better get moving still have a lot of wiring ahead as well taking up a lot of time. What are you up to with the plans of your layout. Tony from down under keeping on moving ahead
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  28. Dave, All the winter long I've been pondering how to do a CTC system so that my points are all controlled from one place and the routes of trains are dictated by signal and point setting. i.e. look at those lit up singals along the right of way to see if you have permission to pass through the coming section of track. ok, I've admitted to my dream scenario, but I also admit it sounds all too complicated. I will now return to attaching two wires to my track and running roundy roundy.
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